Lightserver Dreams and the Convergent Loop

We’ve often heard the Universe referred to as a dream. The Tao references reality as a dream of the Creator; change the dream, change the reality. Our dreamtime is a workspace for integration of knowledge from higher dimensions. Our dreamtime journeys are very active now; sometimes a lucid 4D experience, sometimes far beyond that realm. If you cannot remember your dreams – and want to – start a dream journal and jot them down upon awakening. The light grounding (anchoring intentions into the physical) of that action will magnetize your intention to remember.

In the last thirteen years I have had two interesting symbols appear in my dreams.

Gold Shirts

The first time I dreamt of a gold shirt it was on James Coburn, an American actor, a night or two before he won his Oscar in 1999. He was wearing a deep yellow-gold shirt, the collarless kind, with embroidery of gold accented by gold and pearl beads. He had snow white hair and a wise, peaceful gaze. He looked at me deeply, as if sharing information, for several moments at the end of a dream. When I woke up I wondered who that man was; he looked familiar but I didn’t recognize him. Days later I got curious and looked through a few photos online before I identified him, and then discovered he had won an Oscar. I guessed that the gold shirt was about him winning the gold statue.

Over the years the yellow-gold shirt has appeared on different people, in different styles. It tends to show up in Earth change dreams, where floods and storms have dramatically changed the landscape and things are crumbling, or have crumbled. An older man in a yellow shirt prepares a motor boat in a flooded, survival scenario in the South. No other people are around, the shells of houses are weather-worn and underwater to the second floor. We get in the boat but have to turn back because huge alligators are on the prowl. (This was prior to my clearing of the reptilian agenda.)

The shirt appears again in dreams of tsunami-torn coastlines, escape scenarios of packing one suitcase in an emergency, and in a dream of a large urban waterfront structure beginning to crack and come apart during a massive earthquake. It shows up in a lucid encounter with an Arcturian child, and on friends in parallel timelines. Lately it has not been associated with disaster, and I’ll explain why in a moment. The shirt tends to appear on men, except in one dream where I am unpacking a brand new gold shirt.

Silver Bars aka “The Gates”

The parallel for the gold shirt symbol is silver bars. I had a very vivid lucid dream in 2010 where I discovered the geometry, mathematics and codes of the Universe! Images, symbols and formulas poured into me and I integrated them immediately. At last I understood how it all fit together. In the last part of the dream I was on the edges of what felt like an encampment for humanity. I approached the tall outer fence which had a huge gate made of silver bars; shining round bars of silver. The gate was ajar! I turned back to see if I could tell anyone else that the gates were open, but no one else was there. I walked through the gate and woke up immediately. When I grabbed for pen and paper to write down the codes, all I could remember was a few strange-looking symbols and “the gates are open.”

The silver bars appeared again when I was unwrapping that new gold shirt. The straight pins I was pulling out of the shirt turned into multiple silver bars; as if access to the gate would be granted by wearing the shirt.

The third dream of the silver bars was last week, Easter night, during a dream of a flooded, sandy hillside underneath a bridge. Myself, and a few others this time (Kiwi Karyn, you were right behind me), slipped through lines of silver bars in an slight S shape, one end rooted in the sandy soil. We had to slide through sideways as the opening was very slim between the ladder-like opening. The silver bars looked like a DNA strand – more than 2, as if the part we were pulling ourselves through (it was uphill) seemed to be attached to a larger geometry. I slid through the opening as if weightless, and while I was joyful to glide through I also thought “Not everyone is going to be able to fit through here.” The dream changed into a doctor’s office, where I am told I am pregnant. The tests show pink for a girl, and blue for a boy, in the same child. Male and female reunited in immaculate conception.

Convergent Spiral

My gold shirt symbol is a reminder of a future plan – the collective of souls who altered future outcomes which in turn altered the past. The reason why doom scenarios and New World Orders will never occur on Timeline One is because a group of souls decided to give HUmanity more options during Gaia’s dimensional shift. Even though the dark attempted to change the outcome to Timeline Two via Lookinglass and other devices, the paradoxes they created always allowed for Timeline One to prevail. Why? Because they could not master changing the future. Altering the future is what changes the past.

