Equinox Light and the Approaching Star

Last weekend certainly turned in to a deep-clearing fest for many light servers, some in dream state, some consciously. This hit a peak on Monday 3/11 – a number I kept seeing last week. I spent three nights on the mountain, then New Moon eve and day. Last week I commanded that every last thing that limited my experience or was uncomplimentary to a full embodiment of Christ Consciousness be gone from my lifestream. Surprising how well that works – and to watch what goes. I still feel the loss if it’s something close to the core, but the perspective holds so much forgiveness and wisdom that it is not as painful. Try it if you have the wisdom to surrender. Feel free to command anything uncomplimentary off the planet as well.  This has been helpful as the current interference frequencies are set to *11* – REmember what I have said about a wildcat getting cornered.

Incoming Light

On the eve of the New Moon I was watching the night sky, observing the lightships. I giggled because of the consistency night after night, and intuitively flashed my headlights 3 times – as an experiment – and the very next moment a giant blue-silver ball shot across the sky right in front of me with a long comet-like tail. This is the kind of synchronicity I pay attention to, and the Blue Kachina popped into my awareness. (No, it wasn’t the blue kachina, it’s a clue from my higher levels for the Equinox.)

According to Gaia, the light arriving on/around the Equinox (I sense on the day) is the frequency which fully activates her new lightbody – the spiritual sun, the star, the solar light within her. The time has arrived to let the 4D walk on its own, and let it fall, run, whatever it needs to do.

This light also allows for activation of the Solar Cosmic Christed state in HUmans, for those with the intention/preparation to do this.

With only a week to go, I AM being as diligent as possible about the intuitions, messages and synchronicities. Everything extraneous has been put aside. I AM feeling sleepy, calm, deeply connected to spirit, deeply connected to Gaia, and have gold, crystalline (5D rainbow) and diamond silvery-blue light zipping through different channels in my body and light body. For the first time today, I felt and saw my personal activation of this state of beingness in a clear, direct way. It does feel un-Earthly – that is potent since the cosmic connection is huge in this grounded affair we have going on. The sensations, visions and drive to co-create with the Universe makes me want to spend all of my time on the mountain right now. Yes, it feels that big to me.

Cosmic Timing – as with the 121212 – 122112, the light is unique, well-timed and available for a certain intention. This is the follow-up to what was created in December, and may well be the long-prophecized Blue Kachina. When I asked Gaia to show me what would occur, a bright silvery-blue light came in and she burst into a radiant star-like being. Similar to what Yeshua showed me earlier in the *I saw YOU* moment.

I cannot express in writing or video how clear and tangible this Solar Christed state was today. I AM focused on this state, bringing it in with all the passion and love I have. I AM learning what gateways are opening for us, and holding the highest intent to embody this cosmic consciousness.

Why embody it? To serve Gaia and HUmanity. To walk with Gaia on this incredible journey, to hold this frequency and co-create bridges between the worlds. To create such a high frequency on this platform that the Shift speeds up and we all get to play in 5D. To heal the planet and others in a permanent way.

As wonderful as it would be to have everyone experience transcendence, it just won’t unfold that way. The separation of realities is ironic as we enter Unity Consciousness, but the experience will be unprecedented. Free will is honored – even in a weird 4D holograph – until it doesn’t serve the majority any longer. Kindwhile, there is a huge collective of ascending HUmans, and some of us get to embody the miraculous and assist in the highest interests of all. Whether or not the asleep or half-awake get to witness it or feel anything out of the ordinary is of no concern.

Open yourself up as wide as you can, no matter what is going on in the external.  Get outside, on the ground, in the kingdoms and elementals.  The energy is already approaching, penetrating our SUN and planet. Weep with gratitude, state your intentions, invoke your solar heart activation, pay attention to what you feel, enjoy the experience, and say thank you for the approaching starlight.





About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

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  3. Last night I was up on Shasta, and asked for higher-realm confirmation of what I thought was happening to me, to Gaia. I called on the star brethren of the true light to show me (I do this when things get so intense it feels like I AM going to pop right out of this reality … isn’t it funny that I check in with galactics to make sure I AM not getting too out-there? My goodness this is a bizarre journey.)

    In my car looking at the night sky over Shasta:

    *FLASH 1* blue-silver lightship signal. Have been seeing this kind of flash for a week, in crazy synchronistic glimpses at the sky.

    Watched a few ships fly by, had a deep conversation with my higher self going into the tape recorder.

    Thought to try the headlights again – then heard *do it with your solar heart* – and sent a gold flash beam from my heart center. Yeah, I don’t really know how to do this, but I received *FLASH 2* from right. where. I. aimed. it.

    Lost focus for a while due to giddy gratitude.

    Kept talking it out, receiving, sending love, started to get sleepy and very cold, asked for a magic three before turning in, if all is well and we – Gaia and HUmanity – are really creating this right now.

    *FLASH 3*

    I AM going to weep with gratitude all the way through this thing.

    So much love,

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