Into the 222 Trajectory Shifts …

Blessings Beloveds ~

Into the 222 Gateways we glow …

Mastery number sequences are a recognizable part of our Ascension journey. Many awakenings begin with the classic 11:11 and expand to seeing – and feeling – the repeating numbers which pop up so often in our lifestreams.

At this point in our collective journey, the numbers call for FOCUS as One.

A synchronized focal point for Unity, on a Global level.

Regardless of what meaning you assign to the numbers, the unity of higher and lower realms, Stargate openings, and Unity Consciousness itself is bolstered by Global focus.

This month holds 222 initiation energy – with a culmination on February 22, 2022: The Crystalline 12 activation of the 2-22-2022.

I will be hosting a free online event on the 2-22-2022. Details in the next newsletter.

Kindwhile, the energy influx of February 3-9 is here.

Everyone is invited to assist with magnetic shifts in February. Trajectory shifts come quickly; assist by doing whatever is needed to align with the New Earth realities.

Magnetics hold collective realities in place. With our thin magnetosphere, the cosmic energies and stargates are MUCH easier to work with – and the shifts can be sudden.

Yet another reason to learn how to be present, adapt to situations quickly, and keep ourselves as heart-centered as possible as personal and collective narratives change.

Intentional alignment helps. Use the Self-Evaluation questions often to witness your personal shifts.

Serapis Bey made a good point in the Mastery Intensive:  Dissociation sensations and rapid narrative shifts train us to release linear time constraints.

Division of Worlds: Magnetic Fluctuations

Global and Galactic Magnetic Fluctuations open Stargates, release linear realities, and free our DNA to express more of our Spirit-Self through the body.

Diminished magnetic shields and fluctuating magnetic poles (polarities) provide:

– Time fluctuations (What day is it? What realm is this?) Your old reality is gone, and cannot be recreated without discomfort.

– More cosmic rays get in. That’s organic information landing on Crystalline hearts and DNA, causing a new experience that holds more light; the truth of Unity Consciousness.

– Magnetic fluctuations affect our emotions, perception of time, gravity, field polarities (vertigo or flipping poles sensation), thoughts and nervous system.

Learn how to sense the magnetics and how to adjust in the moment. Often just connecting with Gaia or Source within balances the fields.

Video : Creating Positive Outcomes

Applied Divine Neutrality assists us through this year of rapid narrative shifts. We train ourselves how to create in alignment with the organic flow of New Earth Now.

Treat it as if you are in the Mastery Intensive course. Set an hour aside for focus, and take notes. Watch the video on YouTube HERE

CRYSTALLINE CONVERGENCE: Earlybird through February 22

Our annual event occurs during a powerful Eclipse weekend. We unify, expand our skills, and empower our next level of Ascension.

Crystalline Convergence
May 14 – 15, 2022
Sedona Creative Life Center

In-Person or Livestream

Earlybird registration: Use code EARLYBIRD for $111 off in-person seating through February 22.

Details and tickets on the Crystalline Convergence event site.

SUNday Unity Meditations

See you in the field of Divine Love for our precious Global SUNday Unity Meditations. Add your light to our six-year-strong practice of Global synchronized meditations on Peace, Harmony and Unity Consciousness.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible for Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,



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