A Note on Support and Wayshowers

Some hard-working wayshowers were verbally attacked this week by a few awakened-yet-polarized folks. This – like many other Old Paradigm things – surprise me when they pop up. I always think wow, is that still going on?  Division of realities, indeed. How odd it is to have endured decades of judgment from the unawakened, and now have to deal with judgment from the awakened. I manage to dissolve the conflict with (very) patient love. Heart intelligence activates the same in others. As this photonic frequency shakes the darkness loose, it is important to stay focused on what you desire. Allow me to share a few ways you can assist Wayshowers who are walking the talk of the New Paradigm.

Please, no knee-jerk assumptions about assistance. It’s not about money.  Most of us in giving it all up for the collective mode have found ways to keep the services flowing without it. Unfortunately, we have trained many of the awakened to take, take, take and anticipate a bottomless well of direction, inspiration or guidance. This is a side-effect of years of getting the word out that something was terribly wrong on our planet. It led to a heavy drain on those providing consistent guidance. Fortunately the genuine folks working from the heart have incredible endurance, and the inner work we did along the way is revealing Mastery. That is payment enough for us, but we still have the collective running the gimme, do it for me, fear of creating my own reality programs.

We are experiencing dramatic shifts in our world. The next few weeks will make that clear to the awakened collective waiting on external events. Lately it seems there is more friction from the awake-and-still-not-getting-it than the unawakened. Why? Because both groups still participate in a dynamic which is being wiped off the planet (and the galaxy for that matter – if you think you can take that judgment with you and escape to your home star system, good luck with that.)

Please be very focused – right now – on what you want to exist or not exist in your reality. Photonic light is a ruthless amplifier of order. It is not higher realm judgment, it’s turning up the volume on that which does. not. compliment. the. new. It reveals the nonsensical, so it can destroy itself. Photonic influence reveals YOU participating in collective realities that may or may not serve the highest interests of all concerned. Triality, lovelies. We’ve been talking about this for years and it’s finally infiltrating the awakened.

The Zero Point mirror is about to get bigger

For many that means the mirror will be so huge that you won’t be able to see anything else – which includes all of the free online updates on the Shift you might currently use as a compass. Imagine for a moment what that would be like – if all the wayshowers just stopped. No channels, no guidance, no updates, no websites, no videos or radio shows. No more free help delivered with love. What’s under your mask, Kachina? Did you learn self-empowerment, or did you learn to watch others do the work? Did you think HUmanity or the planet wasn’t your job? Were you waiting on us to finish the Shift for you? With all of the intel being given to you, did you not receive the message? These are the questions that Zero Point, the great self-judgment day, presents.

Solar Heart Center

The immense amount of light – that new photonic stuff we’ve been talking about – is assisting creations which resonate at the same frequency as the New Paradigm/Golden Age/New Dawn/Children of the Sun/Shift/whatever catch phrase you want to use for evolution. That means that individuals with that same intention get amplified to become that light – YOU get to be a Sun. However many metaphors it takes to get this realization across, know that you have this possibility before you – right now. It is happening to HUmans all over the planet, and to the planet itself.

It’s YOU beloved, if you participate. No one can give you the cosmic shazam except YOU. It’s a terrible business plan to empower people – and that’s why I LOVE TO DO IT. The Old Paradigm was very skilled at dis-empowering folks with temporary relief so they had to keep coming back. That Paradigm doesn’t even exist anymore, and yet folks are convinced it is still there. Stop watching it burn, it’s dead already and you need to walk away. We used to take a pill for our self-created dis-eases; now we take responsibility.

The last things you should do – honestly …

Please consider NOT exposing your fear of the unknown by verbally attacking another HUman – especially a wayshower/lightserver. Either you honor the work or you don’t. Kindly ask for clarity if you don’t understand a perspective, or walk away and deal with your own fears. Zero Point boomerang, darlings – the knives you throw out there land right back in your own heart. And it’s painful to watch, so quit it.

Wayshowers and the great unknown

As a Wayshower, I live very simply to demonstrate how little is needed to create a lifestream of pure service. All of the reasons folks use to explain my lack of doubt – she must be married, wealthy, own a house, have rich friends, get a lot of donations – are met with the truth: I AM doing this without any of those things. And yet my journey keeps expanding, even without health insurance, an apartment, money, a day job or a partner – imagine!

This lifestyle is not for everyone – it can be difficult – however it has realigned me with my true Self. I AM creating a true Wayshower out of a wounded Shaman, artist and Divine HUman.

Growing organically with the support of like-hearted individuals

True Wayshowers walk into new territory to prove that survival, fear and limitation are illusions. We make it easier for others to face their challenges by going ahead first. Now that the Shift and Ascension are fully underway, we may all move forward in leaps and bounds through co-creation. The challenge of further awakening the awakened is a Mastery-level task. We learn so much when we teach – as well as the wisdom to walk away when our journey wants to explore something beyond the map.

