Schumann Revelation: Departure from Old Creations

Blessings Beloveds ~

This week’s article is part of a conversation I have wanted to share for a while.⁠

This article is not entirely about the Schumann charts or people’s interpretations of what they mean.⁠

Beyond the technical issues and chart-drama this week, there is a larger shift occurring right now in wayshowing itself. ⁠A genuine opportunity for recalibration of our trajectory, in the light of revelation and death of the old self.

As always, we practice Divine Neutrality and proper qualification of life force as we listen, witness, and discern what is best for the whole. Thank you in advance for exploring all aspects of this with me. Most of you know that Divine Neutrality isn’t about doing or saying nothing, especially when there are lessons of love and unity to be shared.

First, the Glitch during the Gateway

Last weekend’s Tomsk observatory glitch generated bizarre Schumann resonance charts which spread quickly through social media.

It also generated a wide range of stories about what was unfolding, as well as triggering belief systems on what is, and is not, happening with the realm shift.

Personal Experience

A friend posted the wild-looking Tomsk Schumann chart on social media last weekend. When my eyes landed on it, even before I had a moment to form a thought or reaction, my Higher levels said, “Equipment malfunction.”

After years of practicing inquiry rather than assumption, the quantum answer-before-you-ask pathway is open. As I AM in pursuit of Divine Neutrality and compassion, everything is weighed on the cosmic scale of a light-as-a feather heart.

The intel stream starts to flow after glancing at the chart. I get a moment to see and feel what is unfolding for the Shift.

My recalibrated heart feels things differently in the past few years. More Source, less personal. Realities drop so easily, it’s challenging to talk about things that happened even the moment before. However, I do get to feel and witness what collective choice-points will do to our trajectory. Then I receive the blessing of counsel, and the higher realms walk me through what is unfolding.

About the Russian Tomsk Space Observation System

1. The Tomsk chart is popular because of its dramatic colors and frequent changes. It comes from a very basic, decades-old equipment setup at Tomsk State University in Russia. Reports are auto-generated by this system, as part of the University’s ongoing training for research students. It is monitored by current students, and is one of many general space observation reporting systems at the University. It measures changes in the ionosphere, and uses the classic Schumann resonance as a baseline.

2. When the chart went bizarre last weekend, I wrote the observatory. The email response I received is the same response, apparently copied and pasted, to everyone who wrote them last weekend about the chart glitch:

The strange resonances observed in the previous day were caused by an accident at the supply substation and are not correct. The issues have now been resolved. We apologize for the possible misleading
– Space Observing System team”

3. Since the chart is circulated so much on the internet, they have added clear direction about copyright law and use of their images on their website. In brief, reposting the charts in whole or in part is copyright infringement.

4. There are far less dramatic charts out there, with different ways of measuring resonances. Scientists say nothing has changed, Lightworkers say everything has changed. That’s part of the fun.

Collective Reactions for Perspective

Some interpreted the chart display as global 12 strand DNA activation, or angel codes, massive grid activations, Gaia messages, etc. When the distorted charts were deleted by the Tomsk student team, suspicions circulated in the collective to support the earlier claims that something magical was recorded.

Judgment of people’s reactions and claims related to the chart glitch are not the purpose of this post.

As always, you may believe whatever you choose to believe in these realms. Personally, I don’t carry what others believe. The Light reveals and sorts everything out. Freedom of expression is important on the way to Unity Consciousness. I do care about Ascension and our collective journey (and many other things).

Even when friends get swept up by collective fervor, duality, agendas, or personal beliefs; it is what it is. My task is to love without judgment, to be love in all moments, to accelerate revelation of the Divine with as much ease and grace as possible.

The message here is on communication and discernment. Back to the charts.

Departure of the Schumann

In 2010, Gaia shared insight on her resonances: Your instruments will not be able to measure my higher expressions.  Guidance said accurate tracking would only come from within, and to prepare for the realm split when beliefs determine one’s experience. Personally I don’t want to believe in, or give energy to, a creation which doesn’t feel applicable to the Now or the Ascension.

The Higher realms asked me to ‘just observe’ as this timeline of chart-watching dissolves. Last year I dropped the Schumann conversation from my platform, and deleted all the copyright-protected charts from my posts.

This isn’t about which chart is better, or more valid, or what is real. This is about the vibrational level of conversation around these topics, and peacefully moving on to communication which lights up my new Heart.

I do glance at the Solar flare and geomagnetic index charts when the Gateways are open. Until those are inapplicable to Gatekeeping, they will continue to be part of my reality in these realms.

Acceleration of Revelation

Rapid narrative-flips and dissolving storylines were predicted for this year, leading to mass healing and release of what was co-created. Old realms collapse, density breaks apart, illusion and old creations dissolve.

You get to play with whatever you desire, for as long as the energy supports it. Just be aware that when the support is gone, things fall quickly – sometimes with reverberations.

I would not have taken the time to share this, until I noticed similarities in the revelation of beliefs, sharing of narratives, and clearer communication on disclosure in the last two weeks. Synchronicities and energetic shifts are happening in how people are speaking about important topics.

And then the chart glitch happened. And I wonder if people will be capable of kindness when beliefs collide, have quick discernment in the speed of revelation, and make wise choices when presented with events that look just like what they want, or what they are led to desire.

Responsible Creation

We are all learning to be proper creators again, implementing positive use of life force. It takes practice and consistent self-correction until the Presence begins to take over.

Kindwhile, if you are posting about cosmic events, a reminder from many years ago: Please avoid using the same tactics as the mainstream distortions such as fear, shock, or click-bait style agendas. Especially as we migrate out of fear-based agendas and into responsible co-creation which benefits the whole. It’s not our purpose to replicate the old ways, but to design the New.

If you believe the old style serves, then so it is – for you. This is also applicable to hope-ium, landings, etc… a delicate subject for another conversation. Take a moment and feel what it does to the collective, to the belief systems (and nervous systems) of folks attempting to awaken, and what it does to your personal trajectory.

Longevity as a wayshower includes adjusting for the dramatic rise in vibration, clarity, and inner wisdom activating in the collective. Everything gets revealed, even the way we co-create realities. That includes expanded perspective and awareness of what serves, and what needs to be discarded without judgment.

Trust that you have unique aligned creations to share. This death passage is about transformation. We may keep up by attuning our services, self-correcting when the old way drops off, focusing on solutions, and sharing heart-based communication which supports and reflects higher truth.

Practices for Moving Forward

Revelation is as inevitable as Ascension. How we walk through changes and challenges reveals our progress, both personally and collectively.

• Deny the egoic or emotional impulse to rush to social media (or elsewhere) with your opinion, or to share someone else’s. Take a moment to feel what your energy will serve.
• Transmute the inorganic impulse to copy, and learn to create something unique.
• Witness the unfoldments rather than adding fuel to a wildfire.
• Requalify the Light when you energize a reality you don’t support.
• Learn patience; observe your heart and mind as narratives change.
• Express from a nonjudgmental heart, knowing that free speech is a Divine right.
• Honor everyone’s right to free speech, even when you don’t agree with their beliefs.

Walking the Primary Timeline

We know lower agendas are often designed around the hopes, emotions, and dreams of high-vibrational Souls. Stay grounded, neutral, and focused as narratives and beliefs present for opt-in or opt-out. Learn to discern what you see, what you feel, and what your energy and emotions create.

Walking the Primary Timeline of Ascension sometimes requires us to graciously, courteously walk away from other paths.

I AM confident that we will continue to expand and co-create new conversations which support inner wisdom, heart-based intelligence, and clarity of experience on our shared journey of Ascension.

In Love, Light, and Service,


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