The Equinox to Equinox Ascension Gateway

Welcome dear Tribe of Light to the Ascension Gateway! I know that folks are experiencing some new phenomena along with personal challenges this month, so in the interests of clarity, let’s dig in to the Light Intelligence presenting right now.


The Equinox is a glimpse of balance prior to shifting into something new. REmember it is a metaphor for change; the days and nights getting shorter or longer, depending on your location on this gorgeous planet, is not the habitual seasonal marker it used to be. As our consciousness expands within this divine dream, our understanding becomes more lucid. Equinox becomes an opportunity to welcome in the glimpse of balance and harmony, and surrender with ease and grace to the Shift.

What realities are available?

Truthfully, infinite realities are always available. Creating our own experience is a skill we have to RE-learn. Many will argue that surrender is the key – having absolutely no control over our lifestream whatsoever. That kind of surrender is actually a form of control when it becomes judgmental of the Self, or others. It can put us in the position of being absorbed into a collective reality (timeline) that may not compliment our highest expression. As we release every last bit of the illusion of fear within and discover our true desires, our pure intentions are revealed. Pure intentions are connected to Soul-level, the interpretations of the Higher Self, and the discernment of the Universalis state of consciousness. The highest interests of all concerned might not include drifting with the tide. Choose your intentions wisely as we enter this splintering of realities.

Gaia into 4D

Currently it looks like the Shift of the Gaia’s current platform into 4D won’t reach completion until 2015 for most of the population. The events during the gateway give that Shift a huge push forward. The resonant frequency of the planet has already left 3D, and the collapse of the astral planes (4D) during this gateway intensify the shift of consciousness for the folks living on Gaia’s surface. It’s jump time, and evolution is upon us. I send love, strength and light to all who will sleepwalk right through it.


Please understand that not everyone is meant to experience the same reality, this Shift is about REmembering your Creator capabilities. If you don’t, you don’t. Free will is free will, agreements are agreements. Infinite consciousness does not obsess over the particles of an incarnate form. The Soul desires certain role playing in this game to rack up lessons while the playing field is in tact. For many Souls, this includes playing into the whims of the collective external reality.


If a person chooses the doom scenario, they get to experience it. Since the doom timeline is becoming utterly ridiculous to so many at this point, that energy still has to create something since the doom tribe wants to cling to it. It may manifest as personal doom; we all know the effects of worry and stress on the body. Expect the worst and your body will co-create that reality with you.

Doom includes fear of pole shifts, Earth changes, meteors, Planet XYZeta, Malevolent races, ET abduction, destruction, anything taken literally in Revelations, death of the body vehicle, loss of family or friends who are asleep, financial ruin, protecting oneself from fellow HUmans, Illuminara agendas and timelines, dark attacks, mind control, and the multitude of nonsense created out of low-resonate fears. If any of that is still part of your reality, I offer you this in very direct language: What the hell are you doing with your consciousness, Creator-in-carnate? Whose reality have you chosen to co-create? Be damned sure you know who is behind that mask, Kachina. There is no one looking back in that mirror but you. This goes doubly for the ladies who reinforce those uncomplimentary realities – divine feminine is wisdom; have the ovaries to walk away from that nonsense.

5D+ New Earth

I added a plus sign to 5D because it appears that Gaia is providing multiple expressions as she ascends during the gateway. Dimensional expressions can get complicated, and that’s a discussion for my advanced class next month. For this post, I’ll keep it simple. 5D and beyond for Gaia, 5D and holy-moly what the heck level is that for Divine HUman expressions. Honestly, the levels available when the HUman genome is fully activated are incredible. I AM presence and more, it’s really quite amazing to see what is available to us.

The scenario of embodying Christ/Christalline/Krysthl/Crysallis Consciousness during this window exists for a reason. It is an opportunity presented to those who pre-agreed to give it a go. The transformation of our bodies, lightbodies and energy bodies to merge with the Higher Self and Soul level has been a fascinating – and very challenging – process. The reality of Ascension to a 5D expression of Gaia does not exist for much of the population. We know that. It doesn’t matter. The courage, trust and diligence involved in this kind of transformation is challenging. Quite frankly, the larger portion of HUmanity at this moment is not interested in the unknown, nor in expanding their expression. Not with the kind of work it takes to achieve the transformation at least.


