Presence 2022: Self-Evaluation for Clarity

Blessings Beloveds ~

These initial Cosmic Light waves of 2022 complete their trajectory-sorting phase on January 19. For many, it won’t feel like a *New* year until after this initial wave.

Kindwhile, the much higher frequencies and acceleration of revelation, shifting magnetics and a powerful year of rapid change is upon us.

We had a deeply heartfelt connection and guidance during the Presence Event last weekend. 2022 is a very different energy. It is exciting, challenging, cosmic and fast. The full two hour replay is available at

One of the Mastery exercises we did together during Presence was a deep self-evaluation. Mastery always includes self-review, intention setting; and revealing our core motivations. With the energies flowing for revelation, we accelerate the global revelation process by doing the good work ourselves.

Remember: As the frequencies increase (literally faster vibrations), so does the power of Unity Consciousness. Everything we do affects the whole in stronger ways.

Take a moment. Prepare a sacred space, a cup of tea, pen and paper. Welcome in the Infinite Kryst light; the pure stream of higher light flowing in right Now. Allow the Divine support provided here for clarity on your path.

PRESENCE: January 1 2022

In our Mastery, we take inventory along our journey to resolve what was previously created, and consciously make higher choices.

Meditate on these questions. The mind may have memorized responses. Let the truth arise from the Heart.

Journal your responses to light-ground them into these realities. Witnessing your written answers is a powerful practice.

Cosmic Perspective: Be honest with Source as your primary authority.

All responses, feelings, insights are okay. The willingness to evaluate your journey is key.

NOTE: This is a simplified version of an exercise from the Mastery Intensive course.

Self-Evaluation Prompts

Prepare: Open the Crystalline Stargate of the Heart, open your Ascension Column, expand your Infinite Kryst fields.

Diamond shining rays of the Cosmic Kryst, Almighty I AM Presence, illuminate my choices, intentions and trajectories to resolve uncomplimentary creations and provide clarity for my Ascension Path.

Detach from worthiness and perfection to perceive what is in this Now. Don’t reject what you have created. Mastery is consistent refinement and practice until the Source flow is restored within.

Everything we do affects the whole, in stronger ways as the frequency and light level rises. Unity Consciousness unifies vibrational choices and amplifies them.

Proper Use of Life Force

Evaluation of the Physical Lifestream:
• Scan and sense any resistance or limited flow, any misqualified light in your fields or body
• Allow the Kryst light to reveal what has been created
• Higher Levels, Divine Source, reveal my use of free will. Reveal what I AM creating in this Now, not what I desire to become.

Am I creating disharmony or discord in any of these areas:
Relationships: family, friends, coworkers, community, Source
Service, Employment, Creations
Thoughts, Words, Actions, Feelings

Habits and behaviors

What physical, emotional, mental, egoic or spiritual behaviors are no longer serving my Ascension?

Any unhealthy or uncomplimentary habits that need resolution?

How often do I pause to feel, evaluate and resolve?

Tap into the space you have created in this Now for your journey. What feels aligned, what needs to uplevel for my Mastery? Simple actions are amplified; how may I clear, release or upgrade my physical space, possessions, activities, and practices to support a new expression?

How resilient is my nervous system? Do I come back into balance quickly when changes present?

Temple of the Crystalline Heart

How does Source/God/Infinite Creator feel in the temple of my heart?
Am I willing to expand my heart to its full radiance? Any resistance?

Can I release the cause, core distortion, record, effect, and memory of outdated creations to open the Crystalline Stargate of the Heart for Source?

How easily do I qualify the Light, transform with the Light, open and feel my Heart center as a Divine flow?
Set your Intention, the WHY you are pursuing Ascension and Mastery

What is my core intention of my Ascension?

To Become:
To Experience:
To Assist:
To Create:
To Serve:

How do these intentions feel in my heart, can I sense them there?

Allow your Higher Levels to reveal short term outcomes, long term outcomes, collective outcomes, Gaia outcomes, cosmic outcomes of these intentions and pursuit of Ascension.

Deep gratitude for taking a moment to set the energy for pure intent and creations during this transformational few weeks.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible for Ascension! See you in the field for the Global SUNday Unity Meditations.

In Love, Light and Service,


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