October Revelations: Higher Perspective

Blessings Beloveds ~

Our September magnetic shifts delivered a week of intense magnetic storms, which set the stage for the intensification of our last quarter of 2020. Now the predicted October – November acceleration is upon us.

Dismantling and revelation is what it is. The collective will be challenged by the unfoldments, revelations and amplified emotional states during this phase.

This brief passage prepares us for the waves of light in December-January which alter our realities. For those on the path, the revelation of unconditional love within is key. After years of internal work, balance is achieved and the light can reveal the Divine HUman through pure conduits.

October presents multiple plot-twists in the collective narrative. It began suddenly and powerfully with the Full Moon. None of the negative old stories or timelines play forward, so they blink in the spotlight and exit quickly.

Remember the sleight-of-hand aspect to this passage.
Things look like one thing, then reveal another. It is purposeful. Pay attention to where your consciousness is being steered to reinforce narratives that may not be in the highest interests of all concerned. Higher frequencies physicalize what used to be etheric (hidden).  Revelation open us to free will: as you ascend, you cannot be contained, controlled or convinced by false narratives any longer.

Keeping in heart that we are all One BEingness having an experience, be kind to all life. The intensity of polarization is purposeful, leading to the destruction of duality. Be mindful of judging political, social, and spiritual narratives during this phase. Many are swayed into creating unnecessary negativity. Self-expression is free will, and it is honored. Free your heart to demonstrate your level of consciousness. Spiritual maturity knows wisdom, patience and unconditional love are key to healing all distortions.

The balancing energies arrived right on schedule, to stabilize us and prepare the grids for accelerated dismantling. These Freedom codes release judgment dynamics and grant willing hearts true discernment. This means the collective 3D/4D constructs have very little impact on your 5D flow.

Magnetics and the pull of the December Gateway

Magnetics of the higher platform of New Earth grow stronger. The overlay, which many of you see and feel, is like a stronger magnet held over a weaker one. The stronger magnet changes the nature of the weaker magnet, eventually absorbing it altogether. The same happens in quantum physics; the higher vibrational overlay shakes the denser/lower vibrational particles apart, raising and absorbing them into the higher vibrational level.

2020 is a palpable example of the higher vibrational, light-encoded, pure photonic light shaking apart the density. The vibration of God, Source, LoveLight, coming through these realms is an unstoppable force. Becoming a conduit of it relieves us of the ever-increasing intensity of the linear time collapse, and the end of the lower realms. Interesting to watch and walk in these realms, however our service shifts to showing HUmanity what is possible with Ascension, Embodiment, our Crystalline DNA, and the myriad of Divine HUman qualities that are unvelied when we do the good work.

Choosing Triality

A gentle reminder: seeing God in all beings, and treating them as such, is a key to Ascension as well as global peace. Do onto others is good Ascension advice, dear hearts. The Gates are open to a brand new experience; everything else is the collapse of distortion. Don’t watch it burn, get on with your Higher Self agendas.

The pressure to choose a side, reveal your belief systems, or join the us-vs-them camps intensifies. We are witnessing the collapse of dualistic systems, both within and without. As HUmanity shakes loose the spells of distortion, be patient. These realms are cleared relatively quickly. Remember Gaia’s message of revelation of the higher realms this year. The last quarter of 2020 is NOW. Expect rapid shifts, and stay focused on Peace and revelation of the Divine.  If you’re not experiencing the balancing energies, get offline, get outside, get still and get to know your Higher Self.

Personally, I do not carry the savior or martyr scenarios of the past. I do not feel any one man, woman, group, political party, alliance or event is going to create THE disclosure, revelation or solution to HUmanity’s distortions. Even with my extensive exposure to behind-the-scenes operations, I still remain neutral about individual and collective choices. Discernment and the pursuit of Unity, regardless of who is claiming, blaming or shaming. Invite people to make better choices, to know themselves as LoveLight, guide them to a new experience if they agree to try, and honor free will.

I AM strengthened by the knowing that Ascension is inevitable since 2011, and that New Earth or 5D-9D consciousness is being experienced by choice in this Now.

Embrace the Truth of Unconditional Love, and apply it to everything as we walk through the dismantling.
Bless everyone with cosmic perspective, especially when friends or loved ones ask how to maintain balance.

Revelation is revelation, however most of what is to be revealed has nothing to do with your journey, or the end game of Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness. Sometimes people on the path need this simple reminder of who they truly are. Ask, *What does it have to do with your journey?* and assist them through releasing the spells and distortions of lower agendas.

Cheetah medicine and Creation

Many of you feel like just BEing during this reality-scramble of 2020. I honor that. For those feeling the playful, creative energies or the desire to get on with the New Earth creations Now, here is some big cat medicine.

A cheetah visited me in vision last week. She shared her way of being as a remedy to working with the creative yo-yo flow we have been in this year. Cheetahs run at 63 mph when hunting, but only for a short sprint. Then they have to drop and rest for 15 minutes before running again. Watch me, the cheetah shared. I run at top speed with total focus when the GO moment arrives, then drop when needed and completely reset. While I AM resting, I don’t get frustrated that I couldn’t run further, or that I have to be still. My eyes are still on the prey, knowing I will be reset in a few moments. If the prey wanders out of my sight, it is complete. I don’t fret about moving on to new territory. I AM patient with myself because I know my skills and desires, and stay present in the Now.

This was a lovely reminder as I create my next Mastery class. I run fast and free when the creative GO windows present, and allow myself to just BE when the energies require rest or physical, emotional or mental resetting. And I feel more joy and creativity with this process because of it.

Thank you Sedona

A brief note of deep gratitude to all who have embraced my presence in Sedona. I AM thoroughly enjoying the gatherings, ceremonies, hikes, unity meditations and conversations with this community. Sedona has been my second home for many years, and it is lovely to be welcomed into so many circles.

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