Judgment Day is May 21. After that, we’re golden.

DSC01676The end of the world is almost here! Holy God will bring judgment day on May 21, 2011.

The above headline is on a pamphlet being distributed in downtown Chicago. Huge ads with the same warning glare from the side of a bus or two. The man handing out these missives, along with Family Radio: a Bible-based Christian broadcasting ministry with no church affiliation, the organization circulating this information, believe the bible’s day of rapture, the big judgment day, is next weekend.

They calculated the May 21, 2011 date based on many passages in the bible, and I’ve seen this date thrown around on the internet. The pamphlets (four in the series) cover the math used to decipher the end of the world, and the urgent threat that God will kill everyone who isn’t a believer.

The Family Radio literature uses the same kind of fear tactics utilized by main stream media and governments; just insert God’s wrath for terrorists or whatever you don’t completely understand. Think about this, please. The same fear tactics are used in religion, government and corporate media. Are you seeing the connection?

Punishment, exclusivity, unworthiness, separation, judgment. It’s difficult to see it still working on many minds; a polarized God that would choose one person over another based on their faith or actions. Fortunately the structures upon which these methods are based is crumbling. RIP polarity nonsense, thanks for the lessons.

It makes no difference to me what people practice, as long as they don’t harm others.  I’m not sure what these churches have in mind for the 21st, but I do wish them peace. I truly hope these folks don’t lose it on May 21 or the following days, or hurt themselves (or others) in any way. Please don’t drink the kool-aid if offered, or interpret an Earthquake as evidence of wrath.

Compassion, please

As someone who is experiencing a lot of change when many others are not, I can sympathize with feeling like an outsider. So I’m inviting the pamphlet man to a free lunch with me next month. (This gives the doom date a few weeks of wiggle room.) No preaching, just a nice neutral lunch to see how he’s handling his days. Perhaps he will need a meal if he gave away his money before the 21st.

You are invited to listen in on the Family Radio broadcast

I intend to listen to the big event going down on May 21st. Surely they will broadcast a  judgment watch special on the big day?  Maybe there is an opening for a host on the 22nd. I am volunteering if anyone wants a compassionate, non-judgmental speaker who is willing to openly discuss an alternative version of the God consciousness. I’ll open with a few deep breaths. Visit  www.familyradio.com for a countdown calendar and live broadcasts.

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3 comments on “Judgment Day is May 21. After that, we’re golden.

  1. “It makes no difference to me what people practice, as long as they don’t harm others.”

    This says it all I think!


  2. The saddest part is, most of his deluded followers who gave him their life’s savings will still believe the world will now end on Oct. 21, 2011, and will continues to support his cause.

  3. Technically, they aren’t deluded, they’re just misinterpreting the dates and energies. May 21 saw a big acceleration in energy, and October 28, 2011 is the end date for the last wave of the Mayan calendar. So he’s close to a few significant dates, but off on their meaning.

    These are steps in the evolution of consciousness, and potent ones at that, so it is a death of sorts – the destruction of lower vibrations. The misunderstanding is in thinking it is the end of the physical world in one big *kaboom.* The Shift was originally supposed to be very dramatic, but the critical mass attained in lightwork, awakenings and requests for assistance has led to a beautiful unfoldment of a crystalline age.

    So it is the end of the dark age, and many will be departing the planet in various ways, but there is no doom or fear involved. Earth changes? Yes. Solar maximum? Yes. Raise in frequency? You bet. But it definitely is not “wrath.” Ironically, it’s the death of judgments and giving our power away to something outside of ourselves. So for Harold, it will be the end of his belief system; the end of the religious/Bible age. If the Bible had remained in tact, it might have been more comforting during this time. But we must remember it is a book interpreting ET intervention and predictions from some 5600 years ago, and has been a source of murder, fear and righteousness for a long time.

    Maybe someone will slip a book with a happier ending on Mr. Camping’s night table.

    In love and light,

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