Level Up: Activation of the Truth

Please read my last article Guardians of the New Light which discusses Transcendence, Light Service and the new frequencies.

I asked my Higher Self to explain more about the changes which began for me (and many) on June 16. To recap: I woke up at 5am and witnessed several lightships sailing overhead, some flying parallel to each other (unusual to see them fly side by side). They began to flash and beam all at the same time as I received the message Incoming, be open for this. Immediately after the flashing a wave of powerful energy came in which cleared my heart completely and activated a new level of Christed (Krysthl) light with my heart center. I have been cleared of the past, and the ancient past, in order to be transformed.

From my Higher Self:

Your prearranged agreements along with the consistent choice to welcome a new level of experience, a new level of the Ascension process, is what initiated this event. When you asked Solaris (the Sun) to show you how to become that Christed light, and welcomed in the imprint of the Solar Logos (back in December), you created an acceleration of the process. As specific frequencies rippled through Gaia in June, those who were prepared and open to this event received an activation which made your heart center begin to experience multi-polarity. That is the clear sensation – an opening of the inner portals of the Cosmic Heart.

I sense this has to do with the circles I saw Yeshua making with his arms during the Boynton Canyon gateway work?

Yes, he was showing you what was occurring on both a personal and planetary level. Gaia is also creating many magnetic poles; the 2 pole system is effective for duality, and since that no longer exists her body is adjusting as necessary. The gateway work of the triple eclipse was effective in assisting her, and HUmanity, in creating magnetics which support Unity consciousness rather than North-South/Yin-Yang duality. Your personal expansion was building due to the way you engage with 5D gateways. The combination of conscious expansion of the Solar Heart center and opening of the gateways in a similar fashion prepared you for this new level.

Why am I so tired? I understand that rewriting all of my systems is a big task, however it’s been 16 days now and I AM still in a detached misty-mode.

Ideally one would experience this in a private space where rest would accelerate the integration. Your travels and camping do not allow adequate quality sleep. We are working with this on 5D Gaia; we are testing the interface for integration of the lower levels. This is why you feel out of body. Understand that the expansion is constant now, which means support for the body is important. As you move through high 4D frequencies in the physical and begin to integrate 5D Unity and Christed consciousness activation, the body will adjust faster when asleep, since it is accustomed to 4D as dreamstate.

You told me the vast geometry I saw and received during the Solstice/Full Moon was our Light Signature. Can you explain?

As you know, every creation has a unique light signature, or energy signature. It may jostle the mind-level to witness one’s signature since the Lower Self identifies so strongly with form in different dimensions.

I felt very comfortable with seeing it, it felt like home.

Technically, it is for this Universe. One step from Source Point. It looks much more vibrant and complex as you expand into higher dimensions.

The signature had moving geometry – vibrating, spinning, shifting. I sense that is because it is holding many dimensional expressions at once?

Yes, Sacred Geometry is not in a fixed state when you leave 3D/4D. Our light signature contains geometries which may create the true HUman genome and the Solar Cosmic Christ state in form. It is up to the expression – in many dimensions – to activate that creative possibility. Not all light signatures will engage in this process. it is the choice of the expression to take on the task of transcendence. This also affects the multidimensional expression, which is why our 6D, 9D, 12D Selves have presented during this process.The upgrade will be felt through our entire Self.

It sounds like I should make more time for sleep, yet the energy and excitement keep me up at times. I have so many creative ideas, yet I feel doing them may be a step backward. I have no desire, no need. This not-knowing seems to bring deep wisdom, but it doesn’t match what I was doing before. It feels like I need to honor this passage with stillness, yet I wonder if I should be doing something else. Can you explain why everything seems nonsensical right now?

What used to be seems nonsensical because you are not the same person. You are experiencing the complete rewrite of your beingness which occurred in December. Your perception is catching up to the truth, along with the truth of Zero Point, the Source consciousness in the Christed light, true levels of Unity Consciousness, and pure Unconditional Love all at once. Your perception might play with the shadow of what used to be you, until you fully adjust to the realization that you are now operating as US. This is a new Level – the Truth.

So at this new Level, articles in Q&A format are a thing of the past. Let’s offer some assistance on leveling up.

The opportunity to Level Up is upon us. As the Perfect Storm of Ascension is created, the Solar/Cosmic/Christed/True HUman state will be activated within many. Honor it with the brand new territory it deserves. In an evolution in consciousness, everything is rewritten. These areas of space we traverse with Gaia are creating a brand new race on a brand new planet. Attune your perception to the truth. Look, feel, hear, speak with your higher senses, your higher wisdom. Its effect on the collective will be strong now – expect activation of the divine HUmans around you, simply be being the new light.

For so very long we were taught how to level down, dumb down, dim down. Our history has been illusion, separation, war, distraction from the truth. Leveling Up includes the complete dissolvement of those timelines, stories and programs in our lifestreams. It takes conscious dedication to Unity, to Love, to Creation, to the Light. Consider the collective result – a global society free from illusion, free to exist in Unity, harmony, honoring each other and the planet, free to express themselves in love, light and creativity. When we Level Up to the Truth, all other options are nonsensical.
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