Restitution by Sandra WalterAfter the hyper-clearing triple eclipses of June and the amplifications during July, it should be obvious to most lightworkers that we’re being stripped of the last bits of ego, fear and self judgment.

My divine entourage arranged for me to be alone for the past five days, during which I’ve done a fasting cleanse and spent a lot of time in deep meditation and clearing. The results of these few days is a deeper state of surrender, along with compassion for the journey we are about to experience on this planet.

As we dedicate ourselves to service, the fragmented self reunites and new timelines are proposed.  The paths that we anticipated following in the past may no longer serve us.  New gates have been opened.  Now is the time for deep choices to be made.  After so much clearing energies, we’re now empty vessels; pure conduits for divinity, source and light intelligence.

The sadness that many of us are experiencing as the old paradigm collapses and the past dissolves will disappear as we move into the last days and nights of the Mayan calendar.  I don’t anticipate it turning into a blissful states of joy.  The expectation of bliss, or the judgment that we must experience absolute joy in a certain way is a construct of the mind. The mind must learn to integrate with body and spirit. I see it as more of a neutral state of being for a while, with occasional bursts of bliss.

Humans tend to be obsessed with the past and the future. The lesson of being in the moment can be a difficult process, because the unknown can bring about emotions of fear, worry and doubt.  Being in the absolute present is a state of neutrality.  Not judging things as bad, good, sad, joyful, blissful; but experiencing the body as a vehicle for higher consciousness, higher knowing.  We become conduits for universal law, for the crystalline consciousness that we desire as a new reality.

This deep connection to all that is, the surrender to higher realms without the emotions of the past has become so strong in my life that everything that does not match this vibration is falling away.  When I stay in this truth, I know there are grander forces at work, and that the changes I’m going through are my own divinity flowing in because I’ve made room for it.

A side effect of clearing is finding it more difficult to speak about the past.  Romanticism or dwelling on last year, last month, yesterday, last hour are dissolving.  It truly does not matter.  And when it comes to the future, the complete surrender to not knowing is all I can work with. Intuition in the moment, trusting my guidance, using higher vibrational skills to create from moment to moment is all there is.  It seems foolish to plan, although my mind still wants to do it.  When my mind wants to ramble on about should do, would do, could do, I write it on a possible task list, take action on that which seems valuable in service, and the rest waits for its moment to either present or dissolve.

My creative flow is turning into a workload for more than just me. I’m unsure what to do with that, because most of me wants to pay attention to what I’m feeling, expand my skills, and continue to give guidance to the newly awakened and those on the ascension path.  My clairaudience and claircognizance is opening up in languages of light that I can’t comprehend just yet. There’s so much truth in all that I am receiving that nothing else seems to matter.  This overwhelming desire to serve and connect to spirit is holding everything that used to be “real” or important, up to the light. One by one the shadows of what I used to be are disappearing.

The integration of spirit into form is the goal of ascension and the new paradigm.  But in the meantime there are still many things that ask for my attention.  I’m learning a new level of discernment. As time collapses and our perception of days, weeks, months turns into simultaneous now, there is literally no time for extraneous to-doing.  I wonder what it will be like as this division of realities occurs.  Keeping a sense of humor and perspective is important. Allowing the absolute trust in this process to remove  any last spec of doubt is key. Any last attachments to how things should be, what I should be feeling, or what I should be doing are dying off.

It would be easy to completely shut down the web sites, close out twitter and facebook, stop doing workshops or one-on-one appointments and just disappear into a small town where I could feel the Shift’s full force.  But I recognize that my past journeys as a monk, healer, aboriginal shaman, and other journeys where spirit came above all else is something my higher self has already experienced.  And the separation associated with vows of silence, isolation and purity brought to me closer to the union of self and source, but perhaps they do not serve the collective in the way that the collective needs to be served right now.

Meditation and holding a space of a higher vibration is a beautiful way to influence the collective, but the agendas at work right now call for action, not isolation. We want to accelerate the journeys of as many people as we can.  My intuition says to surround myself in a community where there are more like-minded souls, and continue to share the journey until the moment another choice has to be made.  I’m not going to allow remnants of past lifetimes spent in service that didn’t end well (being killed) to block me.

I see now that my wavering on providing guidance was out of fear.  Fear of judgment and fear of punishment.  This life has proved that I have the self confidence and the guts to take risks. I’ve learned complete discernment and neutrality after a lot of clearing in the past few months. At times it feels like I don’t have to do anything, just be.  But as an artist who likes to express this journey through writing, painting, conversation or anything that comes along, I sense that part of this mission is integration of creative spark and spirit.  Sharing the true nature of creativity is still a passion, but this deep connection to Mother Earth, Father Sun and all that is has become omnipotent.

