Eclipses, Flares and Solstice energies

flare June is a triple eclipse month, and the Summer solstice, and the beginning of a very active period of solar flares and CMEs. Combine all of that with the unique astrological alignments and a speed-up in frequency since end of May, and you’ve got a very transformative month unfolding.

June 1 – New Moon Solar Eclipse
June 15 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
June 21 – Summer Solstice
July 1 – Solar Eclipse

Themes for these energies include release, healing, restructure, facing challenges and taking Forward Actions.

We’ve officially entered active Solar flare times, and those of us who have been watching the SOHO and Stereo images have enjoyed the spectacular show so far.

These new energies are INTENSE. Expect many changes this month, and do your best to take advantage of them. If you’re having anxiety issues or feeling tired, you may be experiencing the rush of these energies in your cells. Remember that these energies are here to push the envelope toward evolution. Resistance causes dis-ease and imbalance.  These frequencies are here to activate and accelerate our progress, so work with them as these waves come through. They will just get more intense as we go along, so keeping up is key.

  • Move your body: your cells need movement to assist in integrating. Walk, do yoga, run, stretch every day.
  • Eat well: your evolving consciousness and body can’t take on what they used to. Lighten up on the urge to do comfort food, it simply knocks you unconscious at this point. Give your body a chance to integrate the new energies without the added task of digesting excess carbs and sugars.
  • Rest: as difficult as it is to get everything done in our speedy days, take a walk, listen to music or lay down when you feel tired. As you may have noticed, any extraneous and unneeded tasks have to be cut from the schedule. Do what is necessary, but allow time for integration.

Stay in motion and move forward with these changes. Don’t freeze up or wait for outside guidance. This is about you helping you!

Energetic check – in

If you’ve been putting off your emotional clearing, or not moving forward, or not integrating these energies, now is the “put up or shut up” time. It is time to bring up and look at all of the things that keep us from loving ourselves completely. Don’t judge yourself for the aches and pains you may be feeling.

Make a list of everything you still don’t love about yourself and find the lessons. You created these situations, these self-judgments, in order to teach yourself a lesson. Find those lessons and learn them now.

Loving and accepting all of yourself is the first step toward creating a harmonious world for all of us. You cannot talk about peace without ending the conflicts within yourself first. Do it now.

You have energetic support this month to force all of that subconscious and conscious disharmony to the surface. This is a beautiful gift, welcome it!