Masks off, Kachina. Ascension is here.

My view at sunset over Shasta October 27, 2012

Complete embodiment of Ascension is upon us. The frequency shift of last week – the collective intention during a cosmic trigger on the 21st let in a light wave of intense photonic light with incredible light encodements of LOVE. If you haven’t been sleeping this weekend, this is why. Awake for the celebration, feeling the love coming in.

Our star brethren who have been monitoring (holding back the intensity) of these light waves heard our call of Let it in, give us the light blast NOW and saw we were finally at the stage of pure intention: enough of us understand that unconditional love dissolves all of the nonsense, and we’re ready to love all of the darkness right off the planet. And it’s WORKING.

This means we get to collectively experience 4D, which is already Gaia’s frequency, and let go of the collective shadow of 3D that has been manifesting day after day for over a year now. This is HUGE for two reasons: 1. others will finally stop looking with their eyes at the shadow and saying I don’t see any change and 2. Lightservers get to move into transitional work, and Wayshowers get to plow ahead into the highly creative realm of building New Paradigm pathways, without all the collective resistance. Please REmember that resurrection is a CELEBRATION of all of us – every. last. one. of. us.


Gatekeepers getting the practice runs might get the same message I received last week:

You get three practice runs, and the third time is a charm.

One down, two to go – or rather, one more practice and one more all-the-way. I have a longer discussion about this topic, and perhaps I will make a video about it when I go up on the mountain today. Videos seem to be the flavor of the Shift at the moment; I AM still surprised that my first youtube appearance got 6,000 views. Evidence of resonation with the cause I suppose.

Honestly, my focus has been on the Ascension Course and will remain there until it is complete. I AM seeing this from a lot of Wayshowers – even Tiara made a rare personal appearance in a Children of the Sun video this morning. We’re all getting this right now: get the ends tidied up, it’s time to start walking through.

I discussed the challenges of Mastery in posts and on my radio show last Summer; the surrender to the unknown. As clear as the visions are and journeys through the gates, we still don’t know if we get to walk-between or disappear completely. Even if the dimensional shift involves some weirdness for a while, know that no one is abandoning anyone else. This is Unity Consciousness we are moving into, and anyone with the intent to get the heck outta here has a lot more work to do. Mastery isn’t about leaving; it’s about service. That said, and considering the sensations I have been experiencing this week, I do hope it isn’t the same relationship we have with ascended ones at the moment. The idea of walking through and being the invisible-to-most guide (again) seems unnecessary; we certainly don’t need more-o-the-same anything at this point.

I do sense this Shift is wildly creative, so my pure intentions are set on co-creating a new dynamic of walk through, learn, embody the crystalline consciousness, and be seen, heard and felt by a good amount of folks resonating at a high enough vibration to understand me. This is not up to me however, and I honor whatever Source, the higher realms and my star brethren have in their hearts. I trust they know the technicalities best.

Tying it all up

I’ve noticed many gatekeepers beginning the “tying it all up” work. This includes myself as I get the ecourse material delivered as quickly as I can manage. The class began last week and it already has 8 hours of material in just the first 2 modules (there are 12 modules altogether). It feels fantastic to download everything I have learned, know and have to share about the Ascension process into the course videos, pdfs and mp3s.

A donation from Iordan Chahanov made it possible to get the course online and keep it online through March of 2013. Deep gratitude for his support of this work. Nichole Lewis has been a tech blessing, setting up the course and posting material as I complete it. If you want to join the class, register now. My live interaction will end before the 11-11, and the course will be available to watch until March next year. The group is tiny at the moment – so personal interaction is high. The group interest is leaning toward 5D ascension, which is a lot of fun for me to teach.

Photonic demands on the system

Photonic light is about order. We’re entering a dense band of it right now. This is the Galatic Spiral energetics that the Mayans wrote about. Excessive photons do things to civilizations and planets. They push anything that isn’t aligned with synchronous flow – the natural order of the Universe – up and out of systems, planets, HUman bodies. What isn’t released destroys the body, mind, emotions and ego. It’s the mirror effect of zero point magnetics – instant manifestation of whatever you are projecting into the external, right back atcha. The lower levels are the first to get hit the with the blinding reflection of the mirror.

Masks off, Kachina

The Shift is revealing everything. It’s surprising (and admittedly entertaining) to watch folks deal with their own integrity – or lack thereof. There is absolutely no reason to judge any of it; the learning curve as we move into the New is what it is. We woke up early to be in this state of unconditional love in order to serve HUmanity, not to say I told you so.  Be the love that washes all of the ridiculous payback scenarios off the planet. That isn’t going to happen, and some folks will need to hear we don’t care how much of a bully you have been, come play with us.

Show them what light intelligence is. Demonstrate how the frequency of love and gratitude raises the lower vibrations, and gets us all moving on to New territory. No one gets left behind, unless they are crushed by fear of their own Self. This isn’t judgment day which approaches, it’s self-judgment day. For many folks, exposure has been a bigger threat than the crime. As we move into complete revelation of personal responsibility, Self-hatred can make a mess of a perfectly divine HUman.

The amplifications are in go-go-go mode; the combination of alignments, photonic blasts and collective intention to pull the cosmic trigger has sent us into hyperdrive. This produces a twofold affect: the body/lightbody tingle-jingles and the sensation of absolute zero-point divinity. We get both, simultaneously, and are now quite aware of the Higher Self and Soul coming forth. It feels ***incredible*** and if you’re not there yet, many blessings to you. Hand the controls over to your heart – it’s the only intelligence which knows how to handle the New Paradigm.

This mission runs on love, light and your support. If my work is assisting your journey, please make a donation. Blessings and gratitude for your contribution to New Paradigm endeavors.

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