How to get past the ANGER: Part II

lioness lightIn Part I of this series, I discussed the anger that may arise when one first has an awakening, why it is there and why this is happening to us now.

Let’s be clear: awakening is not discovering secret agendas or fear-based plans to destroy the world. Awakening is not becoming aware of manipulation. It is a BIG first step, so congratulate yourself on popping out that control matrix! I’d like to assist you with getting out of the anger loop, which is – unfortunately – yet another device to separate you from awakening to your true power as a human on this planet. So let’s get you past the anger matrix.

Anger is many emotions

Anger is actually a combination of judgments, fears, resentments, jealousy & ego-based thought forms.  As mentioned in Part I, these emotions resonate at a very low vibration, which keeps the body vulnerable to illness, open to entities that use your aura as a battery, and allow you to be controlled by others who don’t have your best interests at heart.

The “I must tell everyone” phase

When people first awaken, they might feel it is their duty to tell all of their friends, family, community. Please note: terrorizing people who are asleep is energetically the same thing as trying to control people. You want to help them, of course. You’re angry. But an angry person preaching to the masses does not raise the vibration of ANYONE they touch. You must get clear before you attempt to assist. Otherwise, you are simply keeping the collective vibration in fear and anger.

The Shift is about empowerment, not rage or righteousness

Please, we have had enough of righteousness. Imposing your will on another, imposing your path on another as more valuable, more wise, or more enlightened lowers your vibration and challenges the higher vibrations around you.

If a person is living in love, not harming anyone, never complains or enforces their opinion on others, then they are already operating in a higher vibration. Don’t lower their frequency by telling them “what is really going on.” It only spreads fear.

Be aware of your anger every time it is triggered

Anytime you sense you are not operating from neutrality, STOP. The ego and mind have to learn that everything is not about you. The ego and mind must learn who is in control now. The ego and mind must learn how to disengage from the mass mind control of duality. Every time you feel rage, fear, anger, judgment arise – stop and breathe. Realize this is not a natural state of human consciousness. Realize you are being manipulated to stay in density, in duality, as long as possible.

Taking charge of the ego and mind

You – the higher levels of you who decided to wake you up – must take charge of these lower vibrations and clear them out of your system.

Simple steps to get out of anger

Feel the fear and get past it: recognize what triggers your fear and stare it point-blank in the face. Don’t judge it or make it wrong. Dissolve it into the nonsense that it is. Can any being truly destroy you? No, of course not, you are eternal. You are a divine human on their way to a higher vibration. Thank the fear for its lessons and let it know it no longer has any power over you.

Don’t stuff or deny the anger: vent to yourself, or a close friend who is at a higher vibration, or write it out. But move through it quickly. Do the work today; your entire being will become lighter, healthier and less vulnerable to more manipulation.

Realize how much work has been done: there are millions – MILLIONS – of lightworkers on the planet right now, with a diverse set of missions. But we all have the same goal; to answer the call for help that was sent out years ago to restore a higher vibration to the planet. This is why predictions of doom and dark agendas have been undone. Everything has changed and we’re zipping toward harmony.

It could have been much worse

The timeline and trajectory of Earth’s future has been changed by the many beings, humans, and lightworkers who answered the call for help. Please, no more doom and days of darkness talk. That isn’t happening as predicted. Everything is changing each moment in this Shift.

Choose wisely

We are in the days of incredibly fast change, where thoughts manifest faster than ever. Pay attention to your trained reactions of duality. Anger holds the mass consciousness back, slowing the process of changing to a positive world. Anger, fear, resentment, and judgment fuel dark agendas. Dedication to raising your own vibration not only affects your personal timeline, but the collective experience of the Shift.

Cut off their food supply. Now.

A higher vibration cannot be controlled by a lower one. The more people we have vibrating in love, neutrality and compassion, the faster those agendas of the dark will be revealed, dissolved and ended for good. Do your part and get out of the angry phase. Negativity needs the same in order to survive. Starve that vibration off the planet.

No more bitching, choosing sides, pushing back

Make this a blanket effort to stop fueling the lower vibration. If you have the strength to stop complaining, judging others, or adding your opinion to arguments, then please do this immediately. People are EASILY affected by neutrality these days. Next time someone is whining about the weather, their relationship, politics, TV, or the Illuminati, stop them in their tracks with your compassion. Or at least show them some humor. Give them a peek at what it is truly like to be out of the manipulation box. No matter what someone says or does, greet it with an unconditional positive response – not opposite, not judgmental – just your natural state of  higher frequency. Think before you respond; chances are it is best to just walk away or not type that opinion. Often no reaction is a better reaction.

What if everyone were awake

If everyone woke up today, the planet would have a heck of a time balancing the frequency change. I have heard that the planet would literally explode if everyone were enlightened on the same day, so let’s not wish for that. The Shift is unfolding as it is because we are shifting to a higher frequency. The pains in your body and the earthquakes and floods are part of the balancing act required to return to a state of harmony.

Honor ALL paths during the Shift. Some folks will not wake up and that is their role. Have gratitude for those souls who have chosen to stay asleep, they are learning their own lessons at their own pace.

You have been awakened for a reason

You have had an awakening as a response to the shift in frequency. What you do with this awakening is your personal journey.

Experiencing the presence of darkness without judging it is a tough lesson to learn. Anger has served us in the past, but now it simply prolongs the intensity of dark agendas. Please choose wisely, for both your own experience and the collective consciousness.

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