New Reality Transmission: daily thru Nov. 21st at 11:11pm EST

111110If you read my first novel, The Creator State, where a group of artists collectively intend to shift the reality of the world to a more peaceful place, then you know how excited I am that people are doing group efforts like this!

The New Reality Transmission takes place every day for 11 days at 11:11pmEST.

Please join us in putting a positive wave of intention into the global consciousness!

If you haven’t done group intentions before, you are in for a treat. It’s easy, only lasts for 11 minutes (11 minutes! Who doesn’t have time to think about a peaceful, clean, harmonious planet for 11 minutes?), and you might feel the “stadium effect” if you’re focused and calm.

One million people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species… a new reality. The physics which connect human consciousness with molecular structure are very real. Harnessing this power en masse during a large scale simultaneous manifestation transmission will send a message to the ethers: SO IT IS.

Simple instructions for the New Reality Transmission are here:


– You don’t have to be online during the time. (I prefer not to be, unless it’s a guided experiment via the web.)

-Step outside, find a quiet spot in the house, step away from your desk, whatever you can do to participate at 11:11pmEST for 11 minutes.

Visualize the world as you want it to be: harmony, unity, love & light, creativity as a top priority in society, clean air, water, soil, abundant free clean energy, whatever your dream is. See the New Reality site for suggestions on visulaizing.

Join in the 11 days whenever you can.

– If 11:11pm is inconvenient for you, just intend at another time during the 11 days. Sending your thought intentions during these 11 days will strengthen the intention.

Thank you in advance for making time to create a positive shift in our world!