I have a deep gratitude for being awake and creative and receiving more each day.  As we step into a challenging time in the last days and nights of an old paradigm, I wish you all the inner strength to stay within your own knowing and enjoy the deepening.

In love and light,

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10 comments on “Deepening

  1. Greetings Sandra Lovely!
    i dont even know where to begin…i have been reading your blog for weeks now and i wanna say THANK YOU for being a guide to me in this moment. I too have been experiencing this ‘nothingness’ for quite some time now and although i KNOW that I AM in the right path for ascension and I AM following my heart and intuition and just BEING. Unconsciously i have detached my self from all the bad programming and lower vibration stuff, i had no idea all this was going on until very recently, i didn’t understand WHY certain things (career opportunities,school, relationships) never worked out for me ,even the simplest tasks are now pointless and have become obsolete( because all i wanna do is focus on my spiritual path/growth/ascension and help others with even if its just by mere intention)… i lost everything i ever had, my financial debt is outrageous LOL , i too have been stripped literally naked from my ego , but now i KNOW, and its ok , i accept it, embrace it and i’m actually very excited for whats happening. On the other hand, i cannot help but to feel sad when i realize that those around me (relatives, loved ones) are so stuck on the old paradigm, they are totally unaware of what is going on…i know my responsibility is to bring awareness to them but HOW!? when all they do is judge me and secretly see me as a failure in life because all i’m doing is just BEING *o* LOL

    i now understand that they are just ‘programs’ of the old paradigm trying to pull me back into that vibration,ok i get it, but how does one deal with confrontation from a loved one (e.i. boyfriend) who is telling me i have to ‘wake up’ (woah lol) , and would insist on getting feedback from me and all i do is stare blank in the air because i have nothing to say….my brain is literally blank, i do not think, i just AM…he’s so stuck on this 3D life and when i speak about the changes he says im crazy….:/ what can one do? i ask you but i think i already know whats going to happen 🙁

    I wanna point out that it has been so hard for me to write this to you because as i write an idea,comment or question, the answers that I AM seeking are just coming in LOL so i have to go back and change what i was writing initially (so sorry if my thoughts seem scattered)….

    fills me with a sense of ease to KNOW i’m not alone out there…
    Thank you for being here in this moment with all of us

    Light and Love for you and everyone else who reads this;


  2. Dearest Cynthia,
    Thank you so much for your comments, I feel your struggle. Relationships, especially in the family monad, can be challenging to us as our vibrations change. We are literally on a different frequency – and when those frequencies don’t match our loved ones, it generally leads to a lot of judgment on their part. I have this in my own family, none of whom are aware of what is really going on with me or the planet. Occasionally they read a post and think I’m either in a cult or gone off the deep end (and I have – Deepening!) None of them approach me directly about this, which makes me think that I am a mirror for their own doubts about their reality. We don’t need direction or advice from people who cannot relate. It just doesn’t work anymore and we have to let them be as they are. I have deep compassion for them and honor their chosen journeys; their role as the ones who don’t wake up right away and bring out the highest truth in me by doing so. It’s a beautiful gift they have given me, and somehow even more beautiful that they have no idea.

    Always being the white sheep of the family is a tough role to play. But we created this for ourselves, and desperately wanted the more, more, more of the Shift. From a point of neutrality, we can allow the boyfriends, friends and family members to drift away. Depart in the most peaceful way you can, love and respect them for what they have done for you. They have their own journeys, but we must be true to the light, especially now. You’ll be surprised at the freedom you experience when you finally let go of the attachment to how things should be with people. Honor all journeys and share your light with those who ask for it.

    The money thing is tough. As an artist, which is not a consistently lucrative profession, I have some practice at being at zero point. Just remind yourself that everything you need is within, and you already know the answers. Let the lower vibes depart and more will open up for you. Soon everyone will have money issues, let’s not attach anything to it – especially fear. No more controlling or being controlled.

    In love, light and service,

  3. Kia ora from a beautiful yet snowy and shaky New Zealand winter Sandra!

    Thank you so much for yet another revealing article for which my friends, family and myself are always ‘spot on’ as we like to say. The past few days have been interesting as we release deeper and deeper and old wounds and feelings rise up again to be healed. This morning I woke up and decided I wasn’t good enough to serve others, that my upcoming blog and native NZ remedy essences wouldn’t be required. This drop in self esteem had been slowly building for about five days, which has recently been unlike me. I then read your article and wrote my first blog knowing we are all in a boat riding these waves together and are here for each other. Sometimes people will jump into your boat, catch another ride and in some cases keep swimming. We all keep riding, one way or another. It’s a fantastic ride and your writing certainly helps when we hit those rough spots.