The group of future souls who co-created Timeline One (the Ascension of many Humans here), along with the blessings of Source and other galactic beings, are beginning to realize who they are and what they created. Yes, we are incarnated right here, right now. That’s a royal We – no hierarchy. This is not an ascended master scenario; this is many of US. We’ll all be able to identify who was in the future soul group soon enough, but it’s not important since so many are on board with this mission of light. This is a collective, enduring hundreds of lifetimes in incarnate form and living the experience of what we have created – in the future. We may be lightworkers, lightservers, wayshowers and leaders in the Shift movement. This doesn’t mean we are popular or in the spotlight; it means we are clear about speaking our truth and know that something beautiful is inevitable for Gaia and many HUmans. We may be volunteering to help in a role of service to the Shift, or we may be anchoring light up in the mountains. Some of us will surprise you when all is revealed.

Co-creation and support for this endeavor is all around us. Masters, ETs, all of those lovely beings busting up the dark plans, the audience in the astral planes, starseeds and hybrid incarnates are watching this creation unfold and helping out when needed. It’s a part of a larger alteration to the galaxy and ultimately this Universe, which is why so many of our off-world brethren are hanging around or incarnating.

Creating a new future outcome

If you picture a timeline as a big spiral, like a DNA strand (that’s a big hint for ya), the sequence loops around and passes back close to the previous loop. If you’re on the timeline, the next loop looks like a parallel timeline right next door – but it’s the same sequence expanding outward. To alter a previous (past) loop, you change the loop you are on.

To alter the past, you change the future. You create a new spiral – a new timeline or outcome – and set it right next the old one. This new timeline has the experience you desire. You manifest its creation and then go back to the previous (past) loop and “jump” timelines to enjoy the experience of the new future unfolding. It provides an alternate timeline as a possibility.

This is rampant in the experimentation of realities. There are infinite possibilities for experience – different versions of timelines, parallel realities and opportunities to jump and play with variations of consciousness. Everyone is able to jump timelines, we do it all. day. long. It’s hard to fathom, I know. But let’s move forward.

Collectives who create an alternate timeline, such as a planetary consciousness, provide a range of experience for beings on, in and around their surface.  If a planetary consciousness decides to create an ascension timeline, as opposed to step-back (the option to stay on the timeline loop and repeat with a little bit of change), she may request assistance if the polarity gets too difficult to jump timelines. For example, it becomes difficult when parasitic races “hijack” a timeline and attempt to steer a planet into destruction by manipulating its inhabitants, controlling its natural stargates and poisoning its ability to balance. This has occurred at least twice with previous Earth experiments that I am aware of, where the planet was destroyed rather than enabled to change.

When a planetary consciousness decides to ascend, the timeline is witnessed by future inhabitants of that ascended planet. Future souls perceived this timeline intention by the planet and agreed to this ascension process. It looked like an amazing thing to experience; the descended state, the amnesia, the waking up, the re-empowerment and Shift in consciousness. So the future souls created a timeline for HUmanity to assist Gaia in a dimensional shift. We then went back – way back – incarnated and slowly reinforced the new timeline for any being using the HUman genome. It provided an open invitation to jump.

The new timeline converges with a set point in the spiral of time when factors will amplify the progression. The linear time continuum dissolves for Timeline One, which is why the Mayan calendar “ends” during the Shift. Cosmic factors including galactic cycles some 225 million years long come to a close in December this year. It’s a rare moment that can be utilized for huge changes – and no one wants to wait another 225 million years, that’s one heck of a loop. This convergent point provides multiple opportunities for jumping to timeline creations of your – or someone else’s – making.

The cool part is right now in this experience. You begin to see the old timeline getting further away. Your reality seems so different as people obsess about doom and takeover. You see the wayshowers who agreed to expose the dark finally getting the respect they deserve. Lightservers transform entire tribes of people by releasing them from their own darkness.

You dream about destruction as the old timeline loses its grip, then you begin to dream about stargates and ascension. Dreams reveal the return of your realms of gold, reuniting all of the fragmented self. The gates are open – the convergence succeeded.

For those of us who have incarnated here in order to help at this juncture, it’s fascinating to behold. My Pleiadian aspect has been here for a while, and though some of my journeys have been dimensional (guide rather than incarnate) it’s an honor to be involved in Gaia’s ascension and the alternate timeline of HUmanity.

