Conspiracy, disaster and dying fires

Dualistic polarity – the game of right against wrong, us against them, my belief against your belief – is a paradigm that is burning itself out.  Many people are experiencing the freedom of a new paradigm of harmony, but the experience is limited since humanity is a collective consciousness. If we want to move through the Shift as easily as possible, we need to stop throwing fuel on the dualistic polarity fires.

Polarity is not productive

The dis-ease of duality will not be able to function as a frequency of the planet and her inhabitants increases.  We’re already seeing this in the multiple uprisings and widespread awakenings.  Those who truly want change and balance do not fan the fire of misguided agendas. The longer you concentrate your consciousness on negativity, the longer it is going to challenge us.

Letting the media tell you what is important, or what to argue about, stokes the coals of polarity. The same is true for conspiracy sites. Reaction is not a creative path, it’s a byproduct of disharmony. Of course there are “dark forces” at work. Of course. But don’t wait for their next move – that is reaction. And they live for that control of your consciousness, that’s the game. They are not creators, they can only manipulate what already exists. That’s all they have to work with, an obsession with control.

Don’t hate them or wish them harm. They have provided a huge lesson for humanity, and have played their roles well. They will try to dominate as long as we allow it. But the Universe has others plans – we have other plans – for humanity.

Weigh your days in light rather than survival

If you’ve been stuck in the doom scenario, or become addicted to conspiracy, please consider how your attention is being used to fuel that dying fire. Spend more moments in neutrality than you do looking for chaos, evidence of betrayal, next moves, and fear-based agendas. No one can control your mind except you. Use discernment and detach. All of our journeys are unique. Pay no mind to paths headed for destruction. Let them be. Walk away.

Be aware of your intentions

If you rant about HAARP, the Moon, the Illuminati, etc., what do you want from others? A debate? Anarchy? Fear? To impose your opinion on someone’s journey? To show them what you believe to be the truth? Deciding something is the truth makes it true – for you. Be responsible, use discernment with your energy. The masses will wake up much faster if you raise your vibration out of the lower vibration of doom/fear/media/conspiracy matrixes. Raise your frequency and leave the dark behind to deal with their choices.

Agendas are dissolving quickly

The journey of humanity is flexible when it comes to how the Shift will unfold. We achieved a necessary percentage of awakened souls way ahead of the cosmic schedule, and everything is adjusting to it. This is why predictions have been undone at every turn. The vibrational structure upon which lower vibrational activities are built is dissolving. Control and manipulation won’t be able to work for much longer on this planet. We’re seeing evidence of this everywhere. Walking away would be a faster break from duality, but for the moment humanity is speaking up, fighting back, and realizing that something is very wrong with the way we have been operating.

Those who profit from fear will attempt to keep you there as long as possible.  They know the jig is up, they’ve made their choices, and are very willing to take down as many people as possible in the sinking ship of duality.  Open to the possibility that there are many lifeboats available.  More than the population on the boat.  But if you stay on the ship to watch the drama you will get sucked under.

The disaster scenarios

Earth changes (earthquakes, floods, weather) are a reflection of frequency change. The Earth has to balance herself, which means balancing magnetic changes along with influence of the collective vibration of everything on her surface. Do you see how placing your attention on doom, negativity, or us-versus-them arguments assists disharmony in lingering longer than it has to on this planet? Do you see how lower vibrational thoughts create imbalance with the new frequency?

Earth changes may take a while

It may take a while for all of humanity to awaken. Awakening is not discovering the old paradigm plans for a New World Order. Awakening is remembering who we are as HU-mans (God-man), and returning to our natural state as creators. It may take a while for humanity to transcend its anger about the past, and fear of the new.

Until the collective consciousness of humanity matches the vibration of the Earth consciousness, there will be energetic disharmony unfolding as natural disasters/Earth changes. While we have critical mass of the first step of awakening – realizing that something is amiss – the journey of humanity is entirely up to us. Earth is changing frequency, and she’s cleansing anything of a lower vibration. She’s not “out to get us” or judging anyone in the process. These changes will exist until we don’t need them anymore.

Disaster preparation

Please center yourself before recommending fear-based extremes to others. An acquaintance recently advised “Getting a gun if you’re in the US.” This is not what I would call a higher vibrational message. What exactly would I do with a gun? Threaten a dear brother or sister? Kill them? Is that what they are implying? Many folks in Alabama had guns, food, water and gold squirreled away. And they were whooshed off in a mile-wide tornado.

Take a few (non-violent) precautionary measures if it makes you feel comfortable. Then forget about it and start focusing your consciousness on unity. Precautions are fine if you are afraid of losing control over your comfort or material possessions. But it also perpetuates the need for disaster through the vibration of fear. There are many changes ahead. Why spend the Shift  in a state of fear and worry? Do you see that it only prolongs the process?

