A course in Feminine Power: Part I

goddess.jpgNote: This blog post is in two parts and contains strong opinions. I am deeply in love with the world and want what is best for our planet and its inhabitants. Please don’t assume I hate men, or I’m angry, or other nonsensical middle-mind judgments. Much gratitude.

I’ve had longtime issues with being a minority in the world. No matter what I do, no matter what I accomplish, my efforts are judged through the filter of my gender. Walking in the world as a woman has not been an enjoyable existence at times; the petty limitations, stereotypes and constant assessment by men can wear on the mind. Expression is tempered by compliance. The magic of being a woman is toned down, hidden, manipulated into something less potent in order to get along with both genders – both men and women can be threatened by feminine gifts.

This daily manipulation of the spirit is hard on the will. Too many women surrender to the structure of inferiority and cloak their gifts in male-acceptable devices: sexuality, motherhood martyrdom, careers that mask their true desires. In daily life we ignore the discrimination – repressing our opinions, our hearts, our rage – until we are desperately disconnected from ourselves.

Male dominance has plagued the Earth for millennia, gaining ground through religion, government, and other devices of mass manipulation. This power structure of greed, violence and mind control has crushed the feminine throughout history – burning her, enslaving her, repressing her, teaching her how she “should” behave and how she “should” look in order to comply with the male status quo. The darkness of this global disease seems incurable at times, but a shift is occurring.

There is a great awakening occurring in the feminine vibration, in both women and men. Fortunately the collective ego of male dominance – which includes both men and women – is largely unaware of what is going on. One flaw in the male superiority model is ignorance – the belief that women are a non-issue at this point due to lack of financial, religious, and political power. Another flaw is the distorted view of love and peace as weakness. Ego, ignorance, and the need for control are fatal qualities. Stubborn masculine minds will resist, cling to the familiar, and be fearful when the tipping point occurs. In the true loving nature of the feminine, I wish them peace through this painful process.

Because of these frustrations and revelations, I decided to take Katherine Woodward and Claire Zammit’s  The Keys to Feminine Power course. (I should note that the above opinions were not in the curriculum.) My experience with the course was transformational, but not in the “Great seminar, now go get ‘em, girl” way. Not at all. Before this course, I had never discussed my feminine side, let alone join a class with 1,000 women from all over the world to learn about feminine power. The term “power” seemed masculine and manipulative. I had preconceived notions of women working through emotional and career issues. The idea of “inner child” work made my eyes roll. After years of being exposed to tedious workshops for women (“Buy toys and play today!” “Eat cookies!” “Journal your discontent away!”) which seem to perpetuate inaction, I anticipated touchy-feely psychologies and rambling forum posts from strangers.

This course was nothing like that. It was focused, challenging, and centered on awakening deep realizations and true feminine strength. It brought about deep thinking on the complexities of being a woman, dissolved negative programming, and clarified my inner truth. The brilliance of Katherine and Claire is in their ability to activate the dormant sacred feminine qualities in the women they teach. It is truly a modern process, and verified their status as frequent speakers in the Evolutionary Leaders circuit.

On Thursday I’ll post my lessons learned from the course, and consider its connection to the return of the scared feminine. See you then!