Magnetics amplify the pull of the New Paradigm. Those with activated Heart Intelligence cannot idly watch the Wayshowers overcome the obstacles of the unknown. Higher states of gratitude, unconditional love and unity consciousness accelerate the urgency to participate.

The purpose of Wayshower is to show a brand new way of doing everything. New Age marketing – expensive classes, workshops, DVDs and group package calls – served old paradigm values and fears. There are plenty of folks hustling joy, love and light with old paradigm tools. I avoid that circuit because the New Paradigm of my visions is built on a higher vibration. Please don’t call me New Age. Or SanDehRA.

I create bridges to the New Paradigm with familiar structures so folks understand the exchange, such as eCourses. For the record, Ascension guidance is not a popular nor lucrative endeavor. At the moment I have to pay to live on Gaia, so I have to charge for two things that I do. I learned that the hard way when I kept giving away my services. Eventually the savings went dry, and being offline in a tent is not my highest act of service right now. I created the eCourse to keep the guidance available as folks awaken, and share this incredible journey as long as possible.

Reaching the Tipping Point – Share this work

Exposure of my work is spread via the collective. You won’t see an ad for my services on another site or in a magazine. Free will dominates what stays and what goes on this planet; if you resonate with my work, tell people about it. Share this site, or an article, or a video. Take the Course and talk about it. Ascension is amazing, and Divine HUman guidance must be encouraged as we remove the off-world channel training wheels.

The easiest way to support this mission is to talk about it with others. Share what resonates through social media, conversation or any outlet you can access. It’s not about me or my work, it’s about reaching the tipping point where genuine service to HUmanity and the planet become more valuable than anything else.

If you’re too afraid of what your friends, family, coworkers or the secret hoo-hah will think of you when you share material like this, congratulations! You are participating in a delay of the Shift and a much longer personal route to Ascension.

Donations – the willingness to risk

The Wayshower method busts up all fear of limitation and energizes that which we want to exist. Money is just energy, like everything else. It gets poured into a lot of bad behavior and things that create imbalance. People want one thing and support another, thinking they have no choice. If you’re afraid of redistributing your wealth (or worse, waiting for some savior to do it), just watch what happens in the next few months to those who are willingly taking that risk.

Monetary contributions are accepted and I use them wisely to keep my services available. Gratitude for intentions to send me material things, however I must graciously decline due to the space limits of being a wanderer. Services in Shasta are very welcome: massages from David Knowles or Stewart Springs gift certificates are always appreciated; I like supporting good folks doing good things.

If this work is assisting your journey, feel free to support it. Same goes for other free blogs, youtubers or services you enjoy.


About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

17 comments on “A Note on Support and Wayshowers

  1. Thank you, Sandra, for your clear and joyful contribution!! I appreciate your insight, your wisdom and your humor.

    Love and Blessings,

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  3. I love what you’re saying here Sandra! I feel the same way; this has been a difficult journey for way-showers. People just don’t want to believe that things won’t be fixed / done FOR them. But if people leave things / personal growth / changes for the last minute, waiting on others to do it for them, it will make their personal path that much more difficult. However, I feel everybody has an “event” (or 2, or 3) planned in their life (planned by their higher self) that will finally shake them up. Then there won’t be much of a choice…

    But I do want to ask you, why would you ever want health insurance?? I mean okay, if you break a leg skiing a doctor is necessary. And some insurances cover chiropractors. But for most anything else, why would you want their health services? I don’t want any part of the medical industry’s “treatments.” It’s better NOT to have “good” health insurance.

    Thanks for this post!

    Christine Hoeflich

  4. Blessings Christine,

    The big event idea can be a snooze switch on awakening, though. It seems folks wait for the BIG THING to change them, kinda like the man who eats steak and eggs until he has a heart attack.

    The Health Insurance issue is something other folks are concerned about. It’s one of those items I listed that brings up fear: no job, no money, no insurance – one of the excuses folks use to stay in the broken system, or a job they hate, rather than explore freedom, life, anything else. Being without insurance means taking responsibility for one’s own body (not taught). Here in the US it can also mean incredible debt to the system if one gets ill, which terrifies folks at all levels of wealth. Fortunately I AM in the *when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose* crowd, which seems to make me more free than most of the population.

    In love, light and service,

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  6. Thanks for your post, Sandra. And thanks again for rescuing us from a very cold campsite at Mt. Shasta. This is the third or fourth article I’ve read this week concerning financial support for those who are trying to help show others the new world we are creating. I have also found a certain freedom in having nothing left to lose. I do have a roof over me head, which I pay for by doing work on this little cabin in the mountains. I’m very grateful for that. And it seems like when I need some money, it appears. If I didn’t have a house full of cats, I’d be able to get by on even less. I am looking forward to a shift toward more abundance, and one reason is because I see so many others I would like to be able to contribute to. So anything that comes my way over and above what I need to live will be going out to help others, until we are all on solid footing again. That is something I am truly looking forward to.

