What to do with the anger: Part I

lionsWe suspected this might happen. More people are waking up, realizing something is very wrong with the world, and the first emotion they feel is anger. If this is you, don’t worry. Those of us walking on the ascension path remember being angry, and we’ll walk you through it as fast as we can.

You have good reason to be upset

It can be aggravating to see so much turning upside down in your world. You might feel betrayed. You may feel as if you’re “the last to know.” It’s confusing when you don’t have a comfortable point of reference for your truth. When things you believed in are revealed to be manipulative, or the opposite of what thought they were, you’re most likely going to experience some anger.

Know that most of this is dissolving quickly

For compassion’s sake, let’s be clear that all of this “situation” we are in has been breaking down for decades. You don’t need to worry about corporations, global government orders, or evil forces taking over the world. That is not going to happen. Agendas have been undone at every turn, and there is no need to panic.

It will get easier to handle, but you must calm the heck down

No one wants to be told what to do, especially when you’re pissed off. And yet, we allowed the News, the TV, the government, the stores, the boss, the church, on and on, to tell us what was real for thousands of years. This is not new. Take a deep breath. Exhale.

Chances are you don’t know who to trust

But you have to start somewhere. I’m not going to convert you to anything. I do not belong to a cult or any political or religious affiliation. I respect your journey through this life. You are here to travel your own path. Enjoy it, even if that means walking into a FEMA camp or up into a spaceship. But it would be great if it were your decision to do those things, and not someone else’s agenda.

For the love of humanity, turn off the damn TV

This may be hard to do, since you might associate TV as a source of reality. It is not. Think of TV as a remote control for your brain. It tells you what to buy, how to feel about yourself and others, teaches you to choose sides on any situation, teaches you who to hate or be afraid of, distracts you from what is actually going on, prepares you for upcoming agendas, and tells you what to argue about with your family, friends, and coworkers. Main stream media and entertainment – that’s anything on TV – has had a prominent role in the world game. And it has worked like magic. This is why you are angry, because you can’t believe “they” would lie to you.

Absurd! It’s the News. They would tells us!

Your anger will continue if you keep watching, keep allowing others to manipulate your thoughts. The same goes for online social networks, magazines, papers, anything where polarity is the main agenda. The longer you are aggravated or pushed into choosing sides on any issue (clothes, celebrity gossip, politics, wars in the Middle East), the longer it will take you to get out of anger.

Why is anger bad for me?

Anger served its purpose for long time. We needed it to learn about who we truly are, and to explore the duality dynamic. And now that lesson has run its course. You have the choice to stay mad. You also have the choice to step out of the control matrix. Anger will keep you polarized, and blocks you from seeing what is truly going on. If you’re arguing, blaming, ranting, picking sides or defending your opinion to the death, you will be one of millions that choose to stay under the control of others. And that’s fine if you want to be controlled. But if you don’t, there are infinite possibilities opening up on this planet right now for you. But not for angry folks.

And that’s where your choice comes in

You – personally – have to either draw the line and step out of your anger, or stay and be controlled. It’s that easy.

Why is this happening now?

The simplest way to explain “the Shift” without getting so esoteric that we lose you immediately, is to talk about frequency.

Since 1987, with a big speed-up in 1999, and every year since, the Earth has been experiencing big frequency shifts. The Schumann Resonance – the vibrational heartbeat of the Earth – bounces up to 50 MHz  each day now, and hangs out longer at 14 MHz, rather than the 7.83 MHz that they taught you in high school.

Frequency is interesting, because anything that lives on a planet has to vibrate in a certain range in order to exist in that reality. Dimensions are like frequency zones, and our zone has been shifting for several years now. Our collective consciousness is tied into the frequency of the planet, so as the earth raises its vibration, more people start to resonate with the higher frequency. This is why you are waking up. We are experiencing 3D and 4D on this planet right now. 4D has had a leg-up for a while, but we’re headed toward 5D now. Raising one’s vibration has a very positive effect: you begin to see the reality available “outside of the 3D box.” Lower vibrations of anger, judgment, fear and polarity keep people trapped in 3D because they cannot exist in a higher vibration.

Wait, there’s a box? Who put us in the box?

There’s no need to spend time worrying about the folks who manipulated the 3D box in the past. That is all changing, along with the planet. You can waste endless hours Googling the layers away and you still won’t find the complete answer. Meanwhile, you’ll keep yourself in a state of angry fear reading about the fake moon, Nibiru and Illuminati families. That is not the whole story, it never was, and now it is dissolving in the frequency shift. Ignore the conspiracy and doomsdayers, they are stuck in anger and fear.

But, look what they are doing to us!

The government didn’t “do this to us,” nor the global corporatocracy, nor the greed of a few huge religions. And if you’ve started Googling already, neither did a few misguided reptiles and dragons. The Earth drama is much older and much more complex than any ego-centric collective could ever control.  What is happening here is bigger than anything a power-and-money based agenda could ever control. But those groups would love for you to think that they are controlling all of the Earth changes and creating disasters.

This is not about them, it’s about you

We are a HUGE part of the drama, so take responsibility immediately for your participation in the evolution unfolding here. Your personal vibration will keep feeding their agendas for as long as you allow it. Collective consciousness has played – and continues to play – a massive role in the outcome of the Shift. Anger and fear keep you vulnerable and easily influenced. If you’ve stepped out of the box, make sure you don’t get trapped in another one.

Let’s move you to a higher vibration so you can enjoy the Shift

Anger is not a fun place to be. It’s a trained response that becomes habitual in many people. Anger has been encouraged, and now that you know why, it’s time to move on. Let it go, it’s already caused you so much grief.

There is not more darkness, there is more light

We are simply seeing the darkness, the manipulation, because there is more light on the planet. It’s like Sai Baba explained; when you put a 100 watt bulb in a closet that used to have a 40 watt bulb, you see all kinds of things you didn’t see before. All the critters and dirt and dust are revealed. There isn’t more darkness on Earth, we’re just seeing what has existed for a while because now we have more light.

I’ll share some easy anger-removal techniques in Part II.

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5 comments on “What to do with the anger: Part I

  1. Anger, as I see it, is not good or bad. It just is a state. How one uses the anger is the mastery of life, I think. As with most things we get attached to it in some way, and receive a negative pay off, as opposed to using it judiciously and with high intent.
    Of course we all need a few good lessons on the mastery of life! 🙂
    Great article.

  2. Hi Tom! Thanks for visiting my site.

    Anger is a tough block for many in the ascension process. If one has made the choice to awaken as much as possible, and desires to accelerate the Shift within and on the planet, then the anger, which is actually a combination of emotions, has to go. It’s difficult for many of the awakened to step out of the angry phase and move on, which un-consciously keeps people vulnerable to the 3D reality and the manipulations of polarity. Vibration = vibration.

    Part II will share ways to release the need for judgments and anger, if one has chosen to speed up the ascension process and experience freedom from duality altogether.

    In love, light and service.

  3. Beautiful Sandra, loved this as much as part 2 which I read first 🙂

    There is a beautiful saying in the vedas “opposition is dangerous to immortality”.

    Loved the point about the layers. It’s an incredible trap. The end result is one becomes an expert in darkness and as you point out, this does no one any good, though I am in a state of allowing for those who choose this path :-).

    Keep up the great work!
    love and peace

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