It is wonderful to finally feel comfortable with the weirdness presenting in our lives, isn’t it? The Gateway will offer the chance to take it or leave it when it comes to phenomenon. This may present as: Walking through dimensional gateways in the next six months; internal portals opening, welcoming and communicating with our off-world brethren; beings showing up in your home, office, neighborhood, wherever; higher skills and sensitivity amplification; dimensional flux; intense activations and quite a few surprises.

Use your own discernment as what your consciousness can handle. We don’t want you to snap or lose it completely. Know yourself, know your right to say “no thank you” and know the Universal Law to command things out of your reality or space.

If you are ready for the highest experience, request it and create it, dear Masters.

Creating your Ascension

Letting go of old beliefs, habits, thought forms is crucial for Ascension to a higher frequency. As we become the Masters of our own reality, we begin to merge with the higher realms of collective realities which compliment our pure intentions. Get clear on exactly what you desire to create. It may not look like anything familiar. This is good; wild creative acts which resonate with a higher vibration are encouraged and supported.

Disappearing from 3D/4D

Yes, this will occur. Let’s just get over it, shall we? Some will be joining the higher realms; the same beautiful brethren and guides who have been “invisible” to most folks. It’s just how frequency works; dimensions are based on vibration. Vibrate at a higher rate and you disappear from the lower. Note that any wavering on a permanent state of beingness in a higher frequency prevents the “lock” of your particles in that dimension. This isn’t about being a ghost, we know where we are going and why.

Clarity on the Process

Many of us have been working on our Ascension process for years. Some of us have been involved in the Ascension of Gaia and HUmanity for many incarnations. It’s difficult to express the joy I feel that the Ascension Gateway is here; the embodiment of Crystalline Consciousness brings magnificent states of bliss, wisdom and freedom. Integration may be gradual for some and accelerated for others. It depends on your clarity; intentions based in service, love and discernment are necessary for a dramatic shift in consciousness.

The identity of the past dissolves into the dream of incarnating in a body on a 3D planet. As your frequency rises, your perspective reveals the beauty of what has occurred here. Gratitude and respect take command of the senses. Creativity amplifies and returns us to our true Creator State. We move beyond being in the flow – we are the flow. We co-create the flow with this beautiful Universe which is ascending every particle of itself.

Conscious Consciousness

If you have been feeling as amazing as I have, you are probably aware of how important it is to be conscious of your thoughts, actions, moments in the Now. Be selective with your reality. It is absolutely fine to grab sovereignty whenever possible. Be loving and kind, and REmember to be discerning with your days, they will seem to go quickly.


Because of the amount of information coming in now, and the clarity on what to share and when, I AM creating an Advanced Ascension course (aka Mastery) which will begin on October 3rd. I do see the walking-between-worlds dynamic presenting for a good amount of Wayshowers, so it should be a fun journey for all involved. It will be focused and direct, and a beautiful platform for sharing the nitty gritty details of how to experience the maximum level of Ascension in your journey through the Gateway.

Please note: The Advanced Ascension course is not meant to be an introduction or intermediate Ascension class at all. If you feel you are ready and dedicated to this amazing Shift, I would love for you to join us. Registration opens on Monday.

If my work is assisting your journey, please donate $12.21 or more today. Thank you!


About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.

7 comments on “The Equinox to Equinox Ascension Gateway

  1. Hi Sandra – I really resonate with what you have said here, especially with the sadness at seeing so many folks still obsessing about doom scenarios and fear agendas.
    What I want to ask though, is whether you could clarify what you mean when you talk about disappearing from 3/4D? My understanding of ascension was that we are not *going* anywhere, it’s not a ‘death scenario or leaving the planet scenario’ this time, that we get to experience growth and enlightenment whilst here on Gaia.
    I don’t believe that we would have to make a choice between ascension and our children/families, that seems completely counter-productive. Surely Gaia needs folks down here and visible to others, to help with their ascension?
    I may have got the wrong end of the stick from what you have written 🙂 Any light you can shed would be much appreciated. Blessings _()_

  2. I’m slightly confused regarding the timelines’ availability to the dimensions after the winter solstice. One sentence says that gaia won’t reach 4D until about 2015. I’m guessing; is this the current baseline platform that we exist in now, and is raising gradually into 4D, and replacing the astral plane ? Am I right when I say that the equinox-to-equinox will offer us an option to ascend to the 5th ? And if one doesn’t ascend, then they remain on the current earth expression as described above ? So some will disappear into the higher realms (in these 6 months), and the remaining will exist on this expression of gaia (which will be 4D soon), right ?

