Empower yourself

No act of creation goes unnoticed. Whether it’s a sculpture made in your quiet studio or a monologue rehearsed to an empty theater, your  expression activates the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Your art magnetizes more creativity to your creative power with each action you take. It broadens your creative bandwidth. And what could […]

Why use the Creator State?

Reason #1 There is enough mediocrity in the arts and entertainment world. Show us the real thing! Good art is contagious; spread a killer outbreak of brilliance! Reason #2 You have a unique interpretation to share with the world. You don’t know who your work will affect; art is mystical in this way. You cannot […]

Collaboration, not competition

An attitude of appreciation for other people’s art can bring you great joy. It’s a wonderful state of mind. Be fascinated with your fellow artist’s ideas, recognize their strengths, and use them as motivation for your own work. Some artists may be intimidated or influenced by the competitive aspect of being an artist. Yes, there […]

Our creative evolution in these changing times

We’re seeing a shift in the way the world functions. Have you noticed this? Collaboration is permeating our global structure (mainly because of the realization of global climate change and economic instabilities; but also a growing intolerance for human suffering and violent conflicts). We have already begun a dramatic change in the global culture. As […]

Create Now

Many people philosophize about what it means to be an artist. It’s a conversation I love to join every chance I get. No one is ever right or wrong; the meaning of art is an endless proposition. I am thrilled by the new open communication between artists and audiences. The shift from “mysterious unapproachable artist” […]

Synaethesia demystified

Synaethesia was the first of my poems to be published. It was written in Charleston, South Carolina, where the wildlife and scenery are breathtaking. This natural beauty can overload the senses. People with synaesthesia experience a union of the senses, such as smelling color or tasting words. It seemed a perfect device to express my […]

Creative Coalescence and The Power of Intention

Collective consciousness, collective action? Throughout history there have been eras of creative coalescence, when the collective consciousness focuses on a certain topic. Recently we have seen a surge of books, films, and conversations about the power of intention, and I wonder why this is occurring right now. The more research I do for my next […]