    Much love & light for us to you,


  4. Kia ora to you and yours, Karyn!

    Gratitude for the resonation with this post. The fear of expressing one’s deeper levels is something we must face here and now. It’s vital to anchor the new energy coming in wherever we can. the physical act of creating – writing, painting, speaking our truth – assists in raising the vibration of the collective consciousness here. Thought is powerful, but the wavering over fears and doubts has to end for those of us who have awakened. We need to become the majority, and hiding ourselves does not help that goal.

    I am so happy to hear you are writing about your journey! Doubts and fears can drown us, thank you for staying in the boat!

    In love and light,

  5. Dear Sandra,

    I just came upon your blog site and am astounded by the honesty, depth and wisdom in your posts, not to mention how well everything is articulated. I, too, have come to the conclusion that ascension is the “integration of spirit into form.” As we raise our own consciousness, we help to raise the vibration of Mother Earth.

    In this article, I was particularly interested in the part about “new timelines” being proposed as we unite with our fragmented selves.

    Having sold short stories to magazines over the years, I now work on full-length paranormal fiction embodying spiritual truths (with a strong dose of romance). I strongly feel this is my means to provide service at this time as my novels can reach the masses through the “paranormal” angle and the “romance” angle.

    I am a light worker who has lived soul values for many years. All the same, it is hard for me to trust that I am going in the right direction because the publisher for my work may not yet exist. The demand is still for dark and edgy (vampires, werewolves) and I feel there needs to be a change in consciousness that will welcome light paranormal with a spiritual message.

    I believe the doubt comes from my ego, which always wants to plan ahead and has trouble going on “trust.” Any advice would be most welcome!

    P.S. – I love your “orb forest” painting! Beautiful colors…

  6. Dear Thelma,

    Thank you, I am flattered to hear that from a fellow writer. I will write soon about timelines; it seems people are interested in that topic now.

    There are many spiritual fiction publishers, albeit a small bunch. Paulo Coelho has opened some doors in the teaching-truth-as-fiction genre with his popularity. I do feel that as the vibration rises, more of this kind of work will be in demand. But the main focus is to get it out there, now, and not be dependent up on a publishing system that is becoming extinct.

    Self publish, or put out a Kindle version (free). There are many ways to get our art out there, we just need to let go of traditional or old paradigm pigeon-holes of what a book, a story, or a creation should be. All creations are welcome, and creativity is always rewarded. Letting go of the attachment to how it should work, or how it should get out there, or how popular it will be is the tough part. Even with this current painting show I have running, there’s a sense that the way it is presented (venue, marketing, etc.) is not a vibrational match for the work itself. It simply isn’t creative enough for what I am experiencing, what I want to do, how I want to reach people. So lesson learned and integrated.

    Keep writing, it is so important to ground this new creative energy right now. Many of the new age publishers are burned out on channeled content, they might welcome some romance!

    In love, light and service,

  7. Dear Sandra,

    Thanks for your response. I believe I need to detach myself more from outcomes and do what is best for the planet versus what will supposedly bring monetary gain.

    It’s true that the whole publishing industry is in transition and the dust has not yet settled. I am pretty sure my work needs to be offered on Kindle and in other e-book formats. The worst part has been the self-doubt that crops up when believing in “the world’s version of success,” which has to do with fame and money.

    I am sure that many lightworkers in the creative arts have similar issues. Your post “Your Creative Contribution Changes Everything” was just what I needed to read! I believe that creating our art solidifies the energy we put into it (esp. when we create with love) and this affects the universe.

    What you said about the displaying and marketing of your art show not being a vibrational match to your work makes sense. Good luck with that! We always learn by doing… I need to find a way to publish that is a vibrational match as well. Now I know what to ask for! Thanks.

    I have been trying to sell my mermaid story in the “romance” field which does not give any importance to the spiritual aspect. My energy just isn’t there. I will try the “new age” publishers (thanks for the input).

    I am very excited and pleased that you plan to do a post on new timelines.

    I’d also love to see something more about blazing new trails with our artwork in spite of the uncertainties, being true to our vision at a time when the collective consciousness is still repeating old patterns and ways of thinking.

    Wishing us all Light on our Paths,


  8. Thank you, Thelma. I have a post in progress on the creativity at the height of the Shift. I’ll finish it up. So glad you enjoyed “Your Creative Contribution Changes Everything” – I’m starting to see the deeper meaning of the intuitive messages in both The Creator State and my writing on creative consciousness.

    In love, light and service,

  9. thanks for your response Sandra! you’re such an angel!
    with your response i was able to understand a bit more!

    Light and Love sister!

  10. Great article…alot of what you are talking about here is resonate of what I experienced many years ago…I suppose you could call it spiritual evolution or maturity…it is inevitable…you articulate it well…spiritual ascension… it all comes down to just being a little more kinder than you were yesterday a little more loving a little more understanding…that is really about as spiritual as you are ever going to be…namaste to the new day…

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