Upcoming Co-created eCourses

Two topics have presented to me as rough patches on HUmanity’s route to Ascension: Recovering from Conspiracy, and Religion Rehab.

Because they involve emotional attachments and a significant amount of beliefs, many people will be confused, angry or feel betrayed as certain revelations come to light. When someone is startled awake, they may create disharmony in the collective or turn their anger against themselves. It is my intention to anticipate needs and build these bridges now, so we are prepared to assist in the highest intentions of all concerned.

I would like to co-create these Courses:

  • in short, direct modules (1-3 videos at the most)
  • with the same respect, love, compassion and attention to detail as the Ascension Course
  • provide them for free so they are available to all as they awaken
  • with a few others who share my passion for clarity and legacy work of this kind.

Here is a brief overview of both topics:

REcovering from Conspiracy: Getting out of the Dark

Next to the members of the Illuminara and their minions, no group has done more to keep the dark anchored in the collective than the conspiracy followers. As the End Game plans dissolve, the dark clings to its survival by anchoring into the consciousness of Creator-In-Carnate HUmans addicted to the lower-level stimulation of fear. Conspiracy constructs feed on anxiety, survival and egoic notions of payback or punishment. As the Shift accelerates, it becomes clear that any notion of doom or new world order was an illusion. REcovering from the problem-reaction-solution paradigm can be confusing, aggravating or painful. Learn how to disengage from these programs and gain the true freedom you desire.

Religion Rehab

It can be heartbreaking to learn what occurred in religious organizations of the old paradigm. Deception can leave you feeling betrayed, and not knowing who or what to believe in anymore. No one needs to be punished or judged for what happened in the past; it is time to heal the damage.  The intention of Religion Rehab is not to convert, preach or teach you another belief system. This course gently moves you through understanding what happened, releasing whatever does not compliment your life at this time and opening your heart to your own truth within.

How to assist this endeavor

The upcoming splintering of realities may steer our paths apart, however I feel that acts of compassion can be created right now to benefit the collective. It would be fun and effective to collect interviews and make it look fantastic, so people in transition would be more receptive to the message. Perhaps someone with time and resources will do that down the line. For the moment, I would like to provide clarity and service in the simplest way possible.

If you resonate with this intention and want to assist, please contact me or make a donation to support its creation.

For an immediate tool to use with friends and family, download the free ebook What is happening to my friend?


About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.