GeoCosmic beauty: the art of Fred Rusher


"Tube Torus" crop circle pendant

I get many compliments on one of my pendants, and I’d like to share the source of this beautiful piece.

GeoCosmic Arts is the online shop of artist and woodworker Fred Rusher. Fred converts photographs of intricate crop circle designs and sacred geometry into digital images for his laser woodcarving machine.

The amount of detail that he is able to produce is amazing, especially if you consider the size of the pendants (about 1.5 inches in diameter and very thin). The title, location and date the circle appeared is engraved on the back of the pendants.

The pendants are beautiful, lightweight maple, inexpensive (about $12) and start conversations everywhere I go. Fred also uses maple, black walnut, mahogany, beech and satin wood to create sacred geometry objects, trivets, wall hangings, pendants and pendulums.

Visit Fred’s shop at and support his work!

crop circle pendants

Crop circle pendants by Fred Rusher