Will you assist people or fear them?

If you’re going to stock food, have you told your neighbors? Family? Friends? Is it a communal effort or a just-protect-me scenario? How about raising the vibration of your entire town so that no one threatens another when challenges arise?

Grow gardens together. Plan alternative water, food, & energy together. Don’t wait for permission, or a grant, or government approval, or for “them” to figure it out for us. That is not going to happen.

No one is an “enemy”

The paradigm of separation is collapsing as people realize the illusion of “enemy.”  Dark constructs cannot operate without humans to implement their agendas. When there are no soldiers, robot/drone manufacturers or button pushers, there will be no wars. Have you seen the (truly) brave soldiers who have spoken up about the deception of these wars? Rather than wall yourself up with a gun, befriend your local cops, service people, and military. They are humans and have hard choices to make right now. Show them we are ONE.

Choose the higher vibration when triggered

When you see negative stories on the news, dramatic posts on facebook, political polarity (a huge control agenda in the US), or tweets that trigger anger and fear, shift immediately to fueling the new paradigm. No judgment, no fear mongering, no need to push back or “tell them the truth.”  Don’t comment, share it or retweet it. Turn it off and walk away. People will learn new behavior much faster if their messages of polarity get no attention. The same goes for whatever you click on while surfing the web. Stop giving the nonsense any power and it will be forced to change or go away.


Have the strength to disarm duality every time it triggers you to react. This year is an important window for the Shift. We can speed things up and make things much easier for humanity, but we must be diligent and centered. There is no sense in complaining about negative events. You stay stuck, asleep in anger. Take on the responsibility to change. Rant to yourself if you need a release. Type out a comment, see it for what it is teaching you, and delete it. Don’t spray anger or dark agenda fuel all over the place. It only makes this tired game longer.

Some will be lost in fear

There is no benefit in preaching to the unawakened. Let them have their journey; their soul chose specific lessons to explore. We all have our roles to play in the Shift, so don’t judge other paths. It’s not an enlightenment contest. Please don’t impose your will on others; that’s the duality game and gives it fuel to continue. If someone asks you for your opinion, be loving in your response. Respect the choices of others as you awaken. Let people be. Those seeking a higher vibration will find you.

Share the new paradigm by example

Express what you are learning by demonstrating neutral, unconditional understanding. Share your perspective, but be sure to prerequisite it with “this is just my opinion” or “from my perspective” to dismantle knee-jerk reactions. It is difficult, I know. Many people are stuck in choosing sides, and will relish the chance to tell you how wrong, foolish or misguided you are. Let them do what they need to do. Assist from the heart when they ask. Write a blog, participate in like-minded groups, and don’t be afraid to walk around in your new perspective. Smiles, kindness and patience with everyone raises the collective vibration.

Laughter, please

Keep a sense of humor about the ridiculousness of attempts to “rule the world.” This is the end of a paradigm, laugh at how silly it has been. Laugh at how seriously we have taken so much nonsense. When I saw the Bin Laden story on Twitter (I’m not a TV watcher), I broke out laughing. I may laugh again if spaceships appear on CNN, or disclosure is announced, or a new ET god appears in Israel, or the New Madrid fault opens up. Not a mocking laughter, but a sense of humor at our collective experience here.

Why is it funny? Because any of these plans that come to the forefront are just indications that we’re not all awake yet. It means people are still fueling the old paradigm with their consciousness. There’s no sense in getting angry about it or glaring at hours of coverage. The “what are they saying now” mindset only assures it will continue. Don’t get obsessed with watching the old paradigm burn. Walk away from it. Laugh at the attempts to slow our transition and move on.

The planetary Shift is inevitable, but the ease of humanity’s journey through it is up to us. If you would like to assist in making this a more comfortable change for humanity, start taking measures to focus on a higher frequency.

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  1. Fantastic article and speaks to my truth. I find my ego wants to play the game of demonstrating how clever I am by figuring out their game and showing others I that I am not one of the stupid sheep but I find it does not make me happy or bring me more joy.

    As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says “What we put our attention on, grows stronger”. There is great video on this by Ekhart Tolle about how when we put our attention on things less consciousness, we attract that into our vibration.

    Keep up the great work Sandra.

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  3. Hi Sandra,

    Loved this article. Will be saving it so I can come back and read it again sometime!


  4. I love this read. I wish to share it with everyone I know. I’m guilty of putting too much attention on some of these conspiracies and doom scenarios. Will do my best to focus my attention on positive change and raise my vibrations.
    Thank you so much. I will share with friends and family,

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