Rewriting HUstory: Into the Revelation Phase

Blessings Beloveds ~

A passage we have all seen and felt is about to reveal another layer. The frequencies are flowing in to support an acceleration of our Revelation phase. We utilize our Heart compass and discernment to navigate this rushing river of change.

The Ascension trajectory (Primary Christed Timeline) is already an inevitable conclusion to this Divine HUstory of Gaia. How we get there, and how tumultuous it is can be GREATLY aided, steered and assisted by activated hearts in service.

Activated Hearts are holding the Balance, Peace and Highest Outcomes for all concerned. Remember: In any moment as the 2020 dismantling intensifies and revelations step forth, personal or collective, you may pause, unplug from the reaction ripples, align with your Christed Heart, and command forth Peace, grace and stability to the unified field.

We do this every SUNday in our Unity Meditations. All hearts in service to the organic Ascension are welcome to participate. It is a training ground for Peacemakers and Responsible Creators.

The next weeks provide an uptick in old-reality-shaking, recoding energies.

The SUN (Solaris) was completely recoded a few months ago. The PRISM has changed again, so new realities can be projected by our greater beingness. Reality-shifting codes are blazing through in this Now. This is related to the solar-flashing experiences and precognitive visions many have had since last December. The recoding provides the instrument for our 2020 perception-shifting conclusion.

This is a passage to Master your own narrative, internally and externally. Rewrite HUstory in this Now with your thoughts, feelings, visualizations, and Christed actions.

Dismantling on Overdrive

The Frequencies are taking a jump. Sounds, harmonics, colors, vibrancy of energies and their complexity increases. Quite loud if you hear higher harmonics, and bright if you see them. They are ringing the body and DNA as well.

These frequency jumps are amplifying the dismantling as predicted. It is an exciting and challenging last quarter as the photonic light codes reveal, reveal, reveal. Upsetting old systems is evident; they have the opportunity to expose themselves. Subtle censorship becomes blatant abuse of power (we are already seeing this; please hold the field for open communication regardless of your beliefs.)

All is presented to the awakened collective so we may choose to unify. It is best to embrace Unity Consciousness Now, as some of the lingering chaotic timelines have yet to release. Sleight-of-hand positive agendas hold peaceful highest choices for all, and honor free will, with positive solutions that honor highest outcomes. Let that sink in; some revelations are the temporary highest choice which serves the end game – the Ascension.

Pull back to the higher perspective of the unified multidimensional experience. Just enough separation to perceive the game of you-and-me, and enough Creator State wisdom to know all is Love. Express what is is the highest interests of all concerned in every prayer, meditation, ceremony and decree.

The Responsible Creation Principle

We are entering into the hot zone of this new light, still set for the December 12 – January 14 Gateway. You are going to feel it shaking, recoding, overwriting old realities. It may sound like commotion in a distant room, a collapsing reality happening in a parallel dimension.

Remember the point of dividing timelines is the splintering off of uncomplementary realms: peeling off the collective experiences which do not align with unity and New Earth consciousness. Our goal is to have most of the collective on the higher timelines, so that very few are on the lower timelines as they collapse. Mass awakening is accelerating this, and the unfoldments of the next months demonstrate this acceleration.

Photonic light frequencies amplify everything, lifting the self-imposed veils so you may examine, release and clear what does not serve. Zero focus on what you don’t desire. Amplify the Light and it will blast the distortions into a faded memory.

In your Mastery, utilize the Responsible Creation Principle. Create from the highest platform of Unconditional love you have achieved, stabilized and are able to implement. Integrity, honor, do-unto-others, and service in the highest interests of the whole.

Life without Veils

Physicalization of the etheric continues; what was unseen is now seen. It aids in the removal of what does not serve. The Light purges these realms of distortion, step by step. Mastery-level patience as the collective awakening unfolds; Mastery-level self-realization as the self-imposed veils lift.

You cannot outrun the lifting the of the veils. Best to witness personal revelations, clear what does not serve, shift your behavior, and get on with the New.

Shifting your reaction to collective veil-lifting is possible at any step. Best to keep a sense of Light about deceptions or sleight-of-hand switches in the storylines. Your perception is based on the spiritual maturity of your heart, mind and emotions. Become still, centered, and clear on what you desire as an outcome for your own path. Then deal with personal veil-lifting, moment by moment.

The latest veil-lifting for this (very) interesting passage stepped up this week. I noted spontaneous remote-viewing style vision of behind-the-scenes meetings. Vivid detail. Nothing I can share at the moment.

Higher realms are gaining vibrancy. Every meditation opens with the Krishna realms now. Brighter, clearer … this does occur when I teach (creating a new class at the moment), however the intensity is profound. Embodiment looks through the prism of Self without the veils of division.

Contact experiences are vivid, clear, direct, and quite active with Lightbody and DNA adjustments. Invite it in with healthy parameters (that you define) if you want the eyes-open experience. It teaches comfort with other realms, and to be able to discern genuine interaction from inorganic manipulation.

I feel my perception shifting, and the heart center gaining more strength. My Gate crystal – and my body – felt like it was electrified after Gatework this week.

A Vibrant Passage for Dismantling and Choice Points

You may choose to be quiet and with Gaia during this passage. Some of us are actively preparing the Crystalline Grids and Gates for the new light. Express the sensual, joyous, creative Crystalline energies and your realities will follow.

If you can, assist those who are thrown off balance by the revelations. This continues all year, dear hearts. While there are stronger dismantling effects due to the US election, making the next month a tumultuous one, remember to feel into the victorious outcomes often. It will assist your personal journey – and more importantly, the highest trajectory for all concerned.

SUNday Unity Meditations: Stronger than Ever

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