Create Now

createnowMany people philosophize about what it means to be an artist. It’s a conversation I love to join every chance I get. No one is ever right or wrong; the meaning of art is an endless proposition. I am thrilled by the new open communication between artists and audiences. The shift from “mysterious unapproachable artist” to creators willing to share our process is a huge benefit to both sides of the art world. Getting artists and the people who love art (and collect it) to exchange information, needs, and dreams is key to the future of art.

Your process has meaning, and this is a great time to clarify and share that process with the world. People want to hear about your ideas, how you make things, what you are making next. Where did your inspiration come from, how did it develop, etc. Take notes on the thoughts you have during the making of your art; your audience will want a peak into this meaningful process. Best of all, all of this wonderful art activity has meaning to the global consciousness. If you’re making art, you’re making a contribution.

No act of creation goes unnoticed. Whether it’s a sculpture made in your quiet studio or a monologue rehearsed to an empty theater, your expression activates the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Your art magnetizes more creativity to your creative power with each action you take. It broadens your creative bandwidth. And what could be better than keeping those creativity channels wide open?

There may be times when your art seems to exist only for yourself. As artists we spend many long hours, weeks, or months producing and refining our work. Sometimes longer, it depends on the project (like editing a novel … ughh, what a process).  These long periods of time can get disheartening if you’re working alone. Art takes time, and it needs to be protected during its infancy, so there may be spells when you can’t even discuss your work. One expression after another may go unnoticed or unobserved by human eyes during this process.

Even if you intend to create something only for yourself, know that your art has purpose. Every act of artistic expression benefits you as an artist. Every act of expression adds thought energy to the collective creative consciousness. One art form spawns ideas for another art form.

We’re all connected through the collective consciousness. Your work may inspire many others, and you have to trust that is always worth the effort and time. Create for yourself, for others, and for the future.