Tipping Point for the New Consciousness: Tracking Sedona

Blessings Beloveds ~

When I was called to relocate to Sedona in 2019, I had many directives: Open the organic Sedona gateways to operate more like Mount Shasta (a major Stargate for the New Earth Realms), initiate the return of water to the Southwest, support the reconnection with Inner Earth in this area, and other Gateway-related tasks.⁠Many strong siSTARs have been called to Sedona during this passage. Gatherings hold a new frequency, and Crystalline Consciousness permeates the field. I AM blessed to live and serve in this breathtaking landscape.If you have visited Sedona in the last few years, you may have noticed the shift to crystalline frequencies; flowing Cosmic Mother grace paired with Infinite Kryst Light energies of transformation. ⁠In this land of consistent events and ceremony, a pure crystalline coherence strengthened.⁠ Sedona feels more like Mount Shasta now, and the Crystalline corridor flows openly between these organic Gateways and Grid points. Better yet, we can feel the light rising.
The Ascension ‘tipping point’ for this model begins at 850. That tipping point accelerates the trajectory of an area into the higher timelines. The local Crystalline field would have a stronger affect on visitors, as well as raising the Global unified field.⁠Richard is tracking many cities as well as Global levels. He attended the 2021 Crystalline Convergence.When he saw the Sedona measurements he noted, “It surprised me at first, but then I remembered the impact this event (the Convergence) had on me.”⁠The chart is lovely to witness. You can see the consistent rise from constant ceremony on these lands. It’s no wonder so many are called here during the Ascension window.The new light is truly measured in our hearts; the experience of Unity Consciousness flows in our events, the Kryst/Crystalline Gateways here, and the new energies flowing from the land.Collective and personal transformation accelerates when interacting with the Crystalline field. When we enter states of pure consciousness together, with pure heart-based intent, (such as the Convergence), we have a strong impact on the field.The organic Stargates, Crystalline Grid, and Unity field respond to this higher unified vibration: Divine LoveLight Intelligence and service to the whole.⁠

Visit Richard’s work at https://consciousnessviewer.com/wp/

The Sedona Crystalline Convergence will be held Equinox weekend, September 23-24. If you are called to this service and experience, please reserve your seat soon.  https://www.ascensionpath.com/convergence

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