So that happened …

Hello dear readers. Thank you for checking in on my blog today. I have a large amount of information to share with this tribe. As many of you know, I’ve been on a spiritual quest this year. My awakening took a few sharp turns this Fall, culminating in the infamous “dark night of the soul” […]

Precognitive Creativity

A few weeks ago, the internet was buzzing about a Simpsons episode which aired in 1997, where Lisa holds up a magazine that blatantly has a big 911 and New York on the cover. Twin Towers, New York, and the date. Weird, huh? The buzz was about an episode from this spring where a clock […]

A peaceful letter to Iran

The demise of materialism will be difficult for some. For without money, what do the greedy possess? If it all crumbles – the high rises, the wall streets, the war machine, the false values by which so many define themselves – the greedy will have lost everything. This is when the peaceful may stand upon […]

New Reality Transmission: daily thru Nov. 21st at 11:11pm EST

If you read my first novel, The Creator State, where a group of artists collectively intend to shift the reality of the world to a more peaceful place, then you know how excited I am that people are doing group efforts like this! The New Reality Transmission takes place every day for 11 days at […]

Emotional clearing and creativity

Artists are always searching for ideas, inspiration and ways to open up creative flow. Recently I took a step in my spiritual awakening that directly affected my creativity … again. It seems every step along this path of enlightenment strengthens my connection to creativity. Creation and unified consciousness are so closely intertwined with each other, […]

Activating Feminine Power: Part II

The agenda for The Keys to Feminine Power telecourse is daunting at first glance. Each week is dedicated to a Key power base: the power to change your life, realize your destiny, transform the world, awaken feminine radiance, create your future and activate your leadership. These sizeable goals are attained in 8 weeks through weekly […]

A course in Feminine Power: Part I

Note: This blog post is in two parts and contains strong opinions. I am deeply in love with the world and want what is best for our planet and its inhabitants. Please don’t assume I hate men, or I’m angry, or other nonsensical middle-mind judgments. Much gratitude. I’ve had longtime issues with being a minority […]

The Next Age artist

What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions “New Age” in a conversation? Meditating hippies? Crystals and incense? Spacey music and inspirational quotes? Getting past these stereotypes can be challenging if you’re involved in the consciousness movement (another term that brings resistance) or an artist (more labels). I’ve never been comfortable with […]

The art of tolerance

The media had a heyday with this year’s anniversary of 9-11. Somehow the pastor of a small church in Florida became their primary agenda and the news spread far and wide, igniting old fears that burned brighter than the possibility of a holy book in flames. As with any of these stories that gain too […]

The creativity dilemma: breaking the habit of low-energy thought

An epidemic is occurring in our country; creativity is on the decline and battling for its survival. Cuts in funding for the arts, standardization in schools, and modifications in our national priorities have caused creativity to be at an all-time low. Europe saw this decline and made immediate amends to try and improve the situation, […]