The Next Age artist

nextageartistWhat is the first thing you think of when someone mentions “New Age” in a conversation? Meditating hippies? Crystals and incense? Spacey music and inspirational quotes? Getting past these stereotypes can be challenging if you’re involved in the consciousness movement (another term that brings resistance) or an artist (more labels).

I’ve never been comfortable with the term “New Age” since it has so many dusty stereotypes attached to it. New Age has been around so long that it’s not even new anymore. When we’re battling the status quo to create change, these characterizations can muddy our message and slow our progress.

I prefer “Next Age” to describe this time of diverse changes in our world; a time of awakening, preparation and unification. This is an important time for creative minds, and we should take note of the opportunities available to us as a collective.


Seth Godin opened his talk in Chicago with, “An idea planted in the right place can change your whole perspective.” I smiled at the connection to awakening, one of the key steps of the Next Age. Awakening is the simple act of realization; a revelation received at the right moment, which opens you to a new reality. This shift in perspective cannot be undone; awakening is a steady path of realizations. Since artists are responsible for planting ideas and creating new perspectives, it is vital to awaken as many creative souls as we can from the mind-numbing habits of modern life.


The Next Age drives the actions of change agents; people who recognize that the world is in a rapid state of transformation and have the vision to prepare others for the Shift. Discovering one’s mission in the Next Age can seem like a daunting task. Remember it isn’t the old way of the ego. You’re not fending for yourself, you are collaborating. The Next Age is a cooperative effort. Everyone is a leader, valued member, teacher and healer. Listen to your heart, find what you truly love to do, and share those gifts with the world. Since the Shift is upon us already, you can utilize the energy of this transformation to ignite your own. If you’re already awakened, spread your gifts and information now.


As we realize our interdependence on each other and our planet, we must exchange ideas and be supportive during the Shift. There are countless organizations that connect creative minds online and in person. This is what makes the Next Age so exciting; we have the tools to communicate with each other regardless of geography. Take the time to connect. We gain momentum with authentic interaction, co-creation and unity of spirit.

Since the status quo is adept at immobility, the Next Age offers an opportunity for artists. Creative minds have the chance to lead, guide, and transform our world into a place of harmony and global unity.