Conscious creativity for the Shift

the shiftI changed the tagline on my banner after a wake-up tweet from Hugh MacLeod about the lameness of the term “empowerment.” He was kind enough to sympathize with my struggle for the elusive all-encapsulating term. “Conscious creativity for the Shift” defines my mission; allow me to share a few details about the shift.

What is the Shift?

The Shift is the current global movement of a shift in consciousness. It includes a wide array of shifts in attitudes toward our planet and each other. Environmental concerns, sustainability efforts, world peace, health, human rights and the consciousness movement are all part of the shift taking place in our world. Our awareness is opening to the effects we have on each other and our planet. “The Shift” is a term for this passage from an ego-based existence to a unified awareness of the whole.

Why is the Shift happening now?

This can be a delicate subject, as there are endless theories and interpretations of why we are experiencing the Shift right now. The Mayan calendar, biblical and ancient texts, various ruins and predictions by societies past point to these years as active times of change. Grand astronomical events are occurring in our galaxy and solar system. The Earth is experiencing changes in its electromagnetic and gravitational fields. Global disenchantment with current systems of industry, economics, war and abuse of our ecosystem might be pushing the envelope to bring about change. All of these factors may be contributing to the shift, or perhaps it is something we cannot comprehend. Regardless of the reason, we are in a hyper-charged era of human history.

Who is involved in the Shift?

Everyone is involved, whether you are aware of it or not. The continuous (fascinating, mind-blowing) discoveries being made in quantum physics, science, and collective consciousness demonstrate a unification of our thoughts and behaviors which influence our world. Many people are awakening to their individual affect on the collective mind and our lovely planet.

The collective consciousness is a key to global change. Frustrations and fears run rampant in our societies, and unfortunately there are many corporations, leaders and groups who profit from keeping the population frightened and submissive. The Shift is about adding love to the collective consciousness in order to shift the world from fear, greed and violence to love, peace and compassion.

How can you help the Shift?

It’s very easy. Pay attention to your thoughts. When negativity arises: judgment, fear, jealousy, ego, violence, the alarm of a news story, competition, frustration or anger: take a few seconds. Breathe. Note the loss of self-control with these thoughts. Take your focus from your mind to your heart. Let the thoughts drop down to your heart center and dissolve them with thoughts of love; the radiance of the heart.

With practice, you will begin to notice a change in your thoughts. You won’t want to feed the collective fear by clicking on that inflammatory news article, making assumptions about a situation, or reacting without consideration. When we practice patience, understanding and radiating love, we shift the collective consciousness to a positive field of energy. Change can happen, but we have to participate.

What does this have to do with art?

Creation is a natural expression of love. Artists engage the energy of creation every time they perform, paint, write, dance, compose, rehearse or contemplate creative solutions. The Creator State defines a connection between being creative (ideas and the practice of making art) and being a creator (utilizing the seed of God’s creative power within us). The creative state of consciousness is a reflection of that which made everything around us ( “made in his image” is spiritual, not physical.) This is why we love our creative endeavors so deeply. It activates deep connections to the universal will to create, to share possibility, to expand and inspire.

Tap into the Shift’s peaceful plan.

By using your creative skills regularly, you add the energy of creation to the collective consciousness. Just as meditation, TM and Coherence exercises fuel the creative consciousness with peaceful energy, your creative mind adds intentions of creation to the global consciousness.

Your creations affect not only your audience, but the collective consciousness. Creativity combats the numbing influence of fear by stimulating perspective. Art sends glimmers of hope into the collective consciousness, which helps dissolve the veil of hopelessness and compliance in our cultures.

We can make vast changes in our world if enough people realize their affect on the whole and begin to change their thoughts, attitudes and reactions. Creative people have an edge because we’ve always been adding the creative vibration to the collective. We know how to influence our audiences; we know to shape an outcome. By awakening to our influence on the collective, we add the intention of awareness and assist our global society through the Shift.


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  1. Hi Sandra,
    I recently came across your blog and liked it so much I wanted to pay forward the Versatile Blogger Award to you. I look forward to following your site (through Twitter) and being inspired by your encouraging words.

    Please stop by my blog sometime, it would be lovely to chat to someone who is so inspiring to me in so many ways, but lives so far away,
    hope to chat soon,
    Oonagh @ CeltoiCroi

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