Mastery Week and the 777 Presence Event

Blessings Beloveds ~

Every year during the first week of July, an outpouring of support and revelation is provided from the Higher Realms of Masters, Star Families, and the Cosmic Trinity.⁠

Mastery week, Saturday July 1- Friday July 7, provides an opportunity for insights, activations, and strengthening of our Ascension trajectory. ⁠

For seekers, initiates, and adepts, this week of veil-less interaction provides profound heart opening, visitation, and clarity for our organic Ascension path. ⁠

This year, Mastery week culminates in the unique 777 Gateway on Friday July 7th. A powerful combination of Higher level focus with a profound shift in the Stargate system.⁠

SUN Shifts, Gaia Shifts, We Shift

Have you noticed the upleveling of Living Light intensity coming through the SUN since Solstice? The air and fields are full of Crystalline plasma, and the flow is about to accelerate.

We are entering a cosmic shift point during Mastery week, where the energies take on new qualities to support expansion and transformation.

It has a very Cosmic feel; like returning to stardust.

Solaris (the SUN) is responding to the speed, intensity, and harmonics of Crystalline plasma coming from the Grand Central SUN of the multiverse.

It is causing a shift in the prismatic effect of the SUN (see this article from 2017 about the SUN’s prismatic nature and how it affects our realities.)

This is a refinement of the way our SUN projects light information into these realms, which affects what we may experience. In brief; a new projector running (very) different films.

Gaia’s activated Solar-Diamond core, crystalline magnetics, and organic Infinite Kryst Stargates are now capable of harmonizing with this New Light. She may shine forth her new realms with clarity.

This high-intensity New Light shines through the refined prism of the SUN, activating Gaia’s emerging Starlike capabilities. Instead of the Light being distorted or limited by density, the higher realms of Gaia shine brighter, and open crystalline bridges to new experiences.

Since Gaia has established seven realms for our Ascension experience, this Source harmonic of pure LoveLight Intelligence may penetrate our realities, causing realm-shifting experiences.

Add our Solar-Diamond Hearts and Crystalline DNA to this prismatic chain of events, and we have a transcendent experience unfolding across the realms with the 777 Gateway.

Even though we have sensed a cosmic event in the field all year, the true shift is happening within our consciousness. An opportunity to interpret light without distortion, and walk as Divine Presence in these realms.

Aligned Hearts will feel this cosmic shift point through the Heart Stargate and DNA. We feel lighter, more expanded, detached from old realities, and a bit cosmic or psychedelic. A more refined experience of the new realms is emerging right through us, and amplification of Unity Consciousness itself.⁠

How to engage with Mastery Week

Use this global focus. In Unity with the higher realms in service, we prepare to match the vibration of Masters and Star Guides who may assist. Keep it pure, calm, and grounded in your Crystalline Heart. Vibration = Vibration.

Ascension practices for alignment:

  • Cleanse, clear, fast, hydrate, open the body, calm your nervous system, and set your intention to receive and connect.
  • Be in nature for 1-2 hours each day. Turn off your phone to feel the organic flows and commune with Gaia.
  • Get in natural bodies of water, meditate with trees
  • SUNgaze at SUNrise: briefly – monitor the intensity for your body.
  • Minimize screen time for organic contact and connection
  • Meditate twice a day to open your fields, mind, heart and DNA
  • Tap into the stillness of Zero Point often. A moment is eternal in pure Divine Presence.
  • Focus on the Divine LoveLight of Source within
  • Use decrees and invocations to call forth your desired reality
  • Create, create, create. Creativity is a bridge; creative action, large or small, opens us to Source, and the Mastery realms
  • Use your Mastery practices: Gratitude, forgiveness, grace, compassion, quantum expansion, Unconditional Love, etc.

We unify to anchor these energies all week. Hold space for the New Light as a Master and pure conduit of the Ascension.

777 Presence Event

The 777 is on FRIDAY July 7th. Global focus increases the effect of these Sacred Seven energies. We receive this realm-shifting light all week, in union with the Higher Realms in Service to the organic Ascension.

This passage is about refinement. The consciousness-shifting light continues to build and change our perception. Adjustments are easily revealed and integrated in Unity.

Our online PRESENCE event is Friday, July 7th from 9AM -11AM PDT. July PRESENCE topics:

  • Activation of the 777 Gateways
  • Guidance and energies for the next three months of acceleration (our next event is in October due to the Crystalline Convergence on September Equinox).
  • Connect with the Mastery realms to receive support
  • Recalibrate the Heart, Lightbody, and Crystalline DNA
  • Quantum Divine Will and the new plasma flows
  • Shift core magnetics to free the Heart
  • Expand the Infinite Kryst harmonics for Self-revelation
  • Explore The Seven Realms of Gaia
  • New Decrees for the New Light level

$44 Live event with replays. Details and registration HERE.

Crystalline Convergence: Bonus Video Launch

Bonus videos launch this weekend for all live and livestream passholders! The Community Board (in-person passholders) is open and active for pre-conference connections. Login to your Convergence product to receive.

Join us for our annual Mastery gathering on September 23-24 in Sedona. Earlybird pricing available through July 31. Seating is limited, please reserve soon. Details HERE

SUNday Unity Meditations

See you in the field for the SUNday Unity Meditations and synchronized infusions of Infinite Kryst LoveLight, peace, and Ascension. Deep gratitude for your dedication in this brilliant Now.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide in service to Source and the Shift in Consciousness. As a Wayshower and author, Sandra provides transformational online courses, articles, books, presentations and creations focused on Ascension.