Infinite Light and Holiday Blessings to All

Blessings Beloveds ~

I AM sending you the brightest, highest levels of Infinite LoveLight during this Holiday season.

The refinement and amplification of our Crystalline Heart and Lightbody reveal new levels of gratitude, unity consciousness and Christed states. It can be overwhelming, yet familiar and comforting.

I AM learning so much about this next level of our process.  The frequencies flowing in are quite powerful. The light provides a new level of intimacy with the Creator; the I AM Presence is such a beautiful expression.

The Revelation Wave is just getting started. Self-Revelation is a profound step in Ascension. Lifting the veils on our own heart reveals the Infinite Light of Unity, and this passage is purging fears of Oneness, both within and without. Freedom keeps unfolding as limitless expansion, gratitude, Divine Love.

If there is a holiday wish to be granted, this would be my choice: Grant every willing heart the revelation of Self-Love, Self-Revelation of unity with Source.

This level of Light changes everything. We know this truth in the core of our BEingness, and so we persist in facilitating the great awakening to the Divinity within.

SUNday Unity Meditations

Offline Global meditations. Meditate on Peace, Revelation and Ascension for 33 minutes at 5:11AM, 8:11AM & 11:11AM PST every week. Details HERE

Revelation Wave Amplification

Intensifies with the December 29 Full Moon – January 20. Cosmic activity heightened, Lightbody and DNA transformations, Heart openings, reality-shifting experiences, Revelation on many levels. Hold the light high during the dismantling of what does not serve the whole.

Happy Holy Days to All

I AM eternally grateful and honored to share this journey with you.

From the Divine field of Love and Unity Consciousness, let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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