Division of realities and the jump in frequency

divison of realtiesDuring the 11/11/11 alignment window, Gaia was able to make a major increase in frequency. This means she is now holding the vibration of crystalline, or Christed light, within her core; a divine step in her ascension process. As beings experiencing life on Gaia, the population of Earth will now be able to maintain that frequency and ascend, or descend with the dissolvement of the 3D reality.

As I addressed earlier in my post on the Division of Worlds, a line has been drawn between the old dying paradigm of 3D duality and the rising frequency of the New Earth. We are now engaged in the planetary ascension in a very personal manner. Major shifts have been made, and it is up to each individual to decide which reality they choose – here and now – to experience.

Division of Timelines

This multidimensional existence of ours allows for many realities to cohabitate on a planet. As the Shift in consciousness progresses, timelines which do not serve the greater good/highest expression of evolution begin to break away – a greater separation is made between vibratory states, in order to accommodate those who wish to ascend (evolve) and those who wish to continue to explore the denser aspects of self expression. Both paths are about lessons; the soul’s journey is a complex and fascinating process.

Choosing the lower vibration

Although the sex/power/greed/control path has been explored for thousands of years, there are still many souls who desire that path. They want to experience the depth of manipulation; the darkest, densest fragments of creation, which is ultimately taking the vibration of separation to it’s limits in this Universal structure, which is built on unconditional love.

All aspects of fear – sex/power/money/greed/manipulation/destruction – have been explored to the limits of free will in our solar system. It is the violation of free will that has caused so much divine intervention at this moment; it is a Universal law that free will be honored in all creations. For those who are still resonating with control of any kind, a path of destruction will be maintained long enough for them to experience the impact of that manifestation. Then they may travel onto other journeys where they can learn that lesson (how to love, honor and respect all creations). Ultimately, there is forgiveness. Fear is being eradicated in this system, but will be honored in other expressions if that soul chooses to do so. But right here and now we have the ability to be awake, aware and selective of our path. This is the beauty of awakening; you are able (finally) to consciously choose your own path.

It is entirely and completely your choice. You may select the timeline of destruction, doom and disempowerment and experience that to the fullest. You will have a lot of company, and to many it feels safer to go with they are told. I completely understand why people are choosing that path. Fear is a hard habit to break.

Some expressions of consciousness are not built to handle more than they can see or touch in 3D. Some souls will not release their 3D expression from the fear vibration – on purpose. They may be steeped in dogma and mind control for a reason. They may be playing their role to the hilt in order for others to learn self-empowerment and mastery of love. There is no judgment, that reality is there to play with if you want that timeline.

Choosing the higher vibration

Let me be clear: this isn’t about hierarchy. One path isn’t “above” another. It is simply a choice to REmaster free will and unconditional love. A New Earth has been created and grows stronger in vibration as humanity embraces unity and love. To know this vibration is to know the truth, and that can be difficult for many expressions of consciousness to handle. Abandoning the denser realities which man has created (a judgmental God, the singular identity, masculine dominance/divine feminine suppression, manipulation of free will duality in its may forms,¬† among countless other expressions of separation from Source) can be uncomfortable, confusing and seemingly impossible to overcome. But we have new support since the 11/11/11, and those who have chosen the path to the higher frequency are beginning to -quite literally – see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The acceleration to the New Earth is unstoppable. The amplification of the New Earth timeline is so strong now, that the division between realities has widened. It will continue to widen throughout 2012 as the “last stand ” scenario plays out with the folks who have been controlling/feeding the lower vibrational reality. If a person wanted to jump timelines, the 11/11/11 window provided a boost and a realization: amplification of the planet is intimately connected to your experience. Gaia is why you are here. She is providing the platform for this body-on-a-planet expression of your consciousness. A boost to her is a boost to all of us – either we felt the influx of divine love or we didn’t. Its a good litmus test for your consciousness, and reveals the density which many are still denying or struggling with.

One of the responsibilities we must master in jumping timelines, which assists us in ascending to a higher frequency, is the work involved. There are no rescue missions without a self-examination of the heart. And there is no cheating in this ascension game – saying one thing, doing another is being revealed everywhere. You cannot deny this within yourself and expect a good outcome. This doesn’t mean years of self-examination and processing. It does mean a commitment on your part to step into a new timeline of unconditional love. We must deal with everything that new vibration begins to show us as it comes up. You can easily forgive the past, forgive yourself, release the memories, and close those experiences permanently with unconditional love. But you must be honest about it.

Be authentic about your desires and challenges

Transparency and authenticity starts right in your own lifestream. If you want to end suffering, violence, greed and manipulation, then you must transmute these vibrations within yourself. This is a challenging and frustrating process, because free will means taking complete responsibility for yourself. You must learn neutrality and unconditional  love in your interactions with the planet, humanity and Oneness itself. No more judgment of yourself or others. No more shadow selves hidden beneath an icing of love and light.

Expecting others to change while you do not change yourself is madness. We understand how this works now. Choosing the higher frequency path to the New Earth takes consistent reinforcement. Let’s not deny how much assistance, guidance and support we all need during this process. No one is a leader in Unity consciousness. We all work together in the new paradigm.

Unconditional Love is available

If you want to choose love, it is here for you right now. It is not something you will hear about on the news, or see reflected in your government anytime soon. The vibration of pure unconditional love, oneness and light intelligence is too high of a frequency to be seen in the denser reality of 3D. You have to feel it, and in order to feel it you have to make a choice. You can select a higher vibration for yourself. Please choose quickly and wisely. There is no sense in playing the mind game of, “I want to choose love so that I don’t die.” That is a choice born out of fear, and should be examined. If you truly desire to honor all others, unite the collective consciousness and move on to a new reality, please do so. If you need support, please book a session with me, I am here to help.

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  1. Dear Ms. Walter,

    I came across your name and your works a short while ago – not actively seeking you or what you preach, but by merely asking the same question for a while and coming across an old flyer for your art show laying on the floor in a hotel lobby. You helped open my eyes and my heart to the road that lies in front of me. My story is very long and complicated (yet, I do not want to sound pompous in saying that, because at the same time it is in so many ways a story of old and not that unique). I have very few people that I can talk to. I have very few people I can go to for this specific help that I know I need. I live in Chicago. I plan to be here for a while longer, however there are places in this world where I know I have left unfinished business and plan to revisit as soon as the universe allows. I know I was meant to find you, and I hope that one day I get to meet you. Do you arrange meetings? I am not sure how to go about asking for your help in any other way, so I hope you do not find this intrusive..I admire your insight and your work, and if this ends here, then I would just like to say thank you.

  2. Thank you, Francesca. This message touched my heart. Many of our journeys are similar; we are all searching for the truth about ourselves. It’s a beautiful path to be awake and open to the Universe.

    I am currently in Asheville, NC, but am available via phone if you’d like to have a session with me in the near future. Just visit the “Services” area to set that in motion. If you are abundance-challenged, feel free to write me: sandra(at)sandrawalter{dot]com.

    In love and light,

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