The Advanced Ascension Course

Join Sandra for a profound exploration of Ascension Acceleration

“We are at a brilliant turning point in planetary and HUman consciousness.
This Sacred Gateway reveals the truth of who we are, what we have created
and where our journey is taking us. Let us walk through this
empowered by Unity and Divine Light Intelligence.”

– Sandra Walter, Ascension Guide and Dimensional Liaison

Sandra provides clarity on Ascending your expression
and the how, when and why to do it.

The Advanced Ascension Course Modules include:

–  Review of the Ascension process and 2012 timelines
–  Body Vehicle Mastery: Sovereignty and Empowerment
–  Activating your higher sensitivities and skills
–  Merging with the Higher Self and I AM presence
–  The Light Intelligence of Unconditional Love
–  Activation of the Crystalline/Christ Consciousness
–  Sacred Magnetics: Sacred Sex, Tantra and Unity of the Divine Self
–  Timeline creation: How to create a timeline and manifest it as reality
–  Communicating with Benevolent Star Brethren
–  Walking between worlds – Gateways to the Higher Realms
–  Opening Internal and External Portals, Wormholes and Stargates
–  Zero point – facing the mirror without a mask
–  Mission journeys: Wayshowers, Gatekeepers and Pillars
–  Opportunities beyond the I AM Divine HUman template

Course materials and features:

–  12 core content videos
–  PDF worksheets and complimentary materials
–  3 Guided meditation experiences – downloadable mp3s
–  Live Q&A calls with Sandra in October/November
Replays of the Q&A calls – downloadable as mp3s
–  Access to all replays and materials until March 31, 2013
–  Discount on Private Sessions
–  Additional Light Intel as it is made available to Sandra

Activate what you truly desire for your Ascension journey.

Advanced Ascension Course fee: $333 
Register now, watch at your convenience.

Existing Client: $222
Discount for anyone who has had a private session with Sandra.





About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.