  3. Blessings Lisa and Brian,

    Happy equinox! Thank you for the questions – let me clarify as best I can:

    The 3D Earth expression we currently experience is moving into 4D. No one is disappearing to go to 4D; this is a steady increase in frequency by Gaia which affects everything on her surface (and within). Technically, we are already in low 4D vibration, which is why people are awakening – it “turns on” your ascension alarm so to speak.

    The collapse of the astral planes occurs during the galactic cycle. It speeds up evolution on the planet, also known as “jump time.” The thinning magnetosphere, increased solar activity, and collapse (compression) of the 4D astral create the global warming scenario, awakenings and opportunities for evolution to make a leap.

    Because this is a unique cycle – with many different cycles (from Earth to Universal) ending in December – combined with timelines for a shift in consciousness (as opposed to simple physical evolution) – the Universal clean-up is eliminating lower vibrations from the available experience in our Galaxy. We have exhausted our exploration of darkness/distortion on this planet. Gaia requested planetary ascension a loooong time ago, and here we are at the turning point in that process.

    Gaia has made a very compassionate move in her process. We are her children, even the dead-asleep and manipulative dark folks, so she is supporting a transition to 4D as opposed to a “pop” into 5D for everyone, which would mean no more support for a reality that 90% of the population experience. She made her dimensional split in August 2011. She is ALSO expressing as a 5D New Earth, and may have even higher dimensional expressions, as we all do, up to 12D. I have not visited anything above her 5D expression so I am not saying that is true just yet – though I have heard others make that claim. we don’t know how long it will take 4D to merge with 5D Earth. That could be a few years, a hundred years … depends on collective agreements to change for the better or do more of the same. Collectively, HUmanity is not agreeing to empowerment at this time, hence the compassionate act of Gaia to provide a platform for a slower transition. I have heard that different consciousness is stepping in to play the role of 4D Gaia, so that Gaia may fully ascend to her 5D and higher state.

    The gateway provides an opportunity for those resonating with a 5D expression to make a shift in frequency, taking their body vehicle with them, to 5D New Earth. It is a large jump in frequency (details in my Incarnating the Higher Self webinar) and for those guided to embrace the crystalline consciousness as a permanent state of being, there is a chance to “walk through” to the 5D Earth during this time. I do sense that will be ongoing during the Shift, but the first folks to go are doing so during the gateway.

    The Equinox to Equinox gateway holds strong energetics due to our alignment with the galactic center and the new dynamic of our Sun (Solaris). Solaris is now quadripolar, so our expressions can be more multifaceted than ever before. We use the Sun as a prism when stepping in, so as Solaris changes, so do we. And so does our Solar System.

    These are the (very) basic opportunities available for Ascension at this time. There are many factors adding to our possibilities, along with cosmic timing of becoming an intergalactic society again.

    I will be sharing this in elaborate detail in the Advanced Ascension course in October. For the moment, no one has to worry about leaving the planet or leaving loved ones behind as they Ascend. The 4D frequency shift is about raising/expanding our consciousness, embracing love, harmony, balance, respect, and empowerment for HUmanity and Gaia. Unity consciousness. Less past and future worries, more present in-the-now sovereignty for all. The 5D frequency shift is for those who ****consciously choose*** to embody crystalline (Christ) consciousness and serve HUmanity and Gaia from a fully ascended state. I do see a lot of walking between worlds for those in service.

    Everyone is taking their body with them as they ascend, which is why it is so important to support your body vehicle and raise its vibration.

    I hope this helps!

    In love, light and service,

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  5. Thank you Sandra this in-depth, detailed explanation. I personally am experiencing different dimensions, sometimes simultaneously if that makes sense. Other times I waver or move from what feels like one dimension to another. The shifts appear to coincide with where I am at on the egoic, mind and emotional levels. Is this part of the clearing or ascension process? I am looking forward to the day that I can maintain the higher expression of the 5th dimension.
    Much love and light to all.

  6. Blessings Annalise!

    Multidimensionality is a big part of the Ascension process; the awareness, integration and wisdom presents in profound ways. It feels very natural, and is affected by vibrational levels. I did a show on it last May, here is the recording:

    I’ll be teaching this in the Advanced Course next month, so everyone can understand and access various dimensions!

    In love and light,

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