Day 5 of the final wave of the Mayan Calendar

thesuntodayIn my previous article on Carl Calleman, I explained that the Mayan calendar tracks the evolution of consciousness over the last 16 billion years.  Now we are in the final wave of the last step of the list amazing pyramid of consciousness.  We reach the top of this pyramid/end of the calendar on October 28, 2011. Each day and night within this last wave has a theme and particular energies are available for the awakened to take advantage of.

Day 5 lasts from  July 31 – August 17

During this 18 day period, the focus is on solar service and the energy of the Sun. The Sun itself is going through this change in consciousness, and an increase in solar activity is expected.  The Sun acts as an entry and exit point for our solar system.  This is why so many near-death experiences include visions of “going into the light”.

During the Shift, the Sun acts as a transmitter of the cosmic frequencies darting through our galaxy and broadcasts them to the earth. (I won’t speak on the changes occurring on other planets right now, but in short our evolution in consciousness has a profound affect on our galaxy, let alone our solar system.)

Receiving activations

When Lightworkers speak of receiving ascension codes, cosmic rays of light, or activations, these are frequencies which come through mainly from our Sun.  I would say exclusively, but it depends on your level of mastery, and there are many other sources of activations directing and interpreting the photonic light rushing through this corner of our galaxy right now.  As wild as it may sound, as exclusive as it may seem, this is a very normal activity in our Universe.  During these windows of opportunity, all creations – planets and stars and all of the creatures and forms of life who dwell on them – are presented with a chance to evolve their consciousness.

I often refer to ascension as a change in frequency; dimensions are based on frequency.  When these light broadcasts scoot through a galaxy, there is an elevation in frequency.  This is why everyone is talking about a shift to 4D or 5D.

Choosing to ascend (Shift) to a higher frequency

On a personal level, the Shift presents us with choices to make.  This is not a do-or-die situation.  Consciousness cannot be destroyed, it simply takes another path.  I’m surprised when people approach me from a fearful state when it comes to Ascension.  Please realize that even if you choose, consciously or unconsciously, to leave the planet during the Shift, that you are simply choosing another way to experience the Shift.  The karmic latticework is gone now, so there are no more limitations to reincarnating.  In the physical we are tidying up our kharmic contracts and entering the instant karma principle.  It all depends on the journey your higher self intended, and how you interpret that intention along the way.

If you choose to experience the Ascension process in a very conscious way, receiving activations, clearing contracts, emotions, and activating the crystalline structure encoded within your DNA (dormant or otherwise), or receiving new light intelligence, you must fully intend to do so.  Many people just cannot find the time for intentions, activations, practices or group activities which reprogram the cellular structure to evolve.  There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you’ve chosen to be the kind of person who wants to experience all that is available right now, you need to do the work.

The final days and nights: last call

Light activations, these new cosmic frequencies, are available to everyone all the time.  Days and nights of the remaining wave have themes or specific intentions, and it is a heightened level of activity from now through the 11/11/11.  November 11 this year is when we reach zero point.  Simultaneous time.  I imagine that there will be a division between those experiencing the absolute now, and those still trying to measure the past and future with a rigid clock and a calendar.  This may be similar to what we’re experiencing now, where duality no longer exists, but is perpetually recreated out of habit by our collective consciousness.  I imagine it will become quite difficult over the next year to recreate the old paradigm at all.

Meanwhile, if you would like to experience the higher frequency, this is a bit of a “last call” for making that decision.  If you’re on the fence, make a choice and make peace with your choice. We don’t want you panicking as the changes get more intense and creating lower vibrations of fear.

Daily recommendations

Get outside in the Sun every day. Affirm and intend to absorb and anchor these new light codes into the cells of your body. Here is a basic intention, make it your own. Say it out loud, feel it, know it:

Thank you, Father Sun for directing these cosmic energies of evolution to our planet. I fully accept these key codes of ascension into my light body and into my cells, activating the highest quality DNA available to me. I receive the rays of light needed to fully engage and accelerate my ascension process. I anchor this light into the Earth and accelerate her ascension; balancing, harmonizing and fully activating love and light on Earth. Thank you.

Meditate. Find silence.

Get out in nature where higher frequencies are available and thought-forms of others are diminished.  Connect with Mother Earth.

Show gratitude for everything that is happening. No judgments on how to bad some people are behaving, or jealousy about other people’s gifts, or disenchantment with those who have not awakened. Honor everything. Be grateful that you are standing in your own sovereignty. Be thankful you’re awakened, activated and fully connected the the Shift. Send gratitude to your food, home, all people, plants, animals, everything.

Keep the Universal perspective as we merge the timelines of the past into zero point. You are infintie beings; creator incarnate. All journeys will be unique. If you desire to experience infinte love consciousness and your full potential, please do the work and learn to focus your consciousness. Clear all lower vibrations up and out of your system.

If you’d like personal guidance, I offer you my service as an ascension guide.

Remaining days and nights of the calendar

Day 5: July 31 – August 17; budding
Night 5: Aug 18 – Sept 4; destruction
Day 6: Sept 5 – Sept 22; flowering
Night 6 Sept 23 – Oct 10; no theme
Day 7    Oct 11 – Oct 28; fruition

Anrita Melchizedek’s activation for Day 5

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