Let all those who are called arise and speak the truth – this SUNday

May the clear light of truth radiate through your heart
to those who Source has called to hear the message of eternity.

The frequency this week is giving us a taste of how prepared our bodies and psyche are for the core of the window. Just 62 days until the 12-21-12 marker, and 52 until the 12-12-12 portal. Whew. How is everyone doing?

I look at my experiences with the understanding that I’m living on a giant vortex. That is my choice, and the way my journey is headed I now see why I was guided to stay put and not go to Sedona this Fall. Meanwhile, Shasta is making me feel weightless this week. I AM definitely not all here. The pulses and vibrations through my body, especially through my back, legs and feet are downright hilarious at times. It’s like being plugged into a socket – or vortex – and I wanted to share some of the freakiness that many of us are encountering as we get closer to December.

December: the best Christmas ever

If you’re still in please don’t talk about December mode, insisting that cosmic markers are hooey or other such judgmental nonsense, you just aren’t feeling what we’re feeling. And that is absolutely fine. The level of light that some of us have integrated is a choice. Just like Ascension. Yes, evolution does what it does. This is the galactic cycle when we get to experience conscious awareness of evolution, and engage with it if we so choose. For those who have decided yep, I’m really gonna do this we get to play with all kinds of new experiences, from the subtle to the what the heck was that?!

The veils are thinning quite noticeably this month. It’s good practice for the body vehicle to get a jolt now and then; a bit of a warm-up for upcoming events. Sometimes it is literally practice for the next day, that’s how fast we’re flying now. The higher realms have always been around us. You couldn’t be alone on this planet if you tried. Now that the factors which have kept the veils up (linear time illusion, magnetosphere shields, a planet providing a 3D experience) are dissolving, we’re starting to see, hear, feel our benevolent brethren and divine entourage everywhere.

I don’t take these first encounters for granted. I have asked for interaction, in the highest interests of all concerned, knowing it was part of my journey. The first moments with any of these beings and brethren brings me to tears every. single. time. The amount of gratitude and love I feel as these markers along my path present is overwhelming. Pure. Divine. Love. This is not something being beamed at me, but a genuine exchange of welcome to the point on the timeline where we get to experience each other.

Don’t lose it, y’all

If I let my mind play with the whole Gatekeeper revelation from last week, it would look something like this:

Holy crap you went through a dimensional portal and giant gates opened up and there were huge beings who said you were a gatekeeper and liaison just like what you have been seeing hearing sensing all this time and oh my god we are going to disappear and never come back!

Yeah, something like that. Fortunately the mind-level is heavily drugged by unconditional love and gets another dose every time it attempts to panic, which doesn’t happen that often anymore with the wild unknown. The mind-level seems to be distracted by linear things – getting the ecourse up and the like. Probably because it doesn’t know what to do with information like that’s our Sirian lightship level flying over us and saying hello.

Calm and relaxed is a great state to be in as we approach December. There’s enough thought-form out there to blast through the unattended cracks in the psyche. This goes doubly for the intentions and anxieties surrounding December. Get yourself clear on your intentions. Put your consciousness into what you desire to create. Clean out those spare rooms which the ego-mind and emotional deities have been inhabiting. Much more exciting company is arriving. Let’s REmember this is a homecoming celebration for all of us.

What you can do as the Divine HUman that you are

I understand that folks are feeling scattered or ill this week with the vibrational flu. Such is the nature of photonic light, such is conscious awareness of evolution. If everyone could just focus on the collective this SUNday, there is an event which requires your attention.

  1. We know how powerful we are, both individually and as a Unified Consciousness.
  2. We know how consciousness works – create an intention which serves the highest good, put your focus on the intended outcome, live it feel it act as if it already exists, and we manifest it into this realm.
  3. No more wishing/intending for individual gain unless it serves the collective. We get to add “highest interests of all concerned” to the equation as we move into triality. (Starseeds have fun with this wordplay: DU-ality  TRI-ality RE-ality)

Zero Point generation:

Pure unwavering thought + action/grounding in this realm = manifestation of reality.

In the absence of doubt, we are all God.
– Me, 1999

An opportunity to put your consciousness where your mouth is

On this ***SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21*** all day long, wherever you live, work, play anywhere on the planet, there will be a GLOBAL intent manifesting in this realm. It ignited with Bill Ballard and Lucas2012 and is burning its way through the light tribe.

The pure intention to create the New Paradigm right here, right now, will be called in and anchored by the hearts, thoughts, actions and words of all lightservers, lightworkers, wayshowers, gatekeepers, pillars, women, men, kids, starseeds and walk-ins.

Your participation is VITAL to the success of this endeavor. Forget every other linear dualistic block that keeps you from stepping up to the plate, and play with us.

If you understand how consciousness works, you know this is not a watch and wait and see what happens while “they” try something. There is no separation; the collective drag on our Ascension process can be over in a DAY if you participate. Give up the egoic level kickback to say you have “your own” event some other day. Give it up, lightservers. Don’t judge – Unify.

What to do

Spread the word. Tell people who are awake to participate. Share it on social sites where sleeping friends might see it. Mark your calendar, tie reminder string around your fingers, whatever you have to do to wake up SUNday and do this. Cut and paste this text anywhere, I don’t care if you use “my” words somewhere else or link to this post.

Do the work. Spend the whole live-long day in JOY, PEACE, HARMONY, 5D ACTIVITY – behave exactly as you would as if we lived in the paradise of New Earth. Because WE DO.

Be the new reality.

  • This is not about preaching or converting, it’s treating your fellow HUmans and Gaia with respect, honor and love.
  • Appreciation for everything. Gratitude, kindness. Mending the damage which has been done with LOVE.
  • Have a New Paradigm celebration. Go to the store and smile at everyone. Perform random acts of kindness.
  • Feel great, be the magnificence you are. Walk out the door and yell Good Morning, HUManity!  Good Morning, Gaia! Beloved SUN! Elementals, kingdoms and higher realms! I love you! Okay that sounds a bit like George Bailey returning to Bedford Falls, but you get the idea of a wonderful life of gratitude. Let the freak flag fly, it’s your reality to manifest.
  • Lightservers, go ahead and anchor this into the grids. Whether you are completely isolated or live in a city, it does not matter. Put yourself in the state of unconditional love and gratitude and stay there. Walk the talk, be the love, be the presence of the New Paradigm. All. day. long.

Many blessings to all of us as we co-create and yank the New Paradigm into our reality RIGHT NOW. Kindly focus your attention on this and spread the word immediately.

Here is a link to just the event part of this article – SUNday October 21 – Calling all Lightservers to the task



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