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equinoxenergyThe energies anchored during the Equinox/New Moon last week provided a boost to the calm, still crystalline energies. Our knowing is amplified; that core truth and direction a lot of folks have had trouble with. It’s paired with an alertness brought on by the magnetic storms and the Sun’s transformation. Use discernment with your mood – is it you, or is it collective anxiety?

Current symptoms may include:

Out-cold unconscious during sleep: Even if you’re on the 3 hour sleep cycle, those 3 hours might feel like you checked out of 4D altogether. Total blackout. Time to start treating the up-at-night hours like it’s a normal available time to create what you desire.

Beyond kundalini; intense currents or pulses of energy running through the legs, abdomen, arms, spine or head-to-toe surges. Much stronger than the kundalini pulses of yesteryear, and more consistent. Some last for days. Your whole body may feel like it’s plugged in. It’s more than tingles now, this is full-on electromagnetic adjustments to the body vehicle to compliment the lightbody’s expansion. Be sure to take an epsom salt bath whenever this occurs for balancing. Chances are the bath with be followed by an old-school night sweat. We’ve done this, no worries.

Flashes when viewing the night sky: Casually taking in a breath of night air, looking over the landscape, gazing at the stars, enjoying the clearer skies and FLASH. Not like a flash bulb, but that wild between-worlds BLINK we get sometimes. It seems to be happening every night now. Most likely our perception has been aided by the frequency increase.

Third eye and heart connections: The usual sparkles, zipping lights, orbs, energy blobs and presences are now revealing more light beings, faces, conversations and movement of much larger energy fields in the last week. Bright streaks darting around and lingering. Day or night.

Solar light changes: Yes, sunlight feels a lot like a radiation bath lately. Intense, penetrating photonic light can set the nerves and heart a-jingling, so pace your self with exposure. It is SO not 2011 anymore. Pay attention to your body when you’re in the Sun and step away when your higher self says that’s enough for now to avoid overamplification. Nausea, dizziness and crown pressure are indications it’s time to get some shade. Take your kelp, drink your miso. Pay attention to the crystal kiddies; if they start to feel unwell outside, get them indoors.

Nutritional changes – Nausea: Nausea may indicate the activation of the new organs in the abdomen. Etheric manifestation affects the physical as our higher sensitivities activate. Don’t swear by the diet you had yesterday. Things work until they don’t during this process; pay attention when your body says no food, not enough food, or why the heck are we eating this again? Water is always good, as well as live organic foods when the veggie/fruit cravings hit, and a cleansing fast will do wonders for balancing, even if just a day or two.

Return of the brain fog: Please have a sense of humor about the lack of motivation and forgetfulness. Enjoy it, play around with it. A client was bewildered that she couldn’t finish painting her living room. One wall done, two unpainted for weeks. Rather than look at it and say Why can’t I get this done? and all the frustration that comes with it, have some fun. I told her to paint on the unfinished walls, “I would look great in green” or “Jealous of the finished wall.

I like to joke around with my tasks, leaving things I have to do right. in. my. path. Then I leave a note by the door that says, “Really? You walked right by that?”  I now break tasks I don’t enjoy into micro-movements as tiny as possible so that it gets done bit by bit. Sometimes the humor gets me to tackle a to-do list or two. Anything besides creativity, now-moment distractions, ascension counseling or meditation gets put on the back burner (more like dropped behind the stove and forgotten). This is not helpful when taxes must be done, or when the government sends yet another recalculation of my ’08 tax bill. Micro-movement: write love-letter response to the tax invoice, complete with gratitude, hearts and flowers.

Harmonics in the ears: More of the ringing symptom, with a twist. Tones (like several crystal bowls) come through now.

Thymus/High heart/Vagus nerve stimulation: The rebuild on the upper chakra communication center is palpable. Reiki and particle expansion are good for adjusting this if it gets uncomfortable around the neck/upper chest.

Perspective shifts: Walk away from old paradigm polarity, know-it-all assumptions and the doom/fear/whatsgonnahappennext folks. Listen to my Spiritual Coming Out radio show.

Clearing phase almost over: Emotions that are still working your days and nights need to be released. That doesn’t mean crying or shouting, it means understanding they are not part of you and bidding them GONE. Don’t get trapped in the lower self as we move into Unity Consciousness. Master what you are creating, the outside world can use your light.

