Greeting the New Light with a Higher Perspective

We have three big Divine Light players in our Galactivation at this time: Divine Love from Sirius, Divine Will from Big Bear (the Big Dipper) and Divine Creative Intelligence from the Pleaides. The last of the three – specifically Alcyone in the Pleiades which some call the Central Sun – is pushing the Shift agenda right now. The amplifications picked up last evening and are whirling through the interdimensional portals at the moment. Expect more through the resurrection (Easter) weekend.

You may feel unusually giggly, wired, sleepy or spinny as this new level of light comes in. Notice the new vortexes popping up everywhere? If you’re sensing strong mini-tornadoes of energy everywhere you go, I have great news: it’s YOU aligning with the available energies. Gaia is opening the dimensional doorways, and you’re feeling them. Pay attention when you come upon a hot spot. Feel it, get familiar with the energy signature and its effect on you. The Alcyone energy amplifies Creative Intelligence – the ability to empower yourself as Creator-in-carnate. Use this energy to design, create and activate the 5D portals with your unique expression.

REmember that the Solar light birthing within is akin to the birthing happening within Gaia (Spiritual Sun) and our Sun (Solaris as a Central Sun). The parallels of experience, and parallel realities, is becoming apparent to the Ascending collective. It is similar, and we can learn and transcend alongside our planetary and Solar consciousness if we choose to accompany them on that journey. That vibrant golden-crystalline light you see with your eyes closed is You coming back to your Self. The Sirians, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Led Zeppelin, and many others don’t call us the Children of the Sun for nothing. The Solar light guides of our galaxy (the star systems mentioned at the beginning of this article) are dedicated to assisting us; be sure to radiate gratitude and love to them often.

I took a few days away from workaday society, the internet, everything, so I could honor my journey, hone my 5D skills and detoxify at Stewart Mineral Springs. The water is incredibly powerful right now – everyone was commenting on it. Being in it and around it for 5 days made me and my body hyper-aware of the power of this incoming photonic light. REmember the role of water is crucial in balancing, cleansing, creating the bridges to 5D Gaia. Water is a strong co-creator in our resurrection, so use it wisely, bless it and honor its role in Ascension.

I’ll have a video soon on detecting and perceiving the 5D doorways for those choosing that journey. (Also available in the Ascension eCourse.) The gateways are opening and it is brilliant to behold. Know that your strongest stargate is within (no, not the pineal; the new Sun of your heart/high heart complex). Your focus should be on aligning it with what you wish to experience. Observe your lifestream from the higher perspective; the spiritual responsibility you have to yourself. Let us show HUmanity what is possible and be resonators of coherence, love and cosmic light.


Note to the Mystic siSTARs:
I AM scheduling a group call for Friday – please check the site for details.



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