Collective Release and Stillness

Blessings Beloveds ~

We have quite the combination of realm-shifting factors right now.

Energies and magnetic storms have been elevated for a week. When the magnetic fields are disrupted and stretched thin – especially for days on end –  more cosmic rays and crystalline plasma penetrate our cells, DNA, consciousness, and realities.  Extended geostorms assist the realm shift.

With the Equinox shift points approaching, this increased activity is right on pointe.

Visions reveal gateways opening wide, activation of DNA, and mutation of form to adapt to a higher light quotient.

Dreamstate had me visiting other planets to experience the new water (crystalline plasma) in its pure form and healing function. A group of us were exploring a cove filled with this ascended state of water, and I had to get in it (jumpsuit and all.) This plasma is so charged with undistorted life force that spontaneous healing occurs. Gaia revealed that her water is mutating for the realm shift, both within her body – and ours.

Higher light brings stronger releases.

Yesterday morning, I moved a gold crown I have to my crystal grid. This day, a large part of the collective is feeling the departure of a monarch.

Regardless of the narratives you hold, most of us are feeling the global emotional fields right now. Waves of collective emotion (mourning, loss, grief, life reviews, unsure futures, the push to move on, surrendering the old) are flowing in the field.

Look from the Cosmic perspective, with a neutral heart, at collective release. Structures fade quickly; reactions reveal choice of reality. This is not an opportunity for negativity … that has passed. Go beyond the linear events … Notice the organic sensation of release in the field.

The Global emotional field has been primed for releasing what was.

This is an opportunity to use the vibration of collective release to transmute density and distortion.  We’ll hold this for all willing hearts during the SUNday Unity Meditations. Let us support collective release and sorting out of realm choice with ease and grace.

Full Moon weekend release ceremonies are particularly strong.

What can you let go of that no longer serves, right now? Can you have a good weeping session (no cause needed) to assist the collective release?

Focus on forgiveness, resolution, and freedom. We unify this weekend to support transmutation through these collective waves of emotional release.

It keeps presenting, like a mantra this year: More still than scattered.

Stillness heals. Small moments realign us with the organic Ascension experience. Pause, Breathe. FEEL the Presence in the Heart.

• Direct the Crystalline DNA to rebundle, reconnect, light up.

• Call forth the Infinite Kryst light often. Learn to direct it in peace.

• Create moments of coherence to self-correct distortion in the new light.

Our next PRESENCE event on Saturday, September 17 will be focused on alignment with highest, organic realm choice. Equinox is already presenting a splintering of realities. We will explore realm choice practices to prepare us for upcoming events and activation of a new Infinite Kryst field.

See you in the field for these unified releases, and our SUNday Unity Meditations.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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