Taking back your creative power

Afternoon by Sandra Walter If any niche of our society has the potential for authentic leadership and active problem-solving, it is the creative minds. Creative people have the gift of perspective; the ability to approach any subject from different angles in order to find an authentic expression. This enables compassion, which is the key to communities that benefit everyone (not just bankers and corporations).

How to disconnect from the distractions

Three traps of the failing system are time, polarization and money.


Creative minds are accustomed to shutting off the manipulations of time-suck devices such as social media, TV, shopping and other distractions in order to complete anything worthwhile.

Because our creativity has always demanded our attention, we are already on the fringe of this nonsense.  Making time to think and take action comes naturally to us.

Some may not be able to change their habits in order to create solutions. We must serve humanity with the same passion we have for our art, because creativity and humanity are deeply intertwined.


It truly does not matter what political party, religion, lifestyle, entertainment, clothing choice, or country you believe in. Shouting about it, killing for it, wasting hours and days and years on these polarities only accomplishes one thing: keeping us apart from each other so we do not collaborate and create something new.

We must encourage everyone to escape from this jail cell of constant bickering. Our societies are imprisoned by this culture of black – white, my side – your side, my way – your way, hate them – love us manipulation. Can you see the endless arguments over politics, religion, lifestyles, etc. are a life sentence of immobility?  Of course you can, you’re an artist!

Our dear friends and families may be caught up in these distractions. Gently remind them that the best way to create change is to be gray; available to hear all information and dig for the truth and solutions together.

They may not hear you.  They may be terminally trapped in polarity.  That is fine, don’t pressure them to understand.  While they argue with each other in the prison of distraction, they may not have noticed that the cell door is wide open (and the guards are counting on polarity to work so well that they’re busy elsewhere.)  Step out of the polarity prison and find other escapees!


This is a tough subject for most. Creative people can feel pressured to conform to the financial standards of the business world.  What a hoax. I’ve noticed this idea running rampant among artists in the last decade.  Why would any artist ask another how their sales are going? What are we, CEOs or something?  The richness of expression and communicating the true human experience is the goal.  Not money.

Redefine success immediately if you’re being lured into the predatory mind-trap of money=success.  It is fine to “just get by” and it is fine to make a ton of money off your art. But don’t weigh your creativity on a scale built for measuring greed.

Better to live a life of freedom than embrace the mass nightmare of compliant work – retire with stuff – die and leave your children your stuff. Excellence in financial gain never prevails over a loving heart, compassionate wisdom and creative expression.

As the financial system collapses (again and again), those stuck in the jealous romance of material possessions have a very difficult time finding peace in their lives. They need compassionate, nonjudgmental, clear-headed creative people to guide and teach them a lifestyle of sharing, unity, respect for the whole, and the priceless commodity of creation.

“To know and not do, is to not know at all.”

Fellow creative souls, it’s a very important time for us.  We cannot expect the same people that have been systematically eliminating creativity from our communities to suddenly change their agenda and support us. We have to do this ourselves. We must make time, step out of the polarity, and stop thinking that money (funding) is the answer.

So much is at stake right now. What can you create to stimulate awareness? What can you activate in your community to insure our survival? Please step around the traps set for creative destruction and share your ideas, solutions, and creations with everyone you can find who will listen.

Express from the heart, with love and compassion (not polarity – it’s not a debate) and co-create with anyone who shares this path.

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5 comments on “Taking back your creative power

  1. Great post Sandra.
    I believe success is based on the value you give your own personal accomplishments. A life not lived is not much of a life at all.

    have a great day

  2. hey..great. like d way u give importance to finding meaning in one’s own soul, tis beautiful. we have always been caring about creating an impression upon others so that they may get jealous, think highly of us. it’s all been such a game. wonder if the bible is also such a hoax. read recently that certain lies were created by extraterrestrials such as the Annunaki, so that we as robot-humans may follow their secret agendas.

    i become sad sometimes thinking that ppl around me jus don’t know how to b happy. why they are scared to let themselves out. n it’s so difficult to get them to ask “why” to something; they’re so trapped in their own little nets. it’s really sad n it hurts. hope it’s nice to interact with ppl who follow the truth.

  3. It will be a difficult transformation for some, but the awakened can anchor the light and love for the World.

    Thank you for visiting, stop by any time.

    In love & light,

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