    Thanks again for all you are doing. You’re an inspiration to many of us. Our race is almost finished, and I’m looking forward to the celebration in the not-so-distant future. See ya there. ~ Allen

  7. Dear Sandra,

    I so admire you and all you’ve done. I’ve wanted to take your course. But I must be honest and say that your messages leave me with the feeling of being attacked myself. I know there is some healing myself needed in relation to that. But you use a lot of sarcastic “humor”, which seems to treat everyone else like they are stupid or lazy or greedy or mean… I like humor and use some sarcastic humor myself. But it does leave myself feeling that there is something to the sarcasm. And it’s something akin to bitterness in myself. Otherwise, honestly there is no need for sarcasm. For a 5D HUman, how does that fit in? Thank you for being a mirror and teacher.

    Much love to you.

  8. Amen, sista!! I like your style. You are not only a delightful breath of fresh air, you are an amazingly gracious and beautiful HUman being who honors us all by your presence. I look forward to working with you in the near future and singing your highest praises.

    Shine on, Sandra. You are a rock star!

  9. Blessings Kimberly,

    I think humor is very important as we transition away from fear and guru-following. My sense of humor isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. It’s not meant to intimidate or belittle anyone. My experience with many in the higher realms is laughter; there is a lot of humor. Oddly enough, the moment I stepped away from taking it all so seriously is when I truly began to gain compassion, understanding and a higher vibration. I know who I AM, and that makes everything okay.

    I talk to folks as equals rather than leader-follower, which includes complete unconditional love as well as the occasional *hey, what the heck are you doing there, friend?* It’s not meant as criticism, I honor all paths and most people know that. There will always be someone offended at something. I had to surrender so much of my identity to get to this point, I AM not willing to turn off my personality just yet 🙂

    For the record, I rarely get tongue-lashed by anyone anymore. I had a fellow teacher yell at me via facebook (not classy in my opinion, nor loving), and I invited her to meet me. We are now friends. My frustration was with lightworkers attacking some first and second wave folks who have been working on the Shift for decades. That’s not in alignment with helping the Shift along at all. The lack of support issue has been there forever – and when I hear wayshowers saying maybe we should all just quit, I know exactly how they feel. Honestly, we’ll do the work it until it doesn’t serve the collective to give anymore. At some point that might have to happen, but folks learn a lot when walking alone.

    In love, light and service,

  10. Blessings Allen! Good to hear from you. Yes, I think the wayshowers – the long-term lightservers – were feeling a little fatigued this week. We can take a LOT, but the badgering by awakened folks tends to be a trigger when huge things are occurring on the planet (and Sun, and galaxy for that matter). It is what it is. No one wants to talk about it, and yet a lot of us did – probably a needed message for the collective when we all mention it.

    For me, I have to back off on giving too much time away. That was reinforced this morning when my computer almost died – I do need to make sure the basics are taken care of for a little longer.

    In love, light and service,

  11. Blessings Claudia,

    Thank you, this is such an amazing passage ~ it is gorgeous to see all the different expressions of change in everyone. Some freaking out, some weeping with gratitude (me, I AM a gusher lately), some frozen in fear, some dancing naked at sunrise. Whoohoo!

    I don’t need the praise, let’s just unify in joy and hopefully others will want to do the same ~


  12. HI Sandra,
    To bypass…7 paragraphs, all I can say is..
    Very centered and well spoken,
    and felt from my (One Heart).
    This energy does not need anything in return, it just is.
    Beautiful !, and I am so refreshed to have read this.
    Gratitude and blessings,

  13. Dear Sandra,

    I am fighting this cfs/ fibromyalgia akin to ascension symptoms. I am shifting in my soul and I am also astral projecting into other dimensions. I am trying to learn from this, do you have any words for this what I am undertaking. I am going to send you a small donation not as a way of thanks to answering my question but, because you are me and I am you and I love you.

    Stay strong and I will see you there x

  14. Helloooo Sandra and Thank you for shining your light.

    I have only just met you thru this message board and am happy to have found another happy, outgoing and loving wayshower.

    Catch you again soon, keep smiling and dipping your hand into that flow of money) energy.

    Love and big hugs from LINDA

  15. Blessings Suzy,

    Many are dealing with CFS – the frequency affects everyone in different ways. I don’t focus on symptoms anymore because they are so varied and continue to change; evolution works different cellular issues in different ways. Support the body as best you can (diet, movement, nature, meditation), and if the astral work wears it down, stop for a while.

    In love, light and service,

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