Balancing the energy: Integration happens in steps. Too much of this new light pooled in an area where density lives creates dis-ease. Aches and pains show you what you have to deal with; be diligent if you have a long-time pain in a particular area. Be sure to move your body, lay off the long computer hours, get in nature and meditate for collective humanity. Relax, disconnect when you can, and get the 30 minutes of exercise your body needs to move this energy around.

Last of the symptoms posts for a while

I understand that people like symptom chat, but I don’t enjoy writing them anymore. The changes to the body vehicle would be better served in an ebook about what is changing, why, how long it will take and where we are going with this new and improved physicality. I’ll have that ready sometime in April. Meanwhile, Denise LaFey and Lisa Renee are good sources for regular symptom chat.

Ascension Integration Radio show: Saturday at 4pmEST

This week’s show is on Saturday, and I’ll be talking about Multidimensional Awareness. I will share my experiences, how I got there and the challenges of knowing the multidimensional self.

Join me live or listen to the archives on my show page at BlogTalkRadio.


Sandra Walter is an Author, Ascension Counselor, Life Coach CPC, Lightworker, Clairaudient and Claircognizant guide, Artist, Reiki Practitioner and Medulla-Pineal Activation Practitioner. Sandra assists people internationally through private sessions, articles and books focused on the Shift in Consciousness, and a poetic and conscious Twitter stream.

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4 comments on “Symptoms Update & Next Broadcast

  1. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks so much for this article. It’s always a great reminder that the clearing phase is almost over. I’m presently on a three week detox (Day 8, but who’s counting? ;-)). Usually when I detox many emotions come up for clearing, but this time around it’s mainly physical and not too bad either. I take it this may mean I’m nearly ‘there’?

    The brain fog is hilarious but at the same time I feel very clear-headed and alert. Although I’m waking during the night, I’m sleeping deeply and having crazy dreams where I seem to be doing grid work in foreign lands or assisting others in their own healing.

    The flashes of light are fun and they’re happening during the day and at night as well. Upper chakra
    upgrading continues. Your article is spot on and I LOVE your radio shows.

    Thank you and happy autumn from NZ.

    Love & gratitude,

  2. The same thing happened on my last cleanse; didn’t feel it very much at all.

    Technically, we’ll eventually have to move to the breatharian stage because the crystalline structure won’t be able to take in enough nourishment to feed the needs of the higher vibration – a high concentration of a new kind of sugars will be needed (not the kind we use now). So many changes …

    I’m getting the clear and alert yet where’s-that-thingy-I-had-to-do symptom, too. Priorities need to be ***simple*** right now. Anything extraneous is off the list, and I’m learning to say NO to uneven energy exchanges with my work and art. Whomever coined “give til it hurts” was obviously on the receiving end of that exchange :-p

    Flashes by day! Thank you! Orbs popping up in daylight, too. What a ride this is.

    Blessings for a lovely autumn! We have daffodils this week.

    In Love & Light,

  3. Hi Sandra,

    I read your blog regularly I too appreciate your updates on symptoms and clearing phases. I’m still very new in my awakening and struggle what seems like daily on wrapping my head and heart around this. I can certainly feel changes are all around us and very regularly experience headaches (especially with barometric pressure changes), some dizziness, achiness, a very weird fluttering bubble-like pressure in my ears, night-waking [though I do have an 11-month old =) ], very vivid dreaming (in which my guides frequently appear), and bouts of extreme sadness (like my heart is breaking) when I see news/stories about loss of all types of life. It’s exhausting!!

    What I struggle with the most is whether I’m moving effectively in the direction of change and if I’m doing what I need to in order to help myself most effectively cope with these changes. I know you’ve suggested epsom salt baths and I’ll try that. But do you have any quick advice on other activities that would help? Perhaps certain guided meditations or topics to meditate on?

    Thanks for all of your sharing…

  4. Blessings, Shannon.

    Sorry to hear you are struggling. Effective methods or activities completely depends on your path, soul contracts/agreements and what you would like to accomplish with your ascension process. I’d like to extend you my March subscriber discount on sessions – you can use it through April 8 if you would like some personal guidance.

    In love, light and service,

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