Emotional clearing and creativity

The SunArtists are always searching for ideas, inspiration and ways to open up creative flow. Recently I took a step in my spiritual awakening that directly affected my creativity … again. It seems every step along this path of enlightenment strengthens my connection to creativity.

Creation and unified consciousness are so closely intertwined with each other, there is barely any difference between them. I have found that the spiritual tools of love and compassion used to connect with higher consciousness, can also be used to access the creative consciousness.

How do we feel love and compassion, while maintaining the honesty of our light and dark sides needed to produce art? A very effective tool for opening up this channel – without compromising our dichotomy- is Emotional Clearing.

Emotional Clearing releases the body, mind and nervous system from stored feelings, false beliefs, and blocks in our creative flow. The energy centers of the body are very susceptible to stored emotional damage. It can manifest as pain (back/neck issues, alignment, aches and illness), mental blocks (false beliefs, fear, control issues, feeling unsafe) and neurological symptoms. Emotional clearing is a process of  identifying the dense energies of fear – anger, false beliefs, guilt – which cause emotional and physical blocks, and then transform them into compassion.

As an actor I used to hold onto strong emotional moments; cataloging details and storing highlights of pain, sorrow, and conflict in my emotional rolodex for later use. By distancing myself from these experiences I unknowingly built blocks in my energetic and creative flow. The damage of holding onto regret, fear, anger or pain goes beyond the mental wear and tear. It intercepts our ability to tap a powerful creative skill: our connection to the limitless creative consciousness.

Emotional Clearing does not mean achieving a state of emotionlessness. It means gaining the freedom of perspective. Don’t worry about not being able to feel things after Emotional Clearing, that’s not what it’s about.

Anything held in the body besides love, compassion and forgiveness leads to judgment, fear and false beliefs. Emotional clearing gets rid of old dark attachments to relationships, situations and beliefs, so brighter stuff can get through.   When emotional blocks are removed, you can express truth without the energetic damage of repressed/unexamined emotions. You can still feel any emotion or moment, and incorporate it in your work. Memories are still very present, but the attachments are neutralized. Without the attachment, we have an easily accessible connection to our true creative self.

Freedom from emotional baggage allows us to open up to the infinite perspective of unity consciousness; the creativity which is always available to us.

Creating flows much more easily and naturally when we identify and neutralize the emotional build-up in our bodies. Even if you need to express suffering or pain (and hopefully, inspire a solution rather than activate more of the same in people – just my opinion), don’t let it take a toll on your creative energy. We need you to create, not get ill or block yourself from making more art.

The effects of Emotional Clearing on creative work is amazing to me.  In my next post I’ll share a few Emotional Clearing techniques: EFT, Soul contracts, Guided meditations, and Vocalizing.