The major timelines of love (Timeline One) and fear (Timeline Two) – and the wide range of creations around those two –  are here for your experience. There are still plenty of opportunities to play with doom, madness, destruction and greed. You can stay on that dark ride until it falls off the dimensional cliff if you choose. No judgment, but I’ve heard that it really sucks.


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12 comments on “Lightserver Dreams and the Convergent Loop

  1. Hi Sandra,
    I just wanted to drop a quick note to say I really appreciate your insight, and the place of “truth” that it is very evident you speak from. I spend a decent amount of time these days scouring the Internet for ascension related materials, and without question it is your website, articles and radio blog that sit most comfortably and naturally with the perspective that I currently find myself viewing this experience from.
    I have known for a while now that there is a change unfolding and opportunities that are now available that have the potential to seriously change this game. I also believe (I’m aware this sounds odd) that I am here to “anchor in the light” ( I guess that’s why we’re all here really) . That is the phrase and imagery that I consistently find in my consciousness.
    Thanks again for doing what you do , and in a manner that leaves no question as to the place where it is coming from. I think you are going to very helpful in my journey of getting back “into the flow” . I’ve been there before and seem to have created quite a struggle to get back there. But I’m pretty sure that when I do, the rest of my path is going to be pretty special.


  2. Fascinating article…it will need a few readings to absorb it all, but it really “clicked” for me. Your site it beautiful Sandra.

  3. Thank you, Kate! I’ll touch on the timeline aspect on my radio show this week, too. I appreciate the compliments on the site 🙂

    In love and light,

  4. Blessings Allan,

    I am so glad to hear that my work resonates with you.

    Anchoring light is a powerful service when one is awakened and consciously chooses to amplify it. Begin with your own presence – amplify your own DNA & cellular levels, then your lightbody, and expand it out to encompass your home, town, country, continent, the planet. It will feel powerful! If you have an interest in light service, I’ll be chatting about it this week on the radio show.

    In love and light,
    12:12 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the new website!
    What delightful dreams you have Sandra, thanks for sharing!
    I also resonate with your writings and have been enjoying your radio broadcasts. You say out loud the things I’m thinking, thank you!

  6. Loving the new site SiStar!
    I’ve always wanted to say how grateful I Am to have accidentally bumped into your site 2 years ago when I was beginning to wake up and didn’t know what was happening to me…thought i was going cucu 😀 or worse, when my high heart chakra was opening i thought i was getting heart attacks and was gonna die 😀 hahaha
    but i was guided to your site because ‘they’ just knew your TRUTH would resonate deeply within me and that your guidance would assist me in this process…I couldn’t be more thankful!


    Cyn 🙂

  7. Thank you, Cynthia! This was well-timed; a difficult technical day had me challenged. I was asking the guidance realms just now, “What is up? Do you want me to stop doing this? Time to move on?” Looks like I received my answer 🙂

    In love and light,

  8. awww!! <3
    well then I am glad i was 'pompted' to do so in time! hehe
    i sense these technical difficulties you are having is simply self-doubt resurfacing to be revised and cleared … you're just being tested SiStar…
    so please cancel those thoughts!
    this journey would never be the same without you! <3
    so much LOVE and TRUTH radiates from your words and tone of voice, please
    keep shining your Light strong!!!
    we've got your back too! 🙂

    I send you my LIGHT and LOVE!!


  9. Just listened to your broadcast. Thanks again for saying out loud what so many of us are thinking. And I appreciate you naming names to be completely clear. The reason why “lightworkers” attack is because they’re still operating from an egoic level. If you say anything that threatens their position, they need to defend their position which may include attacking the source of the threat. All reactions are of the ego and anyone who reacts to a perceived “attack” can simply feel whatever comes up and release it with intent.

    Many ancient systems cautioned against seeking “gifts” because they can swell the ego which becomes an obstacle to further healing and clearing. Seeing visions and hearing voices doesn’t make one spiritually advanced in of itself. A talented artist may be “gifted” in music or art but that wouldn’t be cause to hang on to their every word as truth. In the same way, people shouldn’t be looking to channelers as if they have the inside scoop on anything. IMO, many channelers are only adding to the confusion.

