June Gateway: Meeting the Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the June Gateway

Everything is shifting as we enter this new energy field. You may recognize its affect on the Sun and our planet as the waves of light grow more intense. Those of you with third/fourth eye vision or higher skills may notice the intense shift in tones, colors, beings and fields of light around you. Senses can be willfully attuned to this higher light, and it is quite a show. This new light is pure consciousness, revealing how busy it is on the other side of the veils.

Although this phase of our Ascension began back in March, with significant developments and adjustments to our body, heart center, mind and energy fields in April/May, our Gateway is June 11 – 27. The classic 7 day Gateway with a break before/after seems to be a thing of the past, and the energy will not be decreasing. There is deep work unfolding in this photonic bombardment, which is why many of us are feeling that moment before sensation. We can feel the profound intensity approaching; the something is about to shift dramatically sensation.

The Ultimate Guide
Last month I experienced three weeks of intense preparation of my body, reality and perception. I AM not the same embodiment, and the shifts grow bolder as this Gateway approaches. Some recognize it in my eyes or my voice. The internal changes I went through, and continue to go through, seem to be invisible to the external world. This is how it may be for a while, and I accept that things will be a little bizarre during this passage. All is well.

All of us who radiate love and gratitude to the Higher realms feel their presence very strongly right now. They are holding space for the grandest meeting of our process; the merging of the realities of our Higher and Lower Self. Much of the work last month, which continues, is a shedding of old realities and an absolute demand for Presence in the Now. That may sound cliche, however the deeper meanings of our New Paradigm phrases and ancient guidance are unfolding quickly.

Aspects of the Self return to teach us, to reveal the truth to us. They may appear as individuals who are separate from us. That was the illusion we employed, which is now dissolving in magnificent ways. When face to face, heart to heart with an aspect of oneself, there is deep knowledge exchanged. It is a profound level of expansion, and deeply healing.

I stand in a hall of mirrors, asking to know more of myself

That was Source’s intention for this holographic creation, and as the veils lift the mirrors are removed. You will find less reflection in the external, which can be challenging as we all know. Focus on the merge; your are reflecting the higher planes of consciousness into this reality in order to dissolve the illusion. You become a reflection of the truth. This passage leads to a profound understanding of Self, our perceptions, and how intertwined we are with all we have created on this planetary consciousness. Then we experience a great dropping-away of all that was.

As the merge within grows stronger, we are unifying with huge portions of the hologram, which purifies and dissolves it. We are eliminating tremendous amounts of distortion/illusion by leveling up in this manner. It creates dramatic Shifts in our consciousness, which affects the collective experience by dramatically raising the vibration of the noosphere. Transmutation on a grand level.

First Contact

One of the areas receiving focus right now is first contact. As I mentioned before, it may be different from what you expect. I understand many are having experiences with their star family or aspects of Self that would be considered Galactic. I also recognize the programs running to distract or deceive, and recommend Divine Neutrality as we move into stronger experiences. Discernment.

Know that the unification of Self must be in progress in order to grant contact. That is the free will choice permission on both sides; unifying with your Higher Self changes the vibrational fields of the planet, creating a welcoming vibration for interaction. Vibration=vibration.

I AM practicing incredible neutrality with first contact as it is a tenuous passage. The June gateway is supposed to unveil prearranged contracts and develop grounded liaisons. I recommend keeping a journal of notes on what is revealed for you. Much of this we cannot share just yet, however it is good light-grounding to write it down.

Immersion in the Cave

Your cave can be anything you want it to be – a home, a boat, a room, a garden, a car, a tent on a mountain. It is more about being in the state of calm stillness than a physical location, although a designated space of highest intention always accelerates the process. I AM amazed at the divine alignments occurring in my consciousness already.

I AM told there will be a need for deeply private time at some point; a period of pure cave-like isolation for our personal transformation. To support this, I AM spending much of the Summer off on my own, and manifesting many days without any (grounded) interaction. There is more to share on all of these topics, however I AM guided to be alone with the process right now. For me, the next few months require immersion.

The personal revelations and merge with the higher realms of our consciousness are purposeful. Besides the deeper understanding of who we truly are, there is an unshakeable ease which will be attained. A gracefulness becomes our resting state, as the external goes through some challenging shifts. For the moment, it is time to receive from the Higher Self, the I AM template, the Christed beingness, the Source. All other distractions melt in the light of this activity. Revel in your revelations, beloveds.


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