Lightworker Frustrations

You have probably seen enough What is a Lightworker or Are you a Lightworker articles to last through the Shift. For my purposes here, I AM referring to the people who find assisting humankind and the Earth an irresistible, insatiable drive in their lives. Once awakened, the urgency to help raise the vibration of the planet and her inhabitants becomes a priority.

Stepping into the role of Lightworker has its advantages and frustrations. When you begin putting the work in Lightworker, the Universe responds with all kinds of helpful support. Some of that support can appear as negative, which is a beautiful part of the process of REmembering who you are and what your mission is during the Shift.

You primary mission is to wake up

Nothing else is more important. Awakening is the first step, and we continue to awaken as our body holds more light; the veils continue to lift, your being continues to open up. There are no limits to this process, and there is no finish line. We are infinite beings – let us pat ourselves on the back for popping out of the density matrix, shall we?

Your mission may not be as grand as you think

You might just be here to anchor the light. You might be here to encourage a key person to do something. You may be called to speak to thousands of people and assist them in awakening. But first and foremost, you’re going to have to learn, learn, and learn some more. Cleaning up the karma, contracts and agreements from many incarnations is a big task (if you’ve been here before. We have a potpourri of beings on the planet during the Shift. If you’re new to Earth, welcome! It’s wild here, huh?

Your emotional and physical clearing is a mission in itself. So relax if you haven’t received the big mission just yet. It is possible you gave yourself the mission of waking up and realizing that ego-based delusions of grandeur need to busted wide open during the Shift. No more saviors, no more gurus, no hierarchy of spirituality. Start by making yourself the mission, and move quickly through your clearing so you can help in the best way possible. Meanwhile, send love and light to everything in your life; every particle and being, and our dear Mother Earth.


Moments, days or weeks when you feel completely disconnected from spirit, life, and totally out-of-phase with everything. This is a frustrating scenario for your mind and emotions. It’s a disconnect between releasing the old paradigm before you’re ready for the new. It can crush your self-esteem and confidence. Trust that it takes time to release old energies. Take care of yourself, support your mental, physical and emotional body. Bodywork helps to open your transitioning nervous system. Rushing to the new paradigm before clearing is done creates disharmony. You will get yanked back, and feel out of synch. Get comfortable with who and where you are right now.

Judgment of progress

Constant comparison to others on a spiritual path will feed the mind and ego with dark energy. You can cause serious imbalances and blocks to your progress by judging yourself. Judgments interfere with electrical flow in your body by throwing off your pH balance. It creates knots of stored-up energy, and these can become a holding center for fear. With reinforcement, self-judgment can cause dis-ease and fear of failure, fear of not ascending, fear of not keeping up with others. Those blocks are tough to oust, so let’s not bitch about why others are able to do this or that, why not me, etc. Let it go. This is your unique journey; there is no need to create an identical journey, why would we do that? Express your authentic self and give up the enlightenment race as soon as possible. Consciousness gives you more of what you put out, so let’s not broadcast I am failing, I’m not good enough, I need to progress faster, etc. Unless you want to amplify those in your lifestream.

The return of the past

Here’s a fun one. Why are all of those people from your past popping up for a last hurrah? Quite simply, you are leaving them vibrationally. You are transmuting their vibration, contracts, and kharma out of your lifestream. If you cling, question, rehash and ponder their appearance too long, it’ll turn into a block. Old issues you thought you resolved may suddenly re-emerge, bigger and more intense than before. Recognize that these energies are present and let them move through you. As a Lightworker, you may be transmuting these energies for the collective. Think of it like this: you’re on a departing bus. Some want you stay behind, some have last words to say, some are phantoms flying by the window. Wave goodbye and don’t get too distracted. You chose to be on the bus, they did not. There is no sense in telling them why and how you got on the bus. If they ask you directly how to get on the bus you are on, please assist them. If they want to judge your journey, wave goodbye. Love them for the lessons, smile and go.


Judgments of food, body aches and pains, clothing, others, etc., will affect your Ascension process. Judgments destroy balance within the body. Judging yourself and others makes your transformation difficult and depressing . You must stop if you want to be of service. Acceptance of others and yourself right where you’re at in this moment is key to opening your cells and raising your vibration. Magic happens when we accept and love all that is.


Every Lightworker experiences this. You’re in a group activation anchoring light into the core of the Earth one moment, and feel completely isolated the next. The divide between an awakened, ascending human and the old paradigm can feel like a huge gap. It is not easy to experience grand journeys through your third eye and then go grocery shopping and see people being mean to each other and the Earth. Find people to talk to, we are everywhere now. If you can’t find face-to-face, get on the web and connect with like-minded souls. The internet is a fun tool for learning and connecting, just be aware of your valuable time. No lizard-brain repetitive behavior, please. Group meditations – especially in person – are especially helpful to me when I’m feeling lonely. Be sure to progress; keep moving and don’t get stuck on a modality or repetitive conversation.  This isn’t religion. We are opening to more knowledge every moment. Shift, shift, shift.

Where the heck is my money, job, guidance?

REmember when Yeshua gave all of that advice on giving away your shirt, and leaving the material things behind in the quest for spiritual connection? It seems that if we don’t learn this lesson – non-attachment to how things are, how they should be, or our belongings – it is presented in obvious form during the Shift.

