What’s draining my power?

On a hot and humid Sunday afternoon in Chicago two weeks ago, there was a loud explosion behind our apartment building. BOOM! and the electricity went off. My boyfriend and I laughed and joked about the air conditioners in the city – that they had finally done it; maxed out the ComEd power grid. For […]

Recognizing your personal evolution

Evolutionary cycles are similar to spirals; ever-expanding coils of progression. Each level of our cyclical path does not return us to the same point where we began, but loops us into the next phase of development. I like this image, and it mimics the spiral pattern found in living matter. The ever-expanding spiral of evolution […]

Meditation and creativity

My relationship with meditation has been a lengthy affair. I’ve experimented with styles, read books about different methods, and listened to guided recordings. Recently I had a revelation that has (finally) made meditation part of my daily routine. When I look back at the intensely creative times of my life; when ideas, synchronicities and opportunities […]

This Saturday: Worldwide Intention for the Gulf

It appears we are making progress in the Gulf of Mexico. The baby step of cap-testing began this week. If it holds, and the relief well works, we are finally going to see the leak stopped. Next step: the massive cleanup and recovery of the Gulf. The healing – and the political and global movement […]

Creating with Intention

I’m finishing up my Etsy shop makeover and am very excited to reveal the new look and content. The shop will focus on creating with intention, with the first series of paintings infused with visualizations for healing the Gulf oil spill. This is the first time I’ve shared the direct intentions behind my paintings. As […]

Your creative contribution changes everything

If you’re making art, you’re making a contribution to change the future. Your creative activity fuels the collective global consciousness. No act of creation goes unnoticed. Whether it’s a sculpture made in your quiet studio or a monologue rehearsed to an empty theater, your expression activates the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Your art […]

Solstice Earth Spin

Today is the Solstice “Earth Spin” event, happening wherever you are! The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is a huge issue this year, so let’s set our sights on spinning some healthy waters. Here’s how you can participate: Create something that reflects how you want the world to be. Artists are very skilled at altering […]

The Creator State: a theory and a novel

My first novel, The Creator State, contains a theory about the connection artists have to the collective consciousness when they create. The theory behind The Creator State is gaining credibility in the nonfiction realm with the recent discoveries in quantum physics. I’ll be writing more about that over the summer. My book explores a few […]

Cross pollination: Art begets art.

Let’s face it; if you are an artist, you are dedicated to a lifetime of learning. You’ll never reach a point where you know everything there is to know about your craft. A creative life demands a youthful curiosity, and an appreciation that art is a limitless adventure which we cannot complete in a lifetime. […]

Creative event planning

Why are creative expositions so uncreative? I expect corporate workshops and business expos to be dull. No one challenges them to be interesting, and the status quo keeps most of the itineraries mediocre. But why is the Chicago Creative Expo so boring? The event is organized as many other “expo” type events. Several rooms are […]