Sedona Consciousness Chart: Convergence Results

Blessings Beloveds ~

The Sedona Consciousness chart has been updated with the results of the Equinox Convergence event.

Richard Wenman is a researcher and channel working with Consciousness Levels based on the late David Hawkins’ scale. He created the IDEV (Interdimensional Energy Viewer) to monitor global Ascension.⁠

He has been tracking Sedona’s consciousness frequency, and discovered dramatic increase peaks in the field during our Crystalline Convergence events. See this article for previous charts and details.

The Ascension ‘tipping point’ begins at 850. Sedona has been above 850 since the Spring. During the September Equinox Convergence, Sedona hit 1068. A huge spike in unity consciousness, and clearly felt in the Crystalline Field.

Some observations on the dramatic increase:

– We could feel the New Light frequency building in the Crystalline field before the Equinox. Many were getting recalibrated (myself included) for yet another unified jump in Kryst Consciousness.

– This Convergence felt very different than prior events. The energy was stronger, purer, and more unified than ever before.

– We had an authentic, heart-based and balanced group of spiritually mature gridkeepers, both in-person and in our global livestream community. Many are experiencing the Presence state; this unified Presence ushers in transformation.

– Perhaps it is the skill level of the Souls involved, or the egoless surrender required of Krysted conduits. Smaller group, more focus, larger effect. Higher frequency beings can shift things very quickly when unified. Less doing, more Presence. less particle, more wave. All unfolded with ease and grace. We are still integrating the effect on our journeys, service, and choices.

– Higher vibrations always raise the lower, at any level of consciousness. When like-hearted Souls gather in global service, infusions of unity consciousness are generated into the field. Sedona’s steady climb into a true gateway of organic Ascension is like inflating a balloon. Larger expansion with each inflation, so it doesn’t burst, and the balloon stretches to hold more light each time.

– Convergence activations included opening the next level of the Infinite Kryst Heart, and connecting with a new level of consciousness known as the Mother Plasma. This combination of activated hearts, Crystalline DNA, purity of intent and plasma wisdom, in unity with the organic stargates, provided a dramatic rise in higher realm light.

Activated hearts and DNA are flowing with these new frequencies, which feel truly sacred and transformational. Even if we cannot ground the experience into linear words just yet, the sense of something brand new in the Crystalline field is deeply felt.

You may still receive these activations and energies; Convergence Replays available HERE

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