The I AM Messages

The I AM Messages started in late 2010. I used Twitter to share these clairaudient messages until early 2013. They continue to come through, and now I like to share them with photos of Shasta and my mission work.

After a powerful experience with Germain yesterday, this message presented. Feel into it, there is always more in these light-encoded messages than what appears at first glance. Personally, I AM discovering what the Germain Divine Plan was about, and how it is evolving – just like everything else – as we move through the Shift.

mastery kiss

The image is Mount Shasta, taken from the Northwest side near Stewart Mineral Springs. Living in the tiny town of Shasta can feel insular; a little vortex on the West side of the mountain base. I like stepping back a bit to appreciate just how massive the mountain is.

A slideshow is building on the I AM Messages page; potent messages from the I AM stream and new messages received for our Ascension journey. They compliment the daily messages from the Pleiadians which came through from 1999 – 2001. I hope to put the best of them into a lovely meditative book this year.


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