Night 5: Destruction clears the path to freedom

the creator stateYou are magnificent, you can handle all of these changes and more.

Night 5 begins tomorrow (August 18 – September 4) and the Sun is broadcasting even stronger evolutionary light waves. Night 5 is themed destruction so stay aware of what brings up any vibration of fear or worry.

What is left to move up and out is revealed: are you still afraid of economic collapse? Allowing others to control your lifestream? Fear of chaos, dark agendas, or Earth changes? Fear of your fellow creator incarnate HUmans? Fear of ET interaction? Fear of being stripped of your material possessions, food, water, comforts? Maybe the fears that need to be cleansed are of a different nature: fear of your own power, your ego, your mind, or your new gifts? Whatever it is, get the worry, doubt and fear out of your lifestream NOW. Let the destruction cleanse as much of those lower vibrations as possible. These waves support rapid change, work with it. There simply is no support for wavering or procrastination when it comes to clearing out lower vibrations. Make a choice and make peace with it.

Avoid the “should be happy & joyous all the time” judgment when it comes to spirituality and Ascension. This is a massive change and it can be difficult to experience these changes when so many others are not. Let that vibration of “fitting in” go. It’s an egoic construct that has worked remarkably well in keeping people from their truth. And it’s taking many people down with it as it dissolves. That journey is fine for those who have chosen to stay asleep. If you’re an awakened consciousness, step forward and know yourself.

It’s challenging to experience vast internal changes and not see massive external results. Often we work without the support of people we’ve known for years, and are stripped bare of anything we’ve mis-learned. Feel the gratitude for being awake and aware despite the exhaustion, the excitement and universal truth of the not knowing state – complete presence.

Setting all the helpful modalities aside, integration is work and it ain’t easy sometimes. Be sure to check in on your process: are you in the “Waiting for someone else to rescue you” vibration? What needs to be destroyed in order for you to fully experience the freedom of all that you are? Do you need the world economy to fail? Another disaster?  A loved one to recognize the Shift? This is a collective consciousness; be sure to destroy everything that keeps YOU from experiencing unity/crystalline consciousness during Night 5.

Night 5: Aug 18 – Sept 4: destruction

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