Resonance. Knowing. Discernment.


There is a big market for inner guidance during the Shift. Read that again: a big market for inner guidance. Teaching people to connect with themselves is ironic, isn’t it? We’ll laugh about it after the Shift. Meanwhile, many want to master their inner skills as we reunite with our true beingness. People are looking for answers, and there are many folks willing to fulfill that need.

It’s interesting to watch how teachers, leaders and wayshowers are handling themselves this year. Some are sticking to an agenda that has worked in the past, some dropped out altogether (time for simplicity or fear of exposure?) and others are in the flow, being flexible about whatever presents. The higher frequency certainly gives one perspective, doesn’t it? Sometimes an article or video pops up and I think, “Wow, are we still doing that?” Other times I see a post or update and think, “Wow. They are still doing that.”

I shared some information with a client last week about the intensity of the clearing phase in December through February. It was something I decided to keep out of my updates, because far too many people read about dark agendas and immediately use it as an excuse for the pains or emotions they experience. I am a victim of a dark agenda, it isn’t me. I’ll be under the blankets until someone says it’s safe to come out.

Literally that same night, a friend posted an update on her site where she described this dark construct and its impact on lightworkers and awakened ones. She went on about how nasty it was, that she felt it all along, and how we should be strong until these horrible beings stop doing this to us. When I saw it, I literally put my hands over my face and sighed.

I honor all paths on this journey, but when it comes to the misuse of light intel to amplify anxiety, I have to step away. The new light frequency is scrambling people’s energies; why prey on their fears? That is a well-known tactic of … okay, you understand my point.

Was the clearing phase pre-destined for our journey? Yes, the Christed Light demanded it. Was the clearing phase harder for those who had reached a certain level of awakening? Yes. Was it amplified by a synthetic construct? Yes, they knew the light was coming. Is it still running? NO. Does the benevolent act of clearing continue? Yes, that is photonic activation. Did we learn how AMAZING we are to transmute all of that emotional and kharmic baggage for months on end and come out ACTIVATED with the ultimate lesson of Self-Love? YES, congratulations.

It is powerful to see that no matter what is thrown at us, we continue to awaken, integrate, and amplify our ascension. I send you love, light and kleenex.


Since the Equinox everything has changed – again.

The unmistakable vibration of peace is here. It fogs the mind, perplexes the emotions and confuses the ego, because we haven’t held this vibration in a very long time. The lower levels feel empty, dreamy. All is well. Motivation, direction and purpose are being rewritten, so try not to clutch at decision making. Do something creative to welcome the new peace.

The ride into June should be entertaining. Bring it all on – financial collapse, conspiracy, exposure of malevolent hoo-hah, Earth rumbles and tumbles. It doesn’t matter how the chaos unfolds, because the LIGHT IS ARISING. Feel into it; this isn’t about the latest insider update. It’s the frequency – the light building within the planet and ourselves – and the remarkable, unpredictable presence of true peace which is FREEDOM.

This peaceful state feels purposeful as our journeys parallel Gaia’s ascension. It feels like watcher energy – as if we are energetically removed from the chaos so that we don’t have to be drained or influenced by it. Neutrality. Perhaps this is the sensation of the Ascension timeline; the division of worlds becoming physical. Gaia withdraws part of herself to her ascended state so that the birthing process can unfold without the lower-level pain or dangers of attachment. And we do the same.


With this jump in vibration, phenomena may get … interesting. Many more are seeing the swooshing, swirling, flashing fields, ships, faces and forms as the veils dissipate, which confirms that our vibration is coming closer to our friends on the other side of the veil. It also means that HUman perception will be altered enough to open the door for less-than-honest beings to make a stronger appearance.

There is no need to fear these occurrences as we move forward. If you’ve been asking for your guides to show up, then a.) try not to freak out when they start appearing, and b.) make damn sure those beings in your space are your guides, or at least benevolent.

Please note: If you do not have the skills yet to discern what beings are complimentary to your journey without consulting the internet, start exercising those intuitive muscles now. Learn to feel into energies and situations. Practice on plants, pets, friends, your coffee mug, anything. Get to know your own skills.

Desires based on fear can turn up as dis-empowerment (tell me what my truth is, save me) and judgment (I hate this planet, I want to escape) and have nothing to do with ascension. When a desire is paired with fear, it creates a strong broadcast of “I’m helpless, I want to be saved.”  This magnetic attracts information, beings and constructs that feed that desire with rescue scenarios.

You see what I’m getting at. Please use your discernment.

Upgrading this site

I’m changing hosting services this week and it’s entirely possible that I will screw up my entire site. (Yes, I do all of this stuff myself). Just like my life in the last few months, if I lose everything, it will be a chance to create something brand new.

Radio show moving to Prime Time

My BlogTalkRadio show, Ascension Integration, is moving to Wednesday nights. The next show is on April 11 at 7pmET and I’ll be talking about Emotional Clearing.

Thank you to everyone who has been listening in; the first three shows were a lot of fun! You can listen to them in the archives anytime on my show page.

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