Ascension Symptom Remedies

IMG_0452The symptoms of the Ascension process mentioned in my previous posts are adjustments and attunements occurring in the body, mind and spirit. Not everyone will have the same symptoms, because no two beings have the same journey. It’s a very individualized process, based on past journeys, family monads, kharmic realms, genetic monads, agreements, missions and learned limitations during our current incarnation.

Despite the dissolvement of these various realms, there is still a lot for us to clear as we move to a state of unification. The mobilization of No Separation in the human community forces our bodies, minds and emotions to eject everything which does not compliment our ascension to a higher frequency.

The good news is, the ascension process can be assisted in a myriad of ways. You can – and many choose to – accelerate your ascension process. The challenging part is that the symptoms will push and pull at us until we move through the adjustment or lesson it reveals.

As always, do what your higher self instructs you to do. Don’t avoid a traditional doctor if something is going wrong, just because you see them as “old paradigm.” Ask for advice or get to a healer if you feel you need one.

Glands and organs

As our bodies change to support the emerging lightbody structure in a physical form, issues may arise that appear as dis-ease. Undeveloped (or in many cases, exhausted) glands or organs can lead to malfunction which throws your system of regeneration out of balance leading to complications. Self-monitor your own form. A blockage (issue, dis-ease) in any given area is related to a particular thought-form that one is wishing to avoid. You’ll notice when a part of your body is not keeping up with your ascension process. The aches, pains and adjustments will continue throughout the ascension process, but if you’re really hurting in a certain area you can search out the underlying cause. Your body will tell you what you need to know.

Give your body the support it needs

Forget about what you have learned about protein, workouts, water and sleep. Everything is changing and there is no blanket method for optimum health. You know what your body needs to evolve? Your attention in the moment. If it says eat cake and lay down, do it. If it says go raw foodie and do yoga, so be it. But don’t assume it is a days-long thing. Feel the moment and be sure that fear or laziness isn’t driving your actions.

Calm that monkey mind

The mind and body are separate entities, on their way to unifying with your spirit. The mind has to stop trying to control the body. The mind can easily alter the body consciousness, and disharmony in the body often reflects what is going on in the mind. What is your mind telling your body to create? Let’s be sure it is supporting ascension and not hijacking it.


Sleep or at least lie down when you feel tired. Many adjustments occur when we sleep. Get comfortable with following the flow of your new sleep patterns; they will even out if you don’t fight it.


Our consciousness cannot take the large meals of the past. Eat smaller, light-filled meals. Living foods such as raw fruits, vegetables and juices will boost the light content in your cells and assist the body in adjusting to the new light.  You may be intuitively guided to let go of eating animals and animal products. Eating corpses has various side effects on the evolving structure;  the dis-ease of ingesting death energies (death hormone in the dead tissue of the animal) can stifle the process and cause imbalances. Cleanses can assist in getting the remnants of a carnivorous diet out of the cells. Follow your intuition on this; if you’re not ready to give up meat, or cut back, then don’t do it. But the whole veggies and fruits are always good assistance in getting and holding more light in the body. If you’re abundance-challenged, get some chlorophyll and take it every day.


Integrating the new energies takes movement. Stretch, walk, do yoga. Vigorous workouts may leave you exhausted, so stick to the walk every day, yoga every day to balance the Chi in your evolving body. Kundalini yoga has been miraculous for me in assisting with neck and shoulder issues. Yoga in the morning will center your day around awareness rather than routine.


Get to a good healer if you are doing your emotional clearing and still cannot relieve a dis-ease or ache in a particular area. There are many talented sound healers, Reiki masters, chiropractors, accupuncturists, massage therapists, counselors and alternative methods of healing available everywhere on the planet. Go to them, talk to them, receive their gifts.

Meditate rather than medicate

Personally, I don’t want any chemical medications in my body right now. They can mask imbalances, as with caffeine and alcohol. Herbs are wonderful and can support specific trouble spots (I take Milk thistle  for liver support). Flower essences and tinctures can also help some symptoms. But don’t take everything you come across. Ask your body what it needs, we don’t want to overload it with extra substances it may not use.

Listen to your body

Let your body show you what it needs to show you. This is integration – unification of mind, body and spirit. Supporting your body consciouness will make the whole process easier. Fighting it, trying to dominate or control it, will only cause dis-ease. One cell full of light next to a cell full of lower vibration will cause the denser cell to die off. We don’t want cancer, we want integration. Pay attention and talk to your body regularly. Ask it why your neck hurts, align the aches with your chakras and see what area needs opening. Throat? Heart? Creativity? The body is an amazing tool for spirit, let it shine.

In my next post I’ll discuss specific Lightworker challenges in the Ascension process, and deeper details of changes in the body and mind.
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