    There are many wounded souls out there who need help, who need to take action, but instead of working on clearing themselves, they are distracted and getting lost in all the channeled messages. They are attracted to the messages that allow them to escape reality rather than face it. They are told that they are the ones that will one day save other, which makes them feel special. They look down on the sleeping masses. Well I’ve been out in the real world. I know many non awakened people who are caring, who are functional, they get things done, they are connected, they volunteer.

    “Lightworkers” on the other hand who are non functional, who are isolated, hiding, and stuck, are delusional if they think that suddenly something will happen that will miraculously put them in a position where they will be helping the sleeping masses. It will be more likely the other way around. They will be very disappointed when Dec 2012 comes around and nothing has changed for them and all the channelers have postponed the game changer to 2013, 2017, 2020, … 2222.

    So I am glad that you are being the voice of reason and telling people to get connected, to be authentic, to decide how they want their lives and the world to look like and to make decisions and take action that moves things in that direction. IMO, that is what grounding the light means and this is the only way change can happen, through us because we are the conduit between light and material. Anyone who is too stuck to channel the light into reality will get overloaded by the higher frequencies. So thank you for speaking this message out loud. Its something that many need to hear.

  10. Blessings Willow,

    Thank you for you comments, I appreciate you sharing your opinion!

    Just for clarity, my intentions were to share perspective on the possible paths to ascension and the choices available for people who identify with the term “Lightworker.” As I said in the show, I honor all paths and none of the people I mentioned are doing anything “wrong.” I wanted to point out the different Lightworker camps to give perspective on what is unfolding right now.

    Steve Beckow is an intelligent man and a good person who spends as much time as I do sharing the journey with whomever stumbles across our sites. I honor and commend anyone who does this kind of work. It is not easy, and on many days we just want to shut it all down and live out the Shift on a mountain somewhere, or at least away from the computer. But a mission is a mission, and we persist until the work is done or the higher levels say it’s time to do something else. (Although it would have been nice if I had given myself a home, a partner or a little money for this stage of the game.)

    Steve’s spaceship ride is a free will choice, as is everything. My intention was to clarify that not all Lightworkers believe it is a good idea to leave Earth in the physical during her ascension process. I feel there is an abundance of work to be done right here on the planet, and don’t understand why a Lightworker would leave right now.

    I’m not much of a channel-follower, so a lot of Steve’s site is scanned over when I visit. I do enjoy people who channel their higher multidimensional selves, which is why I am pleased to see Suzan Carrol and Steve Beckow will have a call together this Sunday on BlogTalkRadio. I’m looking forward to hearing if the discussion of multidimensionality is similar to the BlogTalkRadio show I did last month on dimensional structure & dimensional experiences of the Self. Always fun to see where our info clicks together.

    Georgi Stankov is another tireless blogger, and as I said on the show, I love him despite his crankiness and frequent trash-talk about other teachers/leaders/wayshowers. It doesn’t become the first ascended master, does it?

    I don’t resonate with George calling Gaia a “toxic planet.” Is she toxic? Heck yes. After the lightserver missions of clemency last year – being exposed to the VAST depths of evil here – I often wondered if I could maintain neutrality. I am glad that most of the population will never know what is occurring on this planet. So I understand his perspective, but from my view I see that Gaia is not the problem. I remain dedicated to serving her as best I can. Just my opinion, but I’d like to see some suggestions from George about assisting humanity outside of his camp. He seems to be focused on leaving as soon as possible, which can set up a lot of expectations for the future and avoid the NOW. He can do whatever he wants, of course. Everyone can – that remains my point: a REminder to use discernment, just in case you’ve lost perspective by embodying someone else’s.

    The GFL is just a heads up – and again, if someone wants to play with ascending via inner Earth pods, then so be it. We all know off-world assistance has been tackling 90% of this battle for us. I never thought it would turn into a hope-opera with regularly scheduled programming.

    Eventually people will know their own truth. But we’re recovering amnesiacs looking for who we really are. Choices are abundant for ascension; there is no wrong answer. It’s just a matter of what you want to experience. But while we’re still in “tell me the truth” rather than “I know my truth,” it’s good to ask people once in a while, “What is it you’re trying to accomplish with your journey here?”

    In love and light,

  11. Update: Suzan has changed the interview to be with Graham Dewyea on Sunday. Maybe her & Steve can talk soon, that would be fun to hear.

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