Solstice energy Jump: Gateways open and Intensifying

Blessings Beloveds ~

It’s been a vivid week of Stargate travel for the Solstice energy shift. Gratitude to everyone heeding the call to pre-Solstice preparations. These new flows are activating this weekend (the prep Gateway is June 13-19).

I was called to Zion National Park in Utah; one of the strongest interdimensional access points for the New Crystalline StarGate & Grid flows.

The Zion area is one of the top geological wonders on this planet. Beautiful, bizarre, breathtaking, and full of stargate access points. One of my favorite no-cell-service wilderness areas in the Gateway-rich elevations of Utah. Mukuntuweap, or ‘stand up land’, is a landscape to dazzle the senses. She is reflecting the return of water to West. It is beautiful to witness lush plants thriving again, and the deep flows of the Virgin River. Condors flew overhead when the gateways opened each day; a true Gaia blessing.

We experienced geostorms and quake/plate activity as these Gateways opened this week.

Gaia’s accelerating magnetic core shifts create waves of revelation; new awareness and expanded states. We surrender the old Self through this phase, and adjust to the expansion of Presence within. Tap into the ascended realms of Gaia, and feel the clarion call to new beingness.

These are profound heart-shifting, consciousness-expanding waves of New Light. The air feels like plasma, full of crystalline harmonics.

Solstice focus is on the Solar aspect, birthing StarLight through these Crystalline flows. Cosmic forces are activating Gaia’s Crystalline core, which in turn emanates pure celestial frequencies.

Master Crystals near the Crystalline core are releasing harmonic frequencies for Crystalline DNA to receive, recalibrate to our Heart’s capabilities, and shine light on the higher realm experience.

Whirling and weightlessness sensations are felt due to the magnetic core shifts, celestial lightbody upgrades, and a lot of plate activity that may make us feel unstable. Maintain balance as the Solar energies increase; it may affect mental, emotional, and physical health.

Conscious higher choices. Focus on your desired realm: Let these transformational waves wash away the illusion of density. Many are crossing the crystalline bridge (Infinite Kryst Heart + DNA + New Cosmic Light) to a new consciousness in this Now.

Solstice Energy Jump and New Light emanations

Gaia is using Starwater this year for many of these realm-shifting Gateways. It’s a complex topic we’ll cover in depth at the Convergence. It was very present during Gatework this week, and I feel more of this Starwater Light Intelligence being birthed within our own bodies. For the moment, feel the Crystalline plasma and water as a conduit of transformation.

Celestial Lightbody activations are also presenting for this passage. A new layer of Light is forming around Gaia and ourselves, supporting the migration to the new realms. Often this Celestial Lightbody uses the organs and new glands to create a new structure; like building a constellation within the biolandscape. Another Convergence topic … this Celestial Lightbody aspect brings purity and a higher quality of Light refinement.

Solstice, SUNrise, and the weekend Gateway

Make the most of this second energy jump of 2023. Remember that your personal Crystalline Stargate of the Heart is part of these Stargate flows and the dynamic Crystalline Grid. Clearing, activating and calling forth the flow of light through the Infinite Kryst Heart is key to a new experience.

We know how to prepare and hold space for the New. Be your own Gatekeeper; connect with Gaia, Solaris, and the Stargate flows to become ONE with these transformative New Light flows.

Solar flashing experiences are anticipated for prepared Hearts. Create the calm, focused, open space for transformation and get outside to receive.

Meditate on the SUN, and fully merge with the Solar Presence above, below (Gaia’s core), and within the Solar-Diamond-Crystalline Heart. Visit past YouTube channel conversations since 2019 for descriptions of these reality-dissolving Solar flash experiences.

Solstice peak is Wednesday, June 21 at 7:57AM PDT.

We will unify in meditation and support of the New light flows from 7:30-8:30AM PDT. Join in this synchronized activity of Light, wherever you are, in the Unified Field of Ascending Hearts.

There is strong guidance to honor the passage before Solstice, and to witness the first rays at SUNrise, wherever you are.

Supportive conversation on this Now experience

Receive a deep share (one of the best conversations yet) about this beautiful and bizarre passage. Watch the edited Soulogy replay on my YouTube channel HERE

SUNday Unity Meditations

See you in the field for the SUNday Unity Meditations and synchronized infusions of Infinite Kryst LoveLight, peace, and Ascension. Gratitude for your dedication and participation in this brilliant Now.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


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