Unpacking the Abundance Bag Video and Post-Event Updates

Blessings Beloveds ~

Our May influx began with flares, geomagnetic storms and a brand new level of photonic light streaming through the Gateways. Powerful frequencies aimed at collective DNA activation.

Let us be attentive to our Gateways & Gridwork this week as we enter the hot-zone stargate opening of May 15-25. Focus is on Embodiment, that is our task this year. Embodiment changes everything, and that is becoming VERY apparent to the first embodiers.

Unpack the Abundance Bag Video!

The unpack the bag video is now up on youtube! Thank you again to all who participated in co-creating a true gift of the heart for our attendees. Watch the video below.

Post-Event Survey & Community Board

A post-event survey is open on the Sedona community board, please login and take a moment to send your feedback. The Community Board will stay open through end of June so we may follow up and connect for future co-creations.

Dimensions of Disclosure Conference Announcement

More opportunities to meet in the physical! I AM honored to speak at the Dimensions of Disclosure conference on August 23-25. There are some very strong presenters, panels and vendors coming together for this event. Plus, it’s happening beachside in Ventura, CA. Details can be found HERE.

DNA, Embodiment & Unlocking the Living Library

A new article comes out Thursday on the DNA- Embodiment connections, and how this activates the living library aspects of Gaia. Sign up for the Newsletter for additional material and events on this important topic.

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