Maybe you quit your job, or got fired, or your financial situation has been gutted completely. We create everything in our lifestream, and you are wise enough to realize you needed to separate from the pack in order to grow. Money and employment issues are so common it’s laughable that Lightworkers still bitch about it. Learn the lesson you have given yourself and pry yourself out of the dark webs (those threads that keep you in fear). Resentment is a huge obstacle to wealth. Get out of any resentment or judgmental timelines immediately. REmember the Universe gives you back what you broadcast. If you keep saying I am so broke, you will be. Prioritize what is essential in your journey, simplify to make room for spirit, and start applying THANK YOU to everything. Gratitude will open your heart and your abundance flow. The same goes for guidance; recognize every little hint of guidance and say thank you. You’ll get more of it.

Get the energy to flow so you can be a better conduit of light

Read my previous posts on symptoms, accelerated symptoms, levels and remedies. Walk, swim, or do yoga, and take Epsom baths every chance you can. Movement and sweat pushes toxins out of your body that can create pain. Some toxins cause energy in the etheric body to lock up. Heavy metals, pesticides, or food additives cause all kinds of dis-ease. My first few Epsom baths were physically painful!

Eat for light. You cells receive and hold more light if they are fed light-filled organic foods and plenty of pure water. If you want to hold and anchor the most light as possible, eliminate smoking, alcohol, excessive consumption of flesh, unnatural foods (soda, processed food, fast food) and living in a toxic environment. Your personal Ascension will occur in a manner best suited for your health and well being. No need to wait for an ideal situation, do your best with what is happening in your life right now.

Keep moving forward

We’ve heard a lot of get out there and shine your light lately. 11-11-11 marks when we reach zero point, or when our consciousness begins to experience absolute presence. It is possible that many new phenomena, skills and revelations will occur in the next few months. Be of service whenever it presents to you. Share the love you are experiencing as you grow and expand. If you’re a Lightworker, it is best to move through some deep clearing NOW and get ourselves fully engaged in the practice of assisting the planet and humanity as best we can.

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9 comments on “Lightworker Frustrations

  1. Cannot tell you how grateful I am that you took the time to create these pages. Every time I think I can’t take another minute of this ascension business physically, mentally, or emotionally, I’m led to yet another source that reminds me what’s actually happening and, no, I’m not the only one. Thank YOU <3

  2. Thank you Sandra i cud so relate to every word you have written.Love,Light n Bliss to you and yours

  3. Namaste!
    I am so delighted to have discovered your valuable and well-explained insights into the “Ascension Process”. After retiring from university teaching in the areas of Linguistics and Ancient History, I went into the healing arts. I am a Gemstone Therapist, an Herbalist, an Aroma Therapist, a Reiki Master, a Kabbalist, a Color Therapist, an Astrologer and an Archarya (Spiritual Teacher of Sanatana Dharma ( the “Eternal Path”). I began my journey at the age of 16 when my Dad first introduced me to Astrology, and over the years ( I am now 63 chronological years young), even with all of the dramas that life tends to bring us, I found myself still developing spiritual and naturopathic ways. I am always delighted to find others who are endeavoring to lift the collective consciousness of the planet so that the crystalline energy can flow. Your articles are wonderful, and I wanted to help to encourage you in your efforts and your personal journey. May you be blessed!
    Love and Light,
    Dr. Schavi M. Ali, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

  4. Hi
    I found your blog when I was searching the Internet and I was stunned by the basic symptoms of our bodies changing. I’ve had almost all of these symptoms for last couple of years and I’ve been visiting doctors asking for help, because I didint know what is happening to me, from chest pains and tightness, hear palpitations and pain, flu symptoms, blurred vision, weird headaches and migranes, to recent depression. I’m constantly asking myself why I’m here, what is my purpose, why am I alone and why I cant and dont want to fit in and accept current world?
    Also recently I find myself wanting to be with animals more than people. I always loved animals but recently they, especially dogs (I see lots of dogs at my work 🙂 work for me like a medicine. Whenever I’m sad, angry and stressed, I can only look into dog’s eyes and I feel happy again. It’s that unconditional love that I see in their eyes 🙂

    I propably make no sense in what I say, but reading your article made me realise that maybe it’s not me who is different, but everyone else. I believe in God and every day I wonder if he has plan for me and I feel great need to be part of His plan, whatever it is.
    Thank you for letting me learn something new about myself and opening my eyes 🙂

  5. Blessings, Mini.

    The divine part of the Ascension process is realizing how we create our own reality. As Creator incarnate, that spark of God embodied on a planet, we are moving into a pure and true expression of our unique essence of Source. As this vibration increases during the Shift, more souls will awaken to who they truly are, and it won’t feel so lonely!

    Meanwhile, there are millions of awakened souls here on Earth. Celebrate that so many of us see the world from a divine perspective! How beautiful it is to be here right now oxoxox

    In love and light,

  6. Thank you for these articles. They have helped me think of how blessed I am everyday to be able to share and be among the ones who are shifting and moving closer to our divine purpose . My music is benifiting greatly as well.

    Peace and Progress

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