The Prismatic Effect of the SUN

Blessings Beloveds ~

Meditate on this intel, it is provided for a deeper comprehension of our Ascension into pure Creator beingness.

In the Ascension Path Foundations course, we discuss how the SUN is used as a prism to project fractals of our consciousness into co-created realities. This is directly related to the holographic nature of our experience, the projection of planetary consciousness, dimensional bandwidths, timelines, and the illusion of an individual experience.

Think of the SUN as a film projector running several films at once. Your Higher Levels are using the projector. Your Higher Self projects several versions of lower self through the SUN, and through your Heart center, which also serves as projector of realities, onto the mirror-like screens of Gaia, allowing for multiple films at once. Gaia would support many versions of your personal film, as well as the collective films, and reflect back collective outcomes. The personal screen shows the film or films your consciousness is capable of focusing on, your vibrational perception.

The Heart Center operates like a Solar projector, altering your external film to meet your internal vibration. Perception is based on personal vibration; we see clear examples of this as the realities divide. We have seen the new projection of 5D Gaia, we know it exists already. Altering the personal and collective projector to only show 5D films is done through our Heart Center  and our DNA resonance.

Our perception of multidimensionality was limited by our DNA, which can access multiple timelines (several films at once) when it is activated and rebundled to its true HUman crystalline state. To enable this state of DNA, a vibrational match must be attained in order to match the background energy of the unified field of creation. The unified platform of this Universe is Unconditional Love; the crystalline/Christ/Kryst consciousness vibration. Divine HUman DNA contains markers for this Universal consciousness. Participation in the Ascension process, the increase in photonic light, and the realm shifts of Gaia activate these markers, allowing for an entirely new projection through the SUN, Gaia and our Heart Centers.

Cosmic Template Approaching our Solar System

As Cosmic templates from the Grand Central SUN approach, they rewrite Galaxies into alignment with Sourc’s command for the New. The cosmic templates look like stacks of gold-crystalline light-encoded templates, spirals of brilliant light, or massive fields of Solar plasma.

As these templates align with our Solar system, the SUN and all planets are affected. It changes the projectors, altering the way in which we co-create our reality into a purer, unified form in alignment with the background energy of Love. This is why so many Gatekeepers have visions of the SUN exploding or the full-body Solar Flashing experience; the energies are already affecting our realities, and our perception is changing as we take on our new HUman templates.

This Solar shift in the SUN, and Gaia’s trajectory as a star, affects our consciousness; our experience and perception of creation. Your Heart Center projector and DNA can align you with the brand new film of New Earth, and Gaia’s Solar Self becomes a perceivable reality.

In order for this to become the dominant film, a projected reality of the Ascending collective, embodiment of the crystalline/Christ consciousness must be attained by a small percentage.  It must be willingly anchored into the HUman heart grid and planetary noosphere to initiate the quantum domino effect. This exquisite higher vibration will shine through all choosing Ascension, and lift the veil on the reality of New Earth.

These cosmic template frequencies are already being anchored into the HUman heart grid by those graciously embodying the new template of Self.  We will create and witness new realities coming into manifestation as our new templates of Self are integrated. This is a truly high level of service which requires focus and dedication to engaging with the New, and complete surrender of re-creating the old. It is a passage to acquaint yourself with the New You. You may look, feel, perceive, and create in brand new ways.

Trust the Process, Trust Your New Self

If you are experiencing confusion with dropping the old templates, or if the body consciousness is experiencing fatigue or fear, we encourage you to let go and trust the process. Resistance or judging the New Light because it is unfamiliar contracts your DNA. Keep your DNA open, send it love, activate it daily. Stay calm, creative and patient, support the detoxification effects, eat high-vibe and stay hydrated. Embodiers are experiencing a deep calm in this phase. Keep the cosmic perspective with these revelations. Gratitude and forgiveness provide instant release from lower timelines. All is incredibly well.

In Love, Light and Service,


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