Narrative Shifts and Positive Trajectories

Blessings Beloveds ~

After a very intense week of magnetic fluctuations and solar influxes, we are through the initial passage of 2022. Everything accelerates now with collective highest choices in heart.The predicted acceleration of narrative shifts and collective realities is physicalizing.  Take a breath and feel into that heart-compass.The collapse of old realities affects emotional, mental and physical states. The much higher frequencies and acceleration of revelation, shifting magnetics and rapid change may be challenging.This new light level commands our physical form to embody more spirit, more of the NEW frequencies which shift us into new wave forms. Less dense particles, more lightbody as flowing light waves.A brand new expression is stepping forth; the Cosmic Self can flow in, supported by the thinning of the veils (magnetosphere depletion).Pure Kryst frequencies are received and transmitted through crystal. Our Crystalline structures and Crystalline DNA allow more of these new frequency waves to transform the lower levels, rather than destroy them. With these crystalline structures in place, the new light can create deep recalibration.Crystalline transformation rewrites the consciousness; the way we express in these realms. Sometimes at a pace we can handle, sometimes at a speed which can overwhelm.Overwhelm is widespread as the acceleration intensifies.Narrative shifts can flip personal and collective trajectories in a moment.It is okay to rest, to contemplate, to simplify, to not know what is next.Surrendering to the unknown trains us for PRESENCE; freedom from linear time, and our Ascension. Even though it feels odd, even though time jumps keep throwing us off our linear calendars.Continue to recalibrate your intentions and choices. Reframe this breakdown of rigid constructs as positive change, and trust the acceleration to remove all 3D/4D constraints on how we create and express in these realms.Transformation is regulated by the Divine marriage of higher and lower levels, until frequencies like this come along and push for a realm shift. Rapid change, challenging external circumstances, and multiple distractions which force us to make a choice: unity with Source in infinite expansion, or experience destruction of the finite. We all get a healthy dose of both, until we polarize positive into the Infinite energy of Ascension.The intensity of revelation energies can cause confusion, or inappropriate expression (thinking, feeling, speaking from wounding/clearing rather than the heart).The guidance to prepare people how to deal with shifting narratives, choices and realities is strong. Divine Neutrality keeps presenting as a method for walking through these shifts with more ease and grace.I AM offer a training from the Mastery Intensive to assist.This video release clarifies this method, making higher choices, and overcoming apathy or avoidance as we move forward into the next level of Unity Consciousness.Treat it as if you are in the Mastery course and you will receive more for your journey. Set an hour aside for focus, take notes, pause when revelations or applicable messages and activations come through. Watch the video HEREMessages on this theme from my Instagram this week:An acceleration is coming.It will require deep compassion and patience that may challenge many.Know your Infinite True Self which sees expansion, beauty, love, unity and peace.Gracefully decline judgment, wayshowing an example of unconditional love in these realms.Some lessons are resolved quickly, some require many incarnations.Be aware when you speak from  wounding, fatigue or disappointment.There is no need to diminish another’s experience or choices in order to justify your service, your choices, or your path.Paths of spiritual exploration are unique to each individual Soul.Respect free will and individual choice; it gives others the opportunity to respect yours.Especially during the Revelation phase, when distortions become visible.Seek understanding which births positive solutions at the collective table.Learn to be a trustworthy Liaison of highest outcomes.There are new frequencies flowing in which amplify choice of reality.Trust HUmanity’s resilience as vibrational choices sort themselves out.Trust HUmanity’s ability to unify, to create solutions which benefit the whole.Trust Source a little bit more in this NowWe are experiencing a very different energy this year. It is exciting, challenging, cosmic and fast.Gratitude to all who have been active in the behind-the-veils Galactic activity this past week to insure highest outcomes. Deep bows.January Presence event replay with a 2022 overview:

Self-Evaluation prompts for 2022: you in the field for our precious Global SUNday Unity Meditations.Let us show HUmanity what